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Technology Trends Proposal Part 1
Carolyn Ervin
June 22, 2015
Linda Mesko

Telemedicine is an extensive time that Health IT can surround structures for automatically transmitting health information improve, and or sustain a client’s health record. Hein (2009),”This structure will include: remote monitoring the clients’ life and death signs; store-and-forward technology for images and documents; send exchange of data, protect messaging; recommend treatment via video conference and diagnose; and can remind or alert the patients and the doctor.”
There are several services and products that are connected with creating the diverse of telemedicine that can involve information technology vendors, pharmacies, medical device manufacture’s, hospitals, and nursing homes. However, which there is a shortage of healthcare professionals, bigger occurrence of chronic conditions, and high healthcare cost, telemedicine can be a better order with having delivery of healthcare (Hein, 2009). Telemedicine do play a very essential part in giving solutions with these provocation. However, telemedicine creates a greater use for the now healthcare professionals to remotely diagnose, watch and to recommend any treatment for clients within the area (Hein, 2009). But, telemedicine do have a limit on the clients’ exposure to any and all infections because it limit and eliminate for the client to even go visit a physician, and a hospital. With Telemedicine there are a lot of benefits, but within the United States there are a few hindrances along the way that is keeping telemedicine expansion. But, these barriers can be worked through such as, having limited availability in rural areas, privacy and security concerns, and third parties payers’ reimbursement policies (Hein, 2009). However, these barriers can be mastered to expedite

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