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Religious Belief System

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Religious Belief System
Due to the diverse cultures around the world, people experience life differently and adopt assorted personal belief systems. The basis of these belief systems is personal experience and tradition as well as an outline regarding how an individual lives life. Tolerance is an element of life in any diverse area as every person lives life by following a personal set of beliefs and tolerance to other people’s beliefs. The basis of most major religions is ancestry because religion strictly adheres to tradition, so it is a big element in a traditional religious belief system. The catholic religion has many traditions set in ancient times still followed to this day, although Catholicism has its advantages; it also has its downsides. Parents implant an individual’s religious belief system a young age. A personal religious belief system’s foundation is the manner in which the parents raise an individual, and it should complement an individual’s personal moral ethics.
People need to respect and attempt to understand other people’s religions. People establish these beliefs throughout a lifetime. Just as people may strongly believe in personal beliefs; the public must be tolerant of other people’s individual beliefs. Great wars have stemmed from a diminished understanding of another culture’s religion. As diversity expands worldwide, people of different cultures are mixing with incumbent residents, which must be tolerant enough to embrace these new cultures to live together amicably. The basis of most major religions is history and the traditions initiated long ago.
Tradition and history give religion strength and relativity as well as give comfort to people in turmoil. Fisher (2003) stated, “All of religion shares the goal of tying

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