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10 Steps to Earn a High GRE Score
The following is a guide to scoring high on the GRE test. If you follow these steps, your GRE score will improve.
1. Relax:
Preparing for the GRE can be stressful. Try to focus on the task at hand and not so much on everything else you have to do. If you take GRE test prep step-by-step, day-by-day, and give yourself breaks when your body needs them, you'll be able to concentrate on GRE studies a lot better.
2. GRE Diagnostic Test:
Begin GRE test prep with a GRE practice test to find out what you're good at, and more importantly, what you're not good at. Correct your completed practice test and evaluate the questions you missed. What kind of questions did you miss? Are they mostly Quantitative or mostly Verbal? What score would you give yourself on Analytical Writing? Did you miss a lot of analogies but do well on reading comprehension? With this information you'll be able to focus your GRE test prep studies on your weaknesses.
3. GRE Study Plan:
With your GRE weaknesses in mind, make a very specific study plan for yourself. You should know what, how, and when you are going to study for the GRE test. Put your study plan somewhere in plain view, and make sure you stick to your plan.
Try to keep GRE test prep interesting by planning to study different things in different ways. For example, study GRE vocabulary from flash cards one day, from a list the second day, and by reading and learning words in context the third day.
4. GRE Vocabulary:
The single-most effective way to improve GRE Verbal score is with GRE vocabulary. Start studying GRE vocabulary now. Study a word list, use flash cards, learn with software, or learn words in context with The Wall Street Journal. Do whatever it takes to learn new words. Improve your vocabulary skills and watch your GRE score improve.
5. Active Reading:
Practice reading every day, but don't read like you would your favorite book. Read actively. Ask yourself, "What is the main theme?", "Report or opinion?", and "What is the author's purpose?" You'll see these questions on the GRE, so you should be on the lookout for the answers. You should also use GRE-level material, such as The Wall Street Journal, to practice your GRE reading comprehension. You might not like the articles, but most likely you won't like the passages on the GRE either, so you should get used to it.
6. Math Language:
Learning GRE math is like learning a new language. To improve your GRE Quantitative score you have to practice, and the more you practice the more fluent you will become. If you don't practice, you'll never improve.
Hence, do as many practice Quantitative problems as you can and learn from your mistakes. When examining your wrong answers, don't move on to the next question until you understand the current one. The whole point of math practice is so that you can learn from mistakes during practice and not on the real GRE.
7. Essay:
Get used to writing an outline before you actualy start an essay. You'll save time and know exactly what to write about if you have an outlined plan. Your paper will flow better and surely, you will score higher on the GRE Analytical Writing section.
8. GRE Practice Tests:
A GRE practice test is one of your most useful tools during GRE test prep. It's an excellent indicator of what you need to work on. Take GRE practice tests every couple of weeks to find out your weak areas, and focus your GRE study plan on those things. Also, remember to learn from your mistakes on each practice test.
9. Do Not Procrastinate:
Start preparing for the GRE now. If you start GRE prep early enough, you'll have the luxury of being able to study just an hour or so per day. When your time is limited, you have to study more hours per day, which will get tiring fast. Cramming for the GRE doesn't work, so don't procrastinate. I repeat, if you want to improve your GRE score, do not procrastinate.
10. Mentally Prepare:
Time yourself during GRE practice tests to get a feel for the length of the test and the pace you need to be answering questions at. Act like the practice test is the real GRE. The last thing you want on test day is to feel tired when you're only half-way through.
If you follow these 10 steps, your GRE score will improve. If you don't follow these 10 steps, you still might score high on the GRE, but I wouldn't risk it. Happy preparing.
Score High On the GRE Without Putting a Dent In Your Wallet
So you're applying to graduate school, and you want a great GRE score to impress the admission committees, but you don't have the time or the money to spend on an expensive preparation course.
The good news is that it's possible to score high on the GRE simply with the right study materials and the right study plan.
You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy test preparation course to get the score you want. In fact, with the right plan, you can spend much less, study on your own, and score just as high, if not higher.
Step One: Stop Looking for GRE Secrets
Many people think that if they fork over a few thousand dollars, they'll get "secrets" to getting a high GRE score, but here's the simple truth. There are no GRE secrets.
Yes, the test prep groups will teach you strategies, but those strategies are exactly the same as the ones you can find in a used book off eBay for two bucks.
