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The Travel and Tourism Sector


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Q 2.1 Explain the role of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector 2
Role of the Government in Tourism 2
Role of the government bodies 4
Roles of International Agencies 5
United Nations (UN) 6
United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 6
World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) 6
 Driving the Agenda - raising awareness of travel and tourism industry as a revenue generator. 7
 The Facilitator: educating industry participants. 7
 The Networking Forum 7
Q 2.2 Illustrate how local and national economic policy has an effect on the success of the travel and tourism sector 8
• Direct Influence 8
Taxation (remove money) 8
Infrastructure investment and maintenance (inject money) Government spending on tourism 8
Tourism development 9
• Indirect Influence 9
Q 2.3 Analyse the implications of political change on the travel and tourism sector in various countries 10
Impact of political change on the travel and tourism industry 10
Reference and Bibliography 12

Q 2.1 Explain the role of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector
Role of the Government in Tourism
The role of the government, according to traditional political theory, is concerned with maintaining law and order, defence, internal communication and transport infrastructure, and economic redistribution. All of these affect tourism. There are two levels in the role of government in tourist industry which can be MARCO and MICRO
MACRO: is the establishment of overall Tourism Strategy and Policies to ensure sustainable growth and development of the sector at social, economic and environmental levels, and alignment of sector efforts to the greater national and regional growth mandate.
MICRO: Brand

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