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Few memories as a failure on a major project from half a decade ago still vividly remains in memories. As a Research Assistant to Tim, it was my first paid job. Tim, an Engineer, worked in silos and had driver social style to his heart beat. He only communicated the expectations without delving in the details that he had in his mind. Even though the Office space was a closed knit space for 16 students, Tim seldom hung out with people to build personal relationships. He only interacted with others when there was a need. His lack of explanation on why the project was needed had left me wondering regarding purpose and design aspects of the new programming project. I struggled on how to effectively design the project and often sought help from other people, who recommended me that the project needed investment in new programming platform as old platform was incapable of achieving the project objectives.
After making almost no progress on the project and wasting time in attempts to make old platform workable, I received a vehement email from Tim, stating that XYZ Inc. was deciding to scale back on funding, as no progress reports were submitted. I was shocked to learn that I was even expected to submit progress reports at the end of quarter on the undertaken project in which I had neither any clue nor communication. As an amiable person, I was too quick to reach an agreement with Tim on project deliverables. I had thought that I would be receiving friendly advice and guidance from Tim during the course of the project. My apprehensions to ask questions had pTimably made Tim think that I understood deliverables; however, in order to show support for the project I had initially agreed upon without understanding the details and necessary background knowledge. Even after understanding the complications, I was hesitant to challenge his expectation that the program could be built on the old platform to avoid mutual disagreements.
Looking from the lens of social style analysis in the hindsight to avoid the fiasco of funding cuts, I should have de-emphasized building up relationships with a driver person such as Tim. Further, I should have organized my communication in a direct manner to reflect that I didn’t understand the deliverables and the requirements for timely and efficient delivery of the project. I should have challenged his expectations that the old platform was capable of delivering objectives with strong logic and suggested alternatives to help achieve the desired outcome of the project. Such alternatives would have reflected that I have thought of the goals carefully and would have helped us achieve deliverables.

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