So toss out that mindset that you're going to find a quick fix for getting a great GRE score. It's not going to happen. There is something that you can do though. You can study. You can study the right things, do it efficiently, and practice, practice, practice.
Step Two: Find the Right Study Materials
Your books, flashcards, etc. build the foundation of your preparation. You need good stuff to study from to study well. Otherwise all is lost. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on all the shiniest and newest GRE books out there though.
When you buy only brand new books, you're throwing away money that you can for more important stuff (like electricity).
You can find used books on the cheap and lots of free materials online. Don't worry about stuff being out of date, because the GRE hasn't exactly changed a lot over the past decade. Yes, it's a computer adaptive test now, but the types of questions are still the same, and that's really all you need to practice.
Step Three: Maximize Your Studies
A lot of people study for hours and hours, but don't get anywhere because they don't know how or what to study. Some have to study in between work, raising kids, or in between classes, if you're finishing up a bachelor's degree.
The key is picking the right study materials and focusing on the aspects of the GRE that you need the most work on.
You also need to learn from your mistakes. Make a mistake, learn from it, and then don't make the same mistake again.
Think about it in terms of your GRE score. You're going to get about ten points for each correct answer. For each mistake that you learn from, you're going to get at least one more question correct, and oftentimes it'll be more than that. Learn from ten mistakes, and you've potentially improved your score by 100 points.
Step Four: Practice, Practice, Practice
With steps one through three in mind, you need to practice as much as you can. Like most things, your GRE score is going to improve the more you practice. Utilize your collection of study materials and learn from your mistakes each time you take a practice test or go through sample questions.
Step Five: Start Right Now
The longer you wait, the harder it will be to improve. One common mistake in GRE test preparation is waiting to get started. Don't sit around wondering what you should study. Start studying now to make the most of your time. Lots of people wait and wait and wait, and before they know it, there's just one week before the big day. They try to cram as much as they can, don't get much out of their preparation, and don't score as well as they could have.
Here's the problem. You can't cram for the GRE, so the sooner you start, the better.
Good GRE Scores - A GRE Test taker's GRE Experience
Hi all,

I took NEW GRE 3 days back.
My gre score is 336. I am happy that this is a good GRE score.
Split up Verbal Section GRE Score- 166
Quans Section GRE Score - 170
Expecting 5.5 or 6.0 in my essays.
This is my second attempt. Mine was a average gre score in my first attempt. In my first attempt my gre scores was 1210. Q - 720 V - 490. I was completely demotivated after seeing my average gre scores. I am working as a Senior System Analyst in Bangalore. I have 6 Yrs of experience. I'm an electronics and communication engg. I always wanted to pursue MS in a top school.
The NEW GRE is tough from all the angles. Text completion choosing 3 answers from 9 answer choices and even if one choice goes wrong and 2 correct the whole question becomes wrong. Select many RC and problem solving.Select in passage questions are all tough. Only solace is the calculator. Thanks to the GreBible. GreBible had tough questions in its practice tests, so actual GRE was easy for me.
NEW GRE tests three things:
1. Your basic intelligence (in Quanti and Reading Comprehension)
2. Your speed of responding (that's why the time limit is kept...and so, many of you who are practicing for the GRE must be finding difficult)
3. How well you perform under pressure? And also I used Barrons and Kaplan tests and bigbook. All these material are no longer useful as ets had tremendously increased the difficulty level of questions especially the quans and the reading comprehension questions.
If you are pretty clear in the above things then a good GRE score is not that difficult.
First and foremost suggestion - Don't get tensed up. Remain cool and calm. Sometimes the only difference between a good score and a bad score is your mental strength. Just chill. No worries, no tension. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it. If you win over your tension, then GRE is a piece of cake leading to a good GRE score.
Second thing - practice is the key to success. Give as many practice tests as possible. Grebible and Powerprep are a must. You can also try out Arco.
Practice tests and the CAT tests in grebible are excellent. The difficulty level is very very high in grebible. That's the reason why I was able to score much in the verbal and in the quans.
If you go without giving practice tests, that too practice tests with difficulty high level of questions. Your chances of good GRE Scores are negligible. You will end up with a average GRE score
The main advantage for me was that I got 4 text completion and 2 sentence equivalence questions straight from grebible practice tests. These questions were within my fist 10 questions. That boosted my gre score. Thank god else I would have been sitting with computers and doing silly things in my office.
