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Ebay Use Case

Week6: Use Cases Assignment

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Use Case: Selling a couch on Ebay

Id: UC- 2011021401

Seller registers a couch for sale on Ebay. Seller firsts selects “Sell” link on Ebay, registers a credit card. Seller then posts descriptive information about the couch including pictures, price, auction start and end times as well as method of payment accepted, shipping information and other terms and conditions of sale. The auction proceeds and a buyer is selected. Payment is exchanged and the item is shipped. Upon successful completion of the transaction and reception of couch feedback is posted for both buyer and seller regarding the quality of the sale.

Level: High Level Summary

Primary Actor

Supporting Actors
Buyer, Ebay Customer Service Rep., Warehouse Worker, Shipping Clerk, Delivery Driver

Stakeholders and Interests
Ebay – Has interest in receiving commission
PayPal – Has interest in receiving commission
UPS – Has interest in shipping payment
Buyer – Has interest in receiving positive feedback

Seller must have an Ebay account and registered credit card.
Buyer must have a PayPal account.
Seller must have a PayPal account.
Buyer must have PayPal account.
Buyer must have a valid shipping address.
Buyer must have an acceptable positive buying feedback rating on Ebay (98% or beter)
Buyer has to complete payment before 2PM EST for item to ship same day.

Post Conditions

Success end condition
Auction is completed, buyer is identified. Payment is received via PayPal from buyer.
Couch is crated for shipment by shipping clerk and picked up for shipment by shipping company. Couch is delivered to buyer by delivery driver.

Failure end condition:
No one participates in auction and item is not sold.
Buyer is unable to pay for item and transaction is cancelled.
Item is damaged in shipping and must be returned.

Minimal Guarantee
PayPal is utilized to guarantee payment is made between buyer and seller.
Shipping insurance is required to ensure value of couch is insured during shipment.

Seller posts couch for sale on Ebay.
Main Success Scenario
1. Seller posts couch for sale on Ebay
2. Highest bidder is selected at auction end
3. Seller sends invoice and instructions for payment via PayPal
4. Buyer pays for couch and shipping (with insureance) via PayPal and identifies shipping address
5. Couch is crated and insured for shipping
6. Couch is picked up for delivery at warehouse
7. Couch is delivered at buyers residence
8. Buyer receives and verifies good condition of couch
9. Buyer posts positive feedback about transaction
10. Seller posts positive feedback about transaction


3a. Seller inquires if buyer is interested in additional items on invoice
1. Seller offers to add an end table to purchase for $50 on invoice
2. Buyer agrees to include the end table in the purchase
3. Seller adds $50 to PayPal invoice
4. Use case resumes at step 3

41 In step 4, instead of paying via PayPal customer may pay directly with Western Union transfer.

Frequency: Daily until inventory is gone.

Assumptions: The buyer intends to complete the transaction.

Special Requirements
1. The buyer will pay all shipping and handling costs including rapid delivery and insurance.
2. The buyer will have a residential street address for shipping no PO boxes or work addresses.
3. The buyer will pay within 3 days of auction close.


1. What is the relation to weight for shipping?

To do

1. Need to identify shipping costs for weight of coach.
2. Need to determine length of auction.
3. Need to photograph couch and upload to computer.

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