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The Way You Walk

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The movie A Bronx Tale is set in the Bronx, New York in 1960. This movie

centers on the child of a hard working man, Lorenzo Anello Lorenzo Anello

has avoided the life of crime by working had and holding firm to his beliefs

of good and bad. However, his son Calogero Anello becomes involved with

the neighbor hood gangster Sonny. Against the wishes of his father

Calogero relationship with Sonny continues until the death of Sonny. There

are three sociological theories of crime that can explain Calogero continued

friendship and growth in this life of crime differential association, labeling,

and strain.

Calogero's career as a criminal begins with simple errands for Sony. As a child who did not know any better, Calogero felt that making money would help his low class family. Here, the story begins by introducing the theory of strain. When an individual is under strain, in this case financial that individual may be tempted to commit a crime. This theory applies to this situation because the crime continued to occur after Calogero father told him what he was doing was illegal. As Calogero continues to work for
Sonny it becomes clear that Calogero 's feelings of strain lessen which is depicted in two scenes. Firstly, when Calogero is being punished by his father for continuing to work of Sonny. In this example Calogero seems to simply be putting up with the punishment that no longer has any effect. Secondly in the other scene Calogero shows up at his house to show off his new cloths to his mother. He is wearing an expensive suit with dress shoes. At this point other theories of criminality begin to emerge as explanations of the continued behavior.
Differential association is the theory that criminal behavior is learned by the interactions of a particular subculture of group. Calogero is introduced to all...

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