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The American Dream Has Been Reborn


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The American Dream Has Been Reborn
Immigrants flee from their home countries for what? A piece of a dream that seems too good to be true. No more poverty, no more suffering, no more days gone hungry. A certain hope and dream that has driven many to become obsessed with power and success. But most don’t know, as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is happiness and prosperity. A happy family isn’t determined by how many cars they drive or the size of their wallets, rather the size of their heart. The American dream is the hope to achieve the pursuit of happiness, one thing this country may never lose. The true feeling of doing what you love is what it feels like to have happiness. Whether its providing for your family so your offspring has a bright future or having a career in which you are satisfied. Satisfaction. Thats the problem… Todays society has become so consumed with advancing, making more money, and gaining influence they don’t take the time to look up and see the beauty around them. When individuals place promotions ahead of family they lose sight of what the ‘Dream’ is. Take Oscar Carlos Acosta as example, he was a stud baseball pitcher who let his obsession get the better of him, leading to the loss of his family and pitching career. He let his obsession with making it to the majors destroy him. But all was not lost. The American Dream is a hope of a second chance, a new start. And in the end Acosta reconciled with his wife and children and went on to become a major league pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs. “There is no typical American and no typical American Dream. For some, the Dream is one of freedom; for others it is fortune or family or service to one's fellows” Dan Rather continues and states, “ But however we define it, it defines us as a people.” We all have the right to a better future and a better life. Our individual dreams are all molded by the very things that have molded our moral character. Some people have a simple dream but in America that simple dream can lead to a life changing legacy. For instance, Delores Kelser had a small dream of starting a business to support her family. At 22, she became frustrated with working in her dead end job, so she decided to start a company. She started off with a simple dream and a loan and retired with a 2 billion dollar company. There are endless opportunities at the disposal of American citizens. Whether from new citizens or old. Nancy Pham, an immigrant from Vietnam, had a dream of owning her own hair salon. She started at the bottom, becoming a student at Ma Chere Hair Style Academy, and eventually made her way up to transforming an old church into her very own beauty salon. Through dedication, hard work ,and persistence she made her dream a reality. She doesn't worry about the success of her business, but instead focuses on the satisfaction of herself and her customers. She believes when your dream ends it means you have given up.
In my opinion the American Dream has never died and quite frankly never will. It has simply become reborn into a plural dream among the American public. The american culture will never cease to dream big. We as a nation will continue to thrive and thousands of dreams will become reality each and everyday. Our ambitions will change the lives of many and our hope will drive us to prosperity.

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