Softwares used: * Powerprep * Grebible
PowerPrep gives you the exact GRE Score which you will be your GRE Score plus or minus 10 - 20. Your Gre scores from power prep will be an exact replica of your actual GRE score.
I had no time to study for gre as my work is very hard. I used to come home only at 11 or 12 or even 2 in the night. But it was a passion for me to study MS. Initially it was very tough for me to find time for me to prepare for gre. I prepared very slowly for gre. Started with Barron's wordlist. After completing them when I took a diagnostic test, I was shocked at the results. Then one of my friend suggested Gre Vocabulary Bible from grebible. The software was cool. If you do not have GreBible for preparation your GRE scores will suffer for sure.
Some General Tips:
1. Complete the math review in barron's with the exercises and also the one given by ETS
2. Do math exercises in grebible. I found grebible math to be toughest of all. I purchased GreBible and it is by far the best one yet.I highly recommend that if you are only going to get one software for GRE, GreBible is it.
3. On the day of test, free yourself from driving to the test center.
Take an auto or better still ask someone to drop you.
My GRE scores on practice tests in the order I took, if it helps anyone:
PowerPrep1 GRE Score - Q - 170, V - 165
Princeton 1 GRE Score - Q - 165, V - 160
GreBible1 GRE Score - Q - 170, V-166
GreBible2 GRE Score - Q - 170, V-168
GreBible3 GRE Score - Q - 168, V-165
GreBible4 GRE Score - Q - 166, V-163
GreBible5 GRE Score - Q - 170, V-166
As you guys can clearly see. Powerprep and GreBible GRE scores exactly reflects the actual gre scores
Links : (Excellent Software. Saved me, After my initial poor first attempt. ) (Excellent Site) (Lot of practice tests. Outdated only old gre practice tests) their practice Questions first)

Thanks guru for sharing his experience.
If you would like to contact , you can email him: guru.swaminathan at yahoo dot com.
Crack the GRE in six easy steps!

Sachin Lele | March 09, 2005 he Graduate Record Exam.
The final frontier towards admission for most post graduate programmes in the United States of America and Canada.
You have worked hard at getting your grades right for three years or more in your graduation.
Don't let this formality of an exam hamper your chances to get into the best universities.
Here are some pointers towards getting that dream score you have aspired for and, most certainly, deserve.
1. The requisites
First, reserve a convenient date to take the exam.
Schedule a date around six months from the start of your GRE preparation. You will require a credit card to make the payment through the phone.
A single attempt costs around Rs 6,000. Get this done on time, as there have been instances when students haven't been offered favourable test dates as the slots get full.
The tests are conducted five times a week in most metropolitan cities, in morning and evening slots.
An applicant can take the GRE any number of times. The minimum time gap to be maintained between two attempts is a month. Most universities take the higher score among your attempts, though some universities do consider the average score.
The purpose of the GRE is to test a student's basic verbal and quantitative aptitude, along with his/her writing skills.
The test requires a basic knowledge base of Class 10 Math and basic fluency in written English.
2. The format
You will appear for a two-and-a-half hour long computerised test .
There are three sections: Quantitative, Verbal, Essay. Except for the essay section, all questions are objective, with five options as the answer choices.
Your test scores will be evaluated out of 1,600, and your essay will be graded on a decimal grade of 6. Quantitative and Verbal sections are of 800 marks each.
Every post graduate discipline has its own section requirements of the score.
In most cases, a score of 1,400 or above is respectable. An essay grade of 5 or above is considered good.
The test is not an accurate and precise evaluation of your aptitude. This is because the format of the test has a slight quirk in it, which usually bolsters or hampers a student's score. So be informed and use it to your advantage.
3. Test strategy: edge out the others
The test is to be taken on a computer.
Before moving on to the next question, the previous question has to be attempted. An attempt would mean clicking on any option choice and confirming it. Once a question is attempted, you cannot revert to it. So be sure about the questions you attempt.
The test is adaptive in nature. The first question the computer throws at you in a section will be of average difficulty. Half the people taking the GRE get it right, which generally means it is fairly simple.
If you click on the correct option, the next question on your screen will be slightly more difficul. If you get the first question wrong, the next will be easier. This adaptive nature of the questions continues throughout the test.
The questions in the test have a descending marking scheme. After around seven to 10 questions, the computer fixes a difficulty level depending on your answers in the previous questions. The higher the difficulty level, the stronger your chances of achieving a high score.
