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Chapter Study Questions Exam Five 2305 (Chapters 4, 5, and 9)
The Enduring Democracy Third Edition, 2013-2014, Dautrich and Yalof, Cengage Publishing.
Be sure to skip a line between the question and the answer and skip another line before the next question.
Chapter Four: Civil Liberties 1. What are civil liberties and when did individual rights recognized by government first appear in a legal charter? What charter? 73
- Those specific individual rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and cannot be denied to citizens by government. Most of these rights are in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. The original English legal charter, the Magna Carta of 1215. 2. How are civil liberties different from civil rights? 73
- Civil liberties may be distinguished from civil rights (sometimes called equal rights), which refer to rights that members of various groups (racial, ethnic, sexual, and so on) have to equal treatment by government under the law and equal access to society’s opportunities. 3. What were the Alien and Sedition Acts and were editors if newspapers actually jailed? 74
- Alien Act, which authorized the president to deport from the United States all aliens suspected of “treasonable or secret” inclinations; the Alien Enemies Act, which allowed the president during wartime to arrest aliens subject to an enemy power; and the Sedition Act, which criminalized the publication of materials that brought the U.S. government into “disrepute.” Yes 4. What is the Patriot Act and what is “Gitmo”? How did Obama alter US policy? 75
- USA Patriot Act, authorizing President Bush to take numerous steps to prosecute the war, including giving the federal government broad new powers to detain suspects without hearings at the Guantanamo Military Base in Cuba and elsewhere. Guantanamo Military Base. Obama did halt the

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