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A successful leader manages their energy along with those involved with the achievement of goals. As leaders, they must be committed to staying motivated and keeping their team motivated. Leadership style must adapt to the situation and the needs of its team. It is vital that leadership style influence people in an efficient and effective way. Most people have similar pattern of behavior, but many patterns of behavior are different. There are seven levels of similarity and dissimilarity: humankind, regional culture, national culture, subnational culture, organizational culture, family culture, and individuality. Human characteristics are universal and all humans born with the same needs such as freedom, power, love and inclusion, fun and survival. Culture is an enormous part of ones behavior and thought patterns. Regional, national, and subnational culture may share similar ethnics but may choose to do things differently. Many corporations formed organizational cultures which often displayed similar behavior. Family culture can be the most influential because a family’s VABEs often shape who one is or may become. Individuality allows one to be whom one chooses to be and how one chooses to perform. Clawson uses expectancy theory, control theory, and choice theory to examine why people behave the way they do. The expectancy theory allows people to be motivated on things that they expect they can do and receive rewards from doing it. William Glasser states that the control theory is what a person wants at any given time. He has three principles of control theory: I know what’s right for you, I have a right to tell you what’s right for you and I have a right to punish you if you don’t do what’s right for you. Otherwise, the choice theory allows you to choose what you want. Also, choice theory has three principles: every person knows what’s right for him or herself, no one has the right to tell other people what’s right for them, and you should not punish people for doing what they choose to do. Whether one is being controlled or chooses to do something, Glasser states that ones behavior effects what we say or do, think, feel, and body language.

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