Unethicial Behaviors

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Unethical Research
Research is a powerful tool because what it reveals. The gathering and storing research in most cases may not have dire consequences in our personal lives other than making a bad decision and who among us haven’t made one of those before, but in the business word gathering data or research information may have dire consequences like peoples livelihood. As in the article from Cheryl Lozano-Whitten, regarding Eron and perceptions of personality in a case of unethical decision-making, the article visits the unethical view on business research and decision making.
Lozano-Whitten, research question is why some people are more apt to engage in unethical behavior as their power increases (Lozano-Whitten, 2010). The article goes on to reveal how she gathered the research and how she is going to apply it. Lozano-Whitten goes on to say the organizational culture in itself influences unethical behavior because of the definition of authority relationships and responsibility for the consequences of actions (Lozano-Whitten, 2010). Within that statement she states that individuals in lower positions are expected to carry out the orders from those who have legitimate authority even if the orders conflict with that person’s value of ethics. Lazano-Whitten hypotheses of the article is that one’s personality attributes have an effect on the decision making process depending on the event is positive or negative. She goes on the validate this idea by gathering newspaper and magazine articles focusing on quotes from Kenneth Lay and Eron going back to December 1991. With the information Lazano-Whitten gathered she notices how Kenneth Lay positive and negative personality traits affect his decision making depending on his reactions of the scandal.
With the information Lazano-Whitten gathered she goes over the responses and allegations towards Kenneth Lay. This leads…...