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The Faith of Jesus Christ

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The apostle Paul uses the above expression at least 7 times in his epistles to us, and with it speaks of something that often times is not fully appreciated by Christians as it ought to be. The expression strikes many as a peculiar one. “Faith” is something that we think of with respect to ourselves. We place OUR faith IN Christ. Therefore, to find Paul talking about “the faith OF Jesus Christ,” or CHRIST'S faith, seems puzzling. Because of this, unfortunately, many times the expression is treated as if it were a misstatement. Christians are told, or led to think, that the expression really does refer to our faith IN Christ, but it has just been mistranslated. The impression is given that the expression is just a funny wording in the original Greek. It really does say “the faith OF Jesus Christ,” but it's to be looked upon as just a funny way of referring to our faith IN Him. And with this, many English translations make the expression refer to our faith IN Christ, though some do at least acknowledge in a foot note that literally the expression is “the faith OF Jesus Christ.” However, unfortunately, by doing this a wonderful truth is largely obscured, if not completely obliterated. A wonderful God be thanked truth which is marvelously conveyed in the expression “the faith OF Jesus Christ.” There are two things that ought to make it apparent that Paul's reference to “the faith of Jesus Christ” is referring to something special with respect to Christ, and that it is not just a funny wording for the issue of our faith in Him. First of all, when our faith is the issue, the wording that conveys that is plain. Consider, for example, the following.... “Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through FAITH IN HIS BLOOD,...” (Romans 3:25) “Therefore we conclude that a man is justified BY FAITH without the deeds of the law.”…...

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