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Analyse the internationalisation strategy and/or market strategy pursued by your company using appropriate analytical tools (such as Yip’s model of internationalisation and Ansoff matrix).

Thomas cook group has a well planned out strategy which is to deliver sustainable profitable growth by providing trusted, personalised holiday experiences through a “high tech, high touch” approach. Using the ansoff matrix Thomas cook group outlines a detailed step by step procedure on how to achieve and maintain its strategy.

Market Penetration- Thomas cook group plans to achieve a steady market penetration by growing profitably through their trusted product portfolio. Also by offering differentiated quality of the products enables customers to plan their own journey. This strategy aims to satisfy a wide selection of customers’ needs while generating significant revenue and margin growth. They also offer customers with a wide price range for their trip. These increase more sales to the market as it provide lower cost of air travel.

Market development- Thomas cook groups plans to achieve this by delivering voyager android and omni-channel vision. Customers are shifting from making their bookings over the counter to booking digitally on their tablets, mobile phones and computers. Thomas cook plans to be a true technology innovator, leading the industry in both online and in e-retail. This Transformation will be supported throughout by leading technology infrastructure, building on the substantial consolidation and simplification of its IT infrastructure that it has already achieved. Again they have tried to form partnerships with successful airlines and hotels in different countries. For example they are in franchising partnership with more than 475 hotels and Condor airline in Germany, this helps in the distribution of the products and services.

Product development- the company plans to achieve this by owning and taking risk in the right assets and capacity. Their aspiration is to move from taking capacity risk in undifferentiated airline and hotel capacity to focusing risk on differentiated products with higher margins. They have launched many different hotels such as Sunwing, Sunprime, Smartline and Sentido that offer exclusive experience to customers. Apart from managing their number of hotels they are also managing their airline of 88 aircrafts. These aircrafts are frequently refurbished with different cabin design and interiors to give customers more comfort environment while travelling.

Diversification- this will be achieved by transforming their organisation, culture and capabilities. Thomas cook group is located in more than one country and has employees from all over the world. They don’t discriminate on grounds of sex, gender or race. With this there are different cultures all under one roof learning, understanding and working together to achieve one goal.

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