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The Belief System


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There are many different types of religions that are being practiced from back in the day and in the present time. These systems have affected many different societies where they are being practiced in and everyone that lives in them. These religions are practiced in many different ways. As the years went on many more religions were created and some people use these religions define who they really are. While many religions have emerged and flourished over the centuries, few have had the impact of both Judaism and Christianity.
Judaism was founded by Abraham the father of the Hebrews. This religion originally came from the Hebrews. Judaism is believed to be monotheistic. Almost like all the other religions that have a bible in Judaism has a bible that they call the Torah. This bible is a recording of all the laws and important events that have happened during the Jewish history. “Torah seems to be a very this-worldly document, filled with human stories, laws, commandments, and not a word about God alone existing” (Green, Arthur 2010).
The Jewish thought very highly of their god. They look at their god as their protector. Jewish people do not feel like they are Jewish without Judaism. “Judaism as religion might not be the entirety of Jewish identity, but it is difficult to imagine a vibrant Jewish identity completely severed from it” (Shapiro, 2014).
Judaism has a political system that is taken seriously like most religions have. The Jewish government was democratic but it did not exist in the early history. During that time they were actually monarchy. It was not to years later that the government was democratic. “The democratic movement launched in continental Europe by the French Revolution of 1789 yielded historically ambiguous consequences for

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