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The Public Needs To Know – Draft ENG115 Candice Taylor 7/27/14

The Public Needs To Know that there have been some dramatic changes for breakfast and lunch programs made by the government, to improve health and nutrition in our schools.
After the Hunger-Free Kids Act had been signed by the First Lady and President Obama, USDA made the first major changes in school meals, to help us raise a healthier generation of children. Economically obesity has been a severe issue in children and adults in America but since childhood obesity rate has tripled, schools have a rich opportunity to improve youth health while at the ideal point in time, and making these changes before problems take hold. These Special needs in our schools make every difference when it comes to our children eating and drinking healthy, at lunch, schools must offer all required food components in at least the minimum required amounts as an example meat(s) alternate; fruit, grains, vegetables, and fluid milk. At breakfast, students are still offered all required food components which are; grains, meat(s)- optional, fruit, vegetables, juice, and milk. Having OVS (Offer versus Serve) which is a provision in our NSLP (National School Lunch Program) and gives students the right to decline some of the food being served to them, The purpose of OVS is to reduce food waste in schools and guidance is intended to clarify specifically to what students must take in to have a healthy meal. The benefits of changing the schools breakfast and lunch...

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