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Tort Case Study


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Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper

A synopsis is a summary of the text or subject, and in each scenario there are tort actions that need to be identify, and to make out who are the plaintiffs and defendants in these scenario cases. We will explain which claim got resolved by taking legal actions for the reason’s they were put in these different dangerous situations that could have been avoided.
Scenario One
Scenario one deals with intentional tort, unintentional torts and strict liability tort.
The first intentional tort is the battery by Daniel on Malik for accidently spilling cold beer on his son Ruben. Daniel shoved Malik which caused him to fall. Malik tried to break his fall and grabs the railing which didn’t support the weight of Malik. The railing broke and Malik hit the steps and knocked out two of his front teeth. This will fall under strict liability tort. Malik can file a law suit against the owners of the football stadium for not ensuring the railing was safe for everyone in the stadium. This fall under product liability “The liability of manufacturers, sellers, and others for the injuries caused by defective products.” Cheeseman (2010).

“Defamation of character false statement(s) made by one person about another. In court,

the plaintiff must prove that (1) the defendant made an untrue statement of fact about the

plaintiff and (2) the statement was intentionally” Cheesesman (2010). Daniel can suit

the woman in court for intentionally making a false statement about Denial. The

statement wrongfully accused Daniel of giving Ruben beer at the game. Daniel boss

over heard the statement and fired Daniel from his job. Daniel can also suit his boss for

wrongfully termination of his employment.

The concession worker gave Daniel to regular soft drinks instead of the diet soft drinks.

He asked for. In the situation I believe

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