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The Lunch Date

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In the first minute of the film, a lot about the woman’s character is revealed. The opening sequence shows many homeless people in the station but the woman noticeably ignores them. Next, a hurried man bumps into the woman, causing her purse to fall to the ground. He attempts to help her gather the items, but she snaps at him, shoves her items into her purse, and runs to her train. Of course, she misses it. Through all this it is obvious that the woman does not feel comfortable or safe. She seems to be a wealthy woman, obviously nervous to be in the station alone. She also is very suspicious of people around her. Finally, there are underlying racial issues. The man who bumps into her in the station and causes her bag to drop is black. He is dressed in a business suit and clearly wants to help her. She reacts as if her were trying to steal from her. Later while standing on the platform, the woman realizes that her wallet is missing. She decides to get some lunch to bide her time. She picks up a salad and pays for it with some spare change she is carrying because she lost her wallet. She finds a table, puts her shopping bags down, and goes back for a fork. When she returns, a homeless man is sitting at what she believes is her booth. He is eating her salad. Again, this is where the story builds itself well. She had to have lost her wallet in order for this to make sense. She cannot go buy another salad now so she begins to eat off the homeless man’s plate. He shows her hospitality by buying her a cup of coffee. Of course, the end twist is that her booth was the next one down and that she in fact was eating the homeless man’s food. When she realizes her mistake, she laughs for the first time in the film. However, as she is leaving the restaurant she passes another homeless man and treats him the same way she did in the beginning of the film, as if there was no lesson...

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