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XOX-LifeStyle CRP
Cash Rewards Program
Life with free mobile !
A Subsidiary of XOX Berhad

Current Mobile Network Operator

MAXIS (~ 14 mil) 2013 Forecast Malaysia mobile subscribers will achieve

Source: Forest Interac5ve

XOX COM* Tune Talk REDtone CELCOM (~ 11 mil) Others

DIGI (~ 9 mil)

40+ million

Life with free mobile !

Why Joining XOX LifeStyle
TRADITIONAL XOX-LifeStyle Cash Rewards Program

Mobile Agencies

Network Operator

Spending, Discount
Life with free mobile !

Save → Free → Earning

How To Participate In CRP Program

• Sign-up as a Preferred Customer • Get a new service line OR • Switch from your existing operator • Refer 4 Preferred Customers or more

That’s It. Done!
No extra expenses, free of contract
Life with free mobile !

Preferred Customer Benefits

• Referral Reward
- RM120 per customer referred (one-time cash reward)

• Recursive Reward
- 10% of monthly commitment from total preferred customers (up to RM10/customer)

• Appreciation Reward
Life with free mobile !

How CRP Works



Life with free mobile !

Referral Reward

Referral Reward

• Direct referring – RM120/customer • Earning more by referring more customers • Expenses reduced become entirely FREE mobile services

Life with free mobile !

Recursive Reward


After referring 4 customers ... 2 of your preferred customers will be randomly picked by the system to be moved up to your referrer. Both of them then become your Angel Customers.

Life with free mobile !

Recursive Reward



Angel Customers


“system move up”
Life with free mobile !

Recursive Reward
1st Week


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