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The Importance Of Media On The Media

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Media informs the public about everything that’s happening around them. There are issues of different natures for example of political nature about which the common masses have no knowledge. For such issues, they have to rely on the media for access of information. The way media will impart this information is very important as media can manipulate the thought and opinions of the masses. Happer and Philo (2013) support this idea on the basis of their empirical studies that found that media limits the understanding of the audience and also removes the alternative solutions to political problems from the public.
Media’s concentration on few topics decides how individuals in that society shape their opinions and actions in accordance as in a study conducted by Radoli (2011) found out that media owners frequently influence the editorial content which not only ends up in inciting the people in Kenya to violence but also disregard of the human rights. Thus newspapers do affect the public opinion and shape their behaviors.
As newspapers are an important source of information so it’s important to note how they use agenda setting and framing in their content to influence the readers. Cissel (2012) supports this notion as her study concluded that media both mainstream and alternative uses agenda setting and frames
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As Seib (2004) writes that in 2003 when America decided to wage war on Iraq, the Americans also favored this decision because their news media was not being responsible. It showed weaknesses and did not cover the scenario of that time in a responsible and factual manner. If it would have then the Americans might not have favored the war on Iraq along with President Bush the way they did. Thus it shows that news media played a vital role in agenda setting for aiding the government by gaining the public opinion in its

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