The first question carries maximum marks, followed closely by the second, then the third, and so on.
In short, the final couple of questions are of little or no significance to your final score in the section.
The first seven to 10 questions are absolutely vital. Your section score range will be decided by your performance in these questions.
For example, if the first eight questions I attempt are correct, my score will vacillate between, say, 700 to 800, which is the maximum score.
If I get a couple of questions incorrect in the first eight, my score may range from 550 to 750, though I will need a super performance in the remaining questions to get a score of 750 or above.
The questions after the first 10 are basically to decide where your exact score lies in the score range decided by your previous 10 attempts.
So take ample time cracking the first 7-10 questions, even if you miss out on five questions at the end. A stellar performance in the questions you managed to attempt could even get you a score of 800.
4. The quantitative section
This section carries 28 questions and has a time limit of 45 minutes. If handled well, this section is extremely high scoring with a score of 750+ well within reach.
Make sure that the first seven to 10 questions are correct. Spend more time over these questions, as they can really boost your score.
You will be provided with blank pages for rough work. Use them for calculations rather than doing so mentally.
For questions on statistics and geometry, note that the figures drawn may not be to scale, so do not use them as a reference. Read the numbers and their units carefully -- at times, they mislead you on purpose.
In algebra questions, verify all answer choices. Do not just mark the answer choice you work out. This is because, at times, you may neglect certain conditions that may prove important.
5. The verbal section
This section is a 30-minute section with 30 questions.
Concentrate on the reading comprehension passages. They are tedious and vague at times. Also scrolling up and down and reading a 1,500-word art passage isn't easy. So practise well.
The easier questions to handle are the antonyms, sentence completions and the analogies. You will need to be well versed with the GRE word list of 3,500 words. Refer to a book called Baron's to get familiar with the wordlist.
Try to develop your reading speed. Most students taking the GRE find the verbal section a tad lengthy. So take enough practice tests to develop speed.
6. The essay section
First, don't be under the false impression that a good GRE essay should flaunt your vocabulary. Neither should it turn out a masterpiece. They don't expect you to write like a Ralph Waldo Emerson in half an hour!
Be grammatically correct and sound in your sentence construction. Be clear and logical in your thought flow. Don't look at the clock while writing.
Creativity is not a faucet. If you are pressured, you will not think well.
Carry along a bottle of water and a sweater along to the test. The airconditioner makes the room quite chilly. Use the earplugs they provide, they really are useful.
Top 10 GRE Test Tips - GRE Test Tips You Need
Use These GRE Test Tips to Improve that GRE Score!
By Kelly Roell, Guide
See More About: * gre * graduate school. test prep * test tips copyright flickr user jmagster
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Congrats! You made it through undergrad, and now, you'd like to take the GRE and head to graduate school for a few more years of the same. If that describes you, then these GRE test tips are going to come in handy.
GRE Test Tips to Live By 1. Answer every question. The GRE is not the time to skip questions you're unsure about. No one cares if you truly don't understand something and have to randomly guess. You aren't penalized for guessing on the GRE (unlike the SAT), so it's in your best interest to answer every single question offered to you, even the ones you don't like. 2. Be sure of your answers especially when taking the Computer-Adaptive GRE. You can't go back to answer something because the screen will be gone. On the Paper-Based Test, you can skip a question and return to it later if you need to, but on the computerized version, you'll simply get a zero if you leave something blank. So make the correct choice the first time around! 3. Use the scratch paper. You will not be allowed to bring paper to the testing center with you, but you will be provided with scratch paper. Use it to help solve math problems, outline your essay for the writing portion or write down formulas or vocabulary words you've memorized before the test. 4. Use a process of elimination. If you can rule out even one wrong answer, you'll be in a much better spot for guessing if it comes to that. Instead of looking for the "right" answer per se, look for the "least wrong" answer. Most of the time, you'll be able to narrow down your choices to two, which obviously gives you much better odds of getting the question right. 5. Spend more time on the harder questions. Chances are good that you'll be taking the computerized version of the GRE, so the scoring is scaled: harder questions equal more points. Even if you miss quite a few easy questions and get a smaller percentage of the harder ones correct, your score will be much better than if you answered all of the easy ones correctly and only answer a few difficult ones right. So plan your time accordingly. This is one of those GRE test tips to memorize. 6. Pace yourself. You may be a dreamer in real life, but taking the GRE is not the right time to wander mentally off into space. You'll only have about one minute per question for the verbal section and approximately two minutes per question in the math section. Two minutes may seem like a long time to answer a math question, and it would be for the easy questions, but once you're doing some serious computing, you'll realize that the time is whittling away. So don't waste it. 7. Don't second-guess yourself. Statistics prove that your first answer choice is usually correct. Do not go back through the test and change your answers if you're taking the paper test. Your first instinct is typically correct. 8. Mentally manage your stress. Once you're sitting at the desk or in front of the computer screen, your ability to physically do too much to manage your stress about the GRE and its implications for your future dwindles. So, your best bet is to manage your stress mentally by repeating a positive phrase or envisioning the end result of all your hard work. 9. In the reading comprehension section, read the answers first. Instead of plunging ahead into the text, read what you need to be looking out for. You'll save time and score more points by reading the answer choices before you read the text. 10. Outline. It may seem like old hat, but you can't disregard the GRE writing section. Before you start writing, make sure you take five minutes to outline what you're going to say first. Your organization and thought process will be much higher if you do.
