Typhoon Haiyan

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Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines and was recorded to be the strongest typhoon at landfall. The said Typhoon had devastated the Central part of the Philippines. Moreover, the death toll has been rising by eight daily and as of now, 6,000 people recorded to be death. And due to this strategy, the Philippines government responsibility to aid the victims was condemned. While on the other hand, the concept of universalism has practiced once again, when the typhoon ravaged thousands of people lives.
The Philippines as a state has a responsibility to protect its citizen in any circumstances, but in this case of catastrophe the government was having difficulties to aid the affected area. Because of the very fact, that the affected area had being isolated. And due to that thousands of people criticize the country’s capability in slow response to the said tragedy but unknowingly thinking that our government does not have that well enough developed resources to aid the people. A government serves as a machinery to regulate the need of the people with that very fact it helps to lessen the problem that’s what just our government did, and it is not complicating the problem but different countries have criticized our county’s capability. For this very reason, this act of condemning complicates the problem because these countries have compared our government’s capability over the other more developed states on responding to the said crisis. In which through this, the victims were able to set a standard and to expect more from the government on how to respond on the said tragedy. Now, if the government did not help the victims who would help them? The government is established and ought to help its people.
The Philippines government maybe has been condemned but it did not affect its purpose on protecting its citizens. The devastation of the Typhoon has…...