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The General Communication Process and Its Implication on Marketing Communication


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The general communication process and its implication on marketing communication
Organizations today are heavily dependent on information to meet organizational needs. Effective communication plays a key role in fulfilling these needs and contributes significantly to organizational or business success.
In this globalization period effective communication is critical to any organization and can help it in many ways. In fact, communication plays a role in product development, customer relations, and employee management - virtually every facet of a business' operations. In communication we share meaning in what we say and how we say it, both in oral and written forms. If we could not communicate, what would life be like? A series of never-ending frustrations,? Not being able to ask for what we need or even to understand the needs of others? Generally being unable to communicate might even mean losing a part of ourselves. Thus, in order to achieve results and being successful, it can be valuable to understand what communication is and how it works.
The main objective of this paper is to explain the implication of general communication process on marketing communication. However, before we go through, we would like to clarify what general communication process is and what marketing communication is.
What is communication, Marketing Communication and Communication Process?
Communication is a process through which senders and receivers of the message interact in a given social context to achieve a desired goal. In this definition there are three factors that need to be understood.
1. Process: By process, we mean that communication is a series of interactions that alter with time and produce changes in those involved in the interactions. It suggests that the components of interaction are dynamic in nature. They cannot be regarded as

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