That's it! These GRE test tips will be sure to help you get that GRE score you want.
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Give Me Your Feedback! * Does a Good Score Even Matter?
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Average GRE Scores for the Top Private Universities
Top Private Universities' Average GRE Scores
By Kelly Roell, Guide
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More GRE Score Info: * What's a Good GRE Score? * Average GRE Scores for Top Public Universities * Average GRE Scores by Major
First, a caveat: almost every one of the top private universities in the country expressly state on their graduate admissions website that there are no minimum GRE scores required for admissions into their graduate programs. So breathe a little easier, okay?
However, some of these top private universities also state that the average GRE scores of their incoming students reflect the average GRE scores they are looking for in potential grad students, as well.
So, keep that in mind when you're studying for the GRE. Choose the school you want to get into, and go for the score that most of the admitted students have achieved.
Average GRE Scores for the Top Private Universities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):
Verbal: 580
Quantitative: 796
Writing: 5.3
Stanford University:
Verbal: 590
Quantitative: 780
Writing: 4.8
California Institute of Technology (CalTech):
Verbal: 600
Quantitative: 780
Writing: 5.0
Duke University:
Verbal: 600+
Quantitative: 600+
Writing: 4.5
University of Chicago:
Verbal: 580+
Quantitative: 780+
Writing: 4.0+
Northwestern University:
Verbal: 600+
Quantitative: 600+
Writing: 5.0+
Washington University in St. Louis:
Verbal: 617
Quantitative: 601
Writing: 5.0
Johns Hopkins University:
Verbal: 650
Quantitative: 710
Writing: 4.8
Rice University:
Verbal: 610
Quantitative: 750
Writing: 5.0
Emory University:
Verbal: 500-800
Quantitative: 500-800
Writing: 4.0-6.0
University of Notre Dame:
Verbal: 680
Quantitative: 763
Writing: 5.3
Vanderbilt University:
Verbal: 562
Quantitative: 772
Writing: 4.8
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GRE Test 101 - Everything You Need to Know about the GRE Test!
The GRE Test Basics
By Kelly Roell, Guide
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Congratulations! You made it through undergrad, and did fairly well, I might add. So now, you’re off to grad school. You’re poring through university catalogs, scrolling through websites, and wondering how you’re going to fare on the GRE Test.
I can’t take the GRE Test for you, but I can offer some insider information on what you’re going to encounter on this monster of a standardized test.
Got your laptop ready? Good. Because you’re going to want to take notes on these GRE test tips.
What Is the GRE Test?
Both the Graduage Record Examination General Test and the GRE Subject Tests are standardized assessments developed by ETS, a non-profit company with expertise in the area. They are used as a part of the admissions process for graduate schools across the country. ETS offers both pencil-and-paper and computer-based versions of the tests, so they fit the needs of students vying for graduate spots from New York to Seattle.
Some schools may require both tests for admissions, so you’ll need to check the university policies before you miss a registration deadline.
What Is on The GRE Test?
