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The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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Have you ever considered losing your job to a robot? Or much more have you ever considered that migrant workers lose their jobs to robots? This is a question that we all need to start thinking about when considering a job. Robots are a very popular in technology advancements. They are quickly coming up and replacing people in their jobs anywhere from field work to warehouses to possibly even doctor and more. I believe with automation advancing, robots are likely to take over the jobs of agriculture. I believe this because technology has change agriculture tremendously and how quickly thing get done. I also believe this because they are currently testing robots out in the fields. Also with shortage of workers robots will come in play to pick up the slack in the job. Technology has changed agriculture in many ways for example farmers at first would us animals to plow things or move things around and now many us tractors. …show more content…
This was an understatement because they are getting so close to getting robots out in the fields to pick up the lack of workers. In California there are apple farms that use a machine that uses a vacuum system to suck the fruit off the tree. In the article, What this apple-picking robot means for the future of farm workers by Andrew Wagner talks about this robot that is out in the field being tested out to see if it can pick apples without damaging them. Wagner states, “The robot’s got to be able to identify an apple, and the after that, tell if it’s ripe, It takes a lot of specialized sensors and cameras to do that, and then they have to be able to pick the fruit without damaging it.” Wagner is explaining that they are looking at all the things that humans look at when picking apples they need to get them without hurting them but also know when there rip. They are looking at the things closely to get this robot going on its

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