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Unit 2 Assignment 1: Strengths and Challenges


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Dear Mr., Holz In my first week of going to itt-tech I was feeling extremely confident and ready to take on the world and then we started the second week in which after that week we were to have two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s. Before class ended that second week you handed us assignments that were due on Monday January 8th 2014. That is when the stress really started. My concerns begin with falling behind. I am very much over whelmed to start with I have not been in school since I was in 11th grade 28 years ago when my sister was killed in a car accident. Even when I was in school I do not recall ever writing like I am being asked to now. Even though I am writing this letter to you now I truly have no idea what I am doing. I don’t feel like I am comprehending what you are trying to teaching to me. I don’t feel that I am stupid but that my learning skills are not up to speed and I am questioning whether or not I am going to be able to accomplish what is necessary to pass this course. See I have a bad habit of wanting to quit when times get tough for me. I know that I really don’t want to quit but another concern is my back I hurt it while working my last job. Things that are bothering my back are sitting a lot and carrying my bag with all the weight in it. I believe some of my strengths are I’m a hands on learner. I work great with others. I do have some computer knowledge for I have a computer at home and from messing around with it and clicking on the icons I have taught myself some of what it is capable of doing. I have also installed and uninstalled several printers. I also have taught myself several other handy things while doing work around the house like installing sealing fans, light fixtures and storm doors. Once I comprehend something I can usually just run with it. The things I am looking forward to from this class are to get over this hump I’m stuck on. Hoping once I do I will cruse threw this class. I am also looking forward in working with the group of good people in my class and learning from my teacher what I need to make it and passing your class. Everybody that I talk to that has been in the position says that I will do fine but for some reason I feel like I am the only one going threw what I am LOL really not funny this is hard for me.

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