Sadly, your complete undergraduate knowledge of keg-stand protocol won’t help you prepare for this baby. You’ll be tested in the following areas. * Verbal Reasoning: In a nutshell - Can you read? Can you identify complex relationships between words and concepts? Do you understand the different parts of a sentence? Can you put together an answer from a passage you’ve dissected? Let’s hope so. * Quantitative Reasoning: In a nutshell – How’s your algebra? Geometry? Arithmetic? Quantitative reasoning? If your skills are a little rusty since Algebra 101 in undergrad, you’d better brush up! * Analytical Writing: In a nutshell – How good are you at explaining what you mean? Can you clearly support your ideas with evidence, reasons, and examples? Can you creatively focus your ideas into a well-organized, carefully-spelled, and grammatically correct composition? This section accounts for one hour and fifteen minutes of the test, so you should prepare yourself accordingly.
How Are the GRE Test Sections Broken Down?
The sections and timing are different on the paper-based and computer-based tests. The paper test will keep you sweating for about three hours; the computer-based test runs around three hours, forty-five minutes. In the U.S., the paper-based test is no longer even offered. So unless you live in a few places across Asia, you'll be taking the computer-adaptive GRE.
Paper Based Test Breakdown
Computer Adaptive GRE Breakdown
How Does the GRE Test Scoring Work?
In truth, it’s complicated, especially for the GRE computer adaptive test. Because both the quantitative and verbal sections are adaptive, the questions given to you reflect how you did on preceding questions and the requirements of the test design. So, if you’re answering all of the questions correctly, you’re going to start getting harder questions with more points available to snag. Plus, there is an unscored section on the test and a separate research section, neither of which affect your scores. The problem is, you won’t be able to tell the real sections from the research sections, so you’ll have to do your best on them all. No slouching!
The nice part about taking the GRE on the computer? Instant gratification – at the end of the test, you’ll be asked whether or not you’d like to see your score. You can click “yes”, see the score, and it will be recorded and sent to your universities of choice. You can click “no” if you believe you bombed the test, and the computer will record that you took it, but will not send out your GRE scores.
On the paper test, the scoring is simpler because obviously, the questions do not change based on your performance.
Like the SAT, both the verbal and quantitative sections can earn you between 200-800 points. The writing section can garner you anywhere from a 0-6.
Mean Scores from 2004-2007 * Verbal: 462 * Quantitative: 584 * Writing: 4.0
What's a Good GRE Score?
Reporting Your Scores
How Do You Prepare for the GRE Test?
ETS, the makers of the GRE, offer free test preparation materials to anyone who registers for the GRE. Plus, you can try these options: * GRE Diagnostic Service: For the cost of a meal at Applebee’s (fifteen bucks), you can have ETS diagnose your strengths and weaknesses on a practice GRE. They’ll also compare your score to that of your peers. Not cool for those with weak egos. * Tutors: Kaplan offers an array of tutoring services for those of you with some coins to drop. The good news? They’ll guarantee you points on the GRE. The bad news? You’ll need to refinance your house. Try posting on Craig’s List for a tutor. Many teachers or professors are willing to tutor on the side for nominal fees, and although they probably won’t guarantee you extra points, you won’t have to sell a kidney on the black market to pay for it. * Books: Good old-fashioned paper is the way to go, especially if you’re taking the paper-based test. If you browse through the aisles of your local bookstores, you’ll be sure to find a tome to suit your needs. For a cheaper approach, get the latest version on eBay. Many wholesalers will give you big discounts on overstocked items.
What Are the GRE Subject Area Tests?
The GRE General Test basically gauges your critical thinking and analytical skills. If a university needs to understand your knowledge of a particular subject, then they may require a subject test in one of these areas: * Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology * Biology * Chemistry * Computer Science * Literature in English * Mathematics * Physics * Psychology
Check with your admissions counselor to be sure you’re taking the tests you need. You don’t want to be left out of your school of choice because of a GRE Test technicality. But by now, I’m sure you’re aware of this. You’ve made it this far, right?
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Even More GRE Test Prep Info * GRE Quantitative Reasoning * What's a Good GRE Score? * Top 10 GRE Testing Tips
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What's a Good GRE Score?
By Kelly Roell, Guide
See More About: * gre test * graduate schools * gre prep
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Question: What's a Good GRE Score?
Revised GRE Score Info: * The Revised GRE Exam Structure * How Prior GRE Scores Compare to the Revised GRE Scores
More GRE Score Info: * Average GRE Scores for Top Private Universities * Average GRE Scores for Top Public Universities * Average GRE Scores by Major
Like the SAT, both the verbal and quantitative sections on GRE used to earn test-takers between 200-800 points. The writing section did and still does garner test-takers anywhere from a 0-6. For admittance, most universities don’t consider the writing GRE score as much as the verbal and quantitative scores. Keep in mind that GRE scores are taken into consideration along with your undergraduate GPA, admissions interview, extracurricular activities, etc.
