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The Established & the Outsiders Essay


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The Established & the Outsiders Essay Social structure can be represented in many ways and through many ideas, such as in a community or city. When two of them are compared to one another, there’s bound to be many similarities and differences between them. For instance, the area in and around Norwich University can be easily compared to the setting of the novel, The Established & the Outsiders. The novel is set at a place called Winston-Parva, a suburban area in the outskirts of a large and wealthy industrial town in central England. It had a population of less than 5000, but had its own industries, schools, churches, shops and clubs. The two authors, Elias & Scotson, conducted their study though the book and formed a social structure by categorizing the town into 3 different zones, 1, 2, and 3. Zone 1 was usually called a middle-class residential area, and most of its inhabitants regarded it as such. Zones 2 and 3 were working-class areas one of which, Zone 2, is where most of the industries were established. From this info alone one could assume that since Zone 2 and Zone 3 seem the same, the inhabitants of those zones think that as well. However, the novel states a survey that proves the previous assumption to be false:
“A preliminary survey suggested that not only the middle-class inhabitants of Zone 1, but the working-class inhabitants of Zone 2 regarded themselves and their neighbourhood as superior in social status to those of Zone 3 and that the social barriers dividing the two working-class neighbourhoods from each other were at least as great, if not greater than the barriers to social relations and communications between working class neighbourhoods and the middle-class neighbourhood in the area.” (Elias & Scotson 1-2)

Even though people from these two zones share many of the same characteristics as

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