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The Analysis of Training Needs Must Go Beyond What Seems to Be the Problem

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An organisation with future growth prospects must be able to counter the consequences of ineffectiveness by evaluating the problem or the need which may be present or likely to arise as well as the solutions. Drummond (2008) states that the need analysis can be sometimes called Training needs analysis which is defined as the process of identifying the gap in employee training and related training needs. This script therefore aims at bringing out whether the training needs analysis and training itself being the solution must have a wider scope and leap beyond what seems to be the dilemma or must be narrow scoped and focus on the problems at hand in the organisation.

Pfeffer (1998a) states the basis of training being to provide skilled and motivated workforce and he clarifies it under what he called ‘best practices’. This clearly shows that the process of training goes beyond just educating the worker or rather intellectual emancipation but it also motivates the workers in and after the process for instance if workers are sent for training because they are lacking computing skills, they not only benefit the knowledge on computers but also get motivated as they feel that the organisation is putting them into consideration by investing knowledge in them and is prioritising their intellectual wellbeing so this shows that the process of training goes beyond what may seem to be the problem but also goes an extra mile in motivating them too.
Beardwell and Holden (2001) state that the focus of the analysis of training needs must not be on tackling the current problem but must be based in wider perspective of remaining relevant in the contemporary business trends. This shows that the aspect of training has a broader scope on enhancing competitiveness through the sowing of appropriate and relevant information in the human assets.
The aspect of training needs analysis must...

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