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Ways to Handle Stress


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Ways to detect and handle your stress level
My self-assessment tells me about my level of stress that I will have a high risk of becoming ill in the near future. I’m not surprised about my stress level but is surprised about becoming ill in the near future. Not sure if this is something I would want to know what’s in my near future. This kind of information can be stressful itself in knowing what you may be facing due to my stress level. However, it is useful to know about this so that I can take action now to prevent any illness pertaining to my health. Seeing friends and old classmates losing their life to unaware illness is a wake-up call for me. Stress can cause sever health problems and some cases, can cause death. I have no choice but to take this advice regarding my concerns over stress-related illnesses that may occur. Currently, my stress has been causing me significant unhappiness.
After reviewing the article discovered by the American Psychological Association how stress affects the body. This article emphasize the musculoskeletal system and how the muscles tense up due to your stress level. Explaining how chronic stress can cause the muscles in your body to be a constant state of guardedness. And dealing with chronic stress seems to also cause many types of headaches including tension in your shoulders and the neck. I never knew millions of people suffers from this type of stress-related pain that affects the body. Not knowingly how it can also affect your breathing especially for those who has asthma and lung disease. Respiratory system is a very severe problem for people who already have breathing issues and some studies shows that stress can trigger asthma attacks. Working with a psychologist can help develop relaxation and breathing strategies.
Often times as people are surprised about how certain stress can affect the body. An article from Health stated 25 surprising ways stress affects your health. One of the affects that stood out to me is the “Fight or Flight” is known to prepare the body for action. It says that if you’re in danger that the brains hypothalamus sends a trigger to the nerves which are glands that sits on top your kidneys to churn out hormones like cortisol that raises high blood pressure. This can cause among other things like blood sugar in your body.
It’s seems to always having craves for sweets and things that are not good for you whenever you are stressing. The cortisol linked to hormones during stress to cause these cravings in the brain that controls your food intake. And with a high body mass index, which may cause more susceptible. But the key is for the person to know their triggers especially during the times of stress. This may cause a person to endure emotionally eating or have the munchies that will cause you to hit the vending machines that are not stocked with healthy snacks. So it is best to hit the store early to prevent bad eating habits.
After taking the quiz, I am now more aware of my stress levels and what causes my motivation and emotions to drop. Recently, I had to help my sister financially because she’d lost her job. It was very stressful because I had to take most of my income and help support her and my nieces. But it was causing me to be very stressed because my bills was starting to not get paid because I was given all my money to her. It was starting to break me down emotionally and my motivation to work was also declining. It is very hard to make good money and never see your check because you’re given it away as soon as you get paid. I was doing this for four months straight and had to finally set a time frame for as how much longer I can do this. After giving her a deadline to find a job, it took a lot of stress off of me. It begin to be too much for me to handle and I had to be honest that I couldn’t help as much she’s needing. A month later she was able to find temporary work that help supported the important acessities.

1. The readings for this Module discuss the relationship between motivation, emotion, and stress. After taking the quiz, do you have a new perspective on this dynamic? Describe some times that your motivation and emotion have been affected by stressors in your life.


Use the questions below to help outline your paragraphs:
2. What did the self-assessment tell you about your level of stress? Were you surprised by the results? Explain.
3. How does stress impact the body? How do you recognize “signs” of stress?
4. The readings for this Module discuss the relationship between motivation, emotion, and stress. After taking the quiz, do you have a new perspective on this dynamic? Describe some times that your motivation and emotion have been affected by stressors in your life.
5. Describe two ways that you can change stress symptoms you notice.
6. Describe how understanding the psychology of stress is applicable to everyday life. Discuss topics such as relationships with others, work, school, etc. How might understanding psychology help you in your everyday life?

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