Here are the average GRE scores (in the old format) for each section of the GRE
Please keep in mind that these score are based on the prior format. To see how these scores compare to revised GRE scores, then check out how revised GRE scores compare to prior GRE scores. * Verbal: 456 * Quantitative: 590 * Writing: 3.8
However, if you want to get into one of the top-ranking schools in the U.S., you’ll need to score higher than the national averages! Here are the average GRE scores for new entrants into the masters programs for Ivy League Schools:
Although each school doesn’t have a minimum GRE requirement, these GRE scores are the average scores of the best graduate students in the country. You did ask what a good GRE score was, right? Right. Read 'em and weep.
Average GRE Scores not published
GRE not required for admission
Verbal: 529
Quantitative: 773
Verbal: 607
Quantitative: 770
Verbal: 561
Quantitative: 768
Verbal: 555
Quantitative: 768
Verbal: 626
Quantitative: 731
University of Pennsylvania:
Verbal: 531
Quantitative: 753
Quantitative: 743
Verbal: 522
Readers Respond: Does A Good Score Even Matter?
Read responses (45) Tell Me Your Score Story
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Test Tips for GRE Test-Takers * Top 10 GRE Test Tips * Overcome Test Anxiety * Top 10 Places to Find a Tutor
GRE 2012 Exam Preparation - Practice Tests, Word List
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GRE Test: Compare your old score with new score by Manisha Verma
GRE test is Graduate Record Examination, it is generally taken by those students who want to study in USA universities. GRE is a competitive entrance exam designed and conducted by ETS. Students who want to take admission in US universities are from different background and different countries so to judge the knowledge of the students. The GRE test examines them for a standard level of knowledge which they are supposed to have at college level. Higher education is tougher than school education and colleges can not enroll such students who are not competent enough to pursue it. The colleges can shun those who do not meet their requirement and choose from others who have scored well in GRE Test.
GRE has made some changes in the pattern of the exam and scoring system. The GRE has introduced these changes in month of August this year and all those students who have taken the GRE from August getting their score according to the new pattern. Those who have taken the test before August and got the scores according to the old pattern can compare their score in the below list to understand their range of score. Old GRE Verbal | Revised GRE Verbal | % Rank | 800 | 170 | 99 | 790 | 170 | 99 | 780 | 170 | 99 | 770 | 170 | 99 | 760 | 170 | 99 | 750 | 169 | 99 | 740 | 169 | 99 | 730 | 168 | 98 | 720 | 168 | 98 | 710 | 167 | 98 | 700 | 166 | 97 | 690 | 165 | 96 | 680 | 165 | 96 | 670 | 164 | 94 | 660 | 164 | 94 | 650 | 163 | 93 | 640 | 162 | 90 | 630 | 162 | 90 | 620 | 161 | 89 | 610 | 160 | 86 | 600 | 160 | 86 | 590 | 159 | 84 | 580 | 158 | 79 |

570 | 158 | 79 | 560 | 157 | 77 | 550 | 156 | 72 | 540 | 156 | 72 | 530 | 155 | 69 | 520 | 154 | 64 | 510 | 154 | 64 | 500 | 153 | 62 | 490 | 152 | 56 | 480 | 152 | 56 | 470 | 151 | 51 | 460 | 151 | 51 | 450 | 150 | 48 | 440 | 149 | 42 | 430 | 149 | 42 | 420 | 148 | 40 | 410 | 147 | 36 | 400 | 146 | 31 | 390 | 146 | 31 | 380 | 145 | 28 | 370 | 144 | 26 | 360 | 143 | 21 | 350 | 143 | 21 | 340 | 142 | 18 | 330 | 141 | 16 | 320 | 140 | 13 | 310 | 139 | 10 | 300 | 138 | 8 | 290 | 137 | 6 | 280 | 135 | 4 | 270 | 134 | 3 | 260 | 133 | 2 | 250 | 132 | 1 | 240 | 131 | 1 | 230 | 130 | 1 | 220 | 130 | 1 | 210 | 130 | 1 | 200 | 130 | 1 |

Read More | * Self-Study for GRE * GRE preparation through Internet * 10 important things about new GRE exam pattern * Six easy steps to crack GRE * GRE vs GMAT: Choose right one for you

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