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While contrasting UNIX systems to Windows a few of the features discovered in UNIX incorporate: the usage of simple text for saving data; a ordered file system; UNIX manages tools for example printing equipments, mouse and keyboard and also other tools like files. The UNIX system also manages directories and procedures like files. There's only one root directory inside the UNIX operating system hierarchical tree. UNIX utilizes devices and applications via the command line in contrast to utilizing a single monolithic application which includes all the same functionality. The kernel offers services to begin and stop applications, deals with the file system that saves and arranges the computer system files and data. The kernel usually shifts data into as databases for storage and use. Both UNIX and Windows file systems are ordered and both support lengthy names as much as 255 characters.

File Processing Evaluation

UNIX programs that are based upon simple text files for setup use a lot of powerful devices that are utilized to process text files. Piping is widely utilized to reroute the result of one command to the input of the subsequent command. UNIX deals with most command in a consecutive order (first in first out) but the procedure may be overridden by making use of variables and alternatives (ADD). This lets commands to be installed collectively and implemented without storing all the results to an output file. UNIX utilizes commands that include:

Echo - shows text on monitor

Grep - looks files for pattern data and returns all lines in which the pattern is located

Cat - concatenates and prints file or used to pipe input to other procedure

Additional commands - UNIX also utilizes additional file command which allow users to organize file materials, evaluate files and show variations line by line by line, and show search result in the shell one page at one time utilizing the more command.

UNIX based systems use the piping characteristic that lets for redirection of input or result of one procedure to a different one. UNIX may take the input from the computer keyboard or a file and transmit it like output to a different file or device. It may also get the input from a file and utilize it like command criteria to create results to another file. Although the majority of these characteristics might not be used in the windows atmosphere a few for example ‘echo’ or redirection can be located by making use of the command prompt in what is known as the windows DOS atmosphere and also via Windows Powershell. ‘Windows Powershell is an extensible automated engine from Microsoft, containing a command-line shell and related scripting language.’ (Das, S., 2013) For instance: the echo command may be used to show contents on monitor; the more / ‘|’command may be used to show items one page at one time and redirection ‘>’ may be used to transmit output to a computer printer or file.

Windows deals with most file processing features by making use of GUI interface user programs. Windows lets users to produce, open up, modify, and keep files to particular directories saved with local, distant, networked, or detachable drives. It takes input from various resources such as USB, cordless connection, DVD, and CD, resources and tools for example camera’s, and PDA’s.

UNIX manages all directories like files and has got just one main directory. Windows on the contrary doesn't handle directories like files and may have several main directories based on the quantity of drives and quantities placed. Additionally files required by windows operating system are normally saved in the C: drive. Both systems let authorizations to computer files and directories to be established or changed. Windows create a good difference between computer files, directories, and tools and retains every one of them segregated.

Devices - as mentioned earlier on tools for example mouse and computer keyboard as well as other input and output tools may also be discovered in the UNIX file tree. They may be seen obtainable in the /dev directory. UNIX also uses a null device that instantly trashes any output transferred to it. Windows on the contrary retains tools completely separate from the file structure and utilizes a device manager which is used to manage all tools attached.

Programming Potential

Both Windows and UNIX utilize the 7 stages of networking principal, OSI, to the some extent with some variation, and when beyond the 7 layers the sockets are what separate these 2 operating systems from one another, as was mentioned above. The 1st, of the 7, is the physical layer that describes physical methods of transmitting data over network tools, interfaces between network method and tools, and describes visual, electrical and mechanical features. The 2nd is the data link layers that frames the packets, finds and or corrects packets transmit mistakes, and describes methods for using the communication links. Third is network layer that has the job of finding out how data is transmitted between network tools, also routes packets as per exceptional network tools handles, and offers movement and blockage management to avoid network resource exhaustion. Fourth, transport layer, is accountable for controlling end-to-end information delivery in networks, and offers dependable and serialized packet delivery via mistake recovery and movement management systems, and offers connectionless driven packet delivery. Fifth layer is known as the session layer, the performance of this layer is attaching control systems to the data exchange, reports upper layer mistakes, controls user classes and dialogues, and manages establishment and termination of logic connections between the customers. (OSI Network Architecture 7 Layers Model, 2010) As there's no fixed standard for TCP/IP, regarding the layers, some state “… it's at layers 3 through 4 in the OSI version,” (Tangentsoft) whereas some say it is “…layers 2-5 are handled by protocol suites such as TCP/IP...,” (seven layers of networking) in this document layer 4 and below will be used.

The fundamental idea of network programming is the API, Application Programming Interface that “…lets software engineers to gain access to the performance of pre-built software program modules…main networking APIs have been included in socket libraries.” (, 2010) These types of sockets are keeping network and data interaction protocols. The Berkeley socket also referred to as BSD that was created at UC Berkeley was the first one to create the socket however was prosecuted by AT&T for copyright laws, that the product was just UNIX but with sockets. UNIX after that released its own socket software within System V or commonly known has SysV, and Windows used the socket on the Windows 95 OS and up.

“The main networking method for UNIX and Windows is TCP/IP, the usual programming API for TCP/IP known as sockets. The Windows inclusion of sockets is referred to as Winsock (previously referred to as Windows Sockets). Winsock adjusts nicely to the Berkeley inclusion, even at the API stage. The main distinction between UNIX sockets and Winsock is there in asynchronous network event notice. There's also a variation in the remote procedure calls (RPC) inclusion in UNIX and Windows.” (Microsoft, 2010) Although one could dispute that this is all prejudice originating from Microsoft on the TechNet part of the site, this still doesn't describe the programming abilities of these two OS, operating system, however does actually provide a fundamental concept. That concept is that both utilize the same idea in network programming; there are even computer software designers available who create one program to function cross-platform for the OS network programming requirements. Instances of these types of designers are Java and Python only to name a few. (, 2010)

RPC is actually a network programming type for point-to-point interaction within or between applications. (, 2010) What sockets are supposed to do is to let an application or software which the user has been operating say for instance, Windows Media Player, and requires Internet access or some sort of accessibility to the computer network, just one link between the two. There are 3 interface kinds in a socket: Steam socket, tools "connection-oriented" and semantics, Datagram socket, connect-less semantics, and finally the Raw socket, bypasses the library's built-in assistance for basic methods such as TCP and UDP. Raw sockets are utilized for custom low-level protocol improvement. “WinSock was designed to let various Microsoft Windows TCP/IP computer programs to interact.” (, 2010) This presents a few security problems since any program software can allow internet access, however can also be very useful by letting these types of programming capability to upgrade it or inform you, let streaming, and have the required solution to the concerns at hand only to name just a few. The UNIX socket is much more secure since there is a requirement for the supervisor to let these types of applications accessibility; this can hamper the software program the pace or performance.

Application Accessibility

Application Availability is definitely a difficult matter while discussing UNIX family operating systems. At 1st look, when a search is operated on the net for UNIX family programs, the search will send back a large number of programs suitable for UNIX/Linux. This might be misleading, in the proven fact that a lot of these programs are far away from being selected and no single install packet is obtainable for several of them.

A lot of these programs don't have a support method, apart from open user boards. This is both the advantage, and the disadvantage, of Open Source programs (Das, 2013). In a lot of instances, an organization would need to get programs which will, individually, tackle various characteristics which would be a part of a closed source software package.

For a lot of companies, the largest challenge of Open Source programs for UNIX /Linux is the set up method. Nearly all of the Open Source programs accessible don't have full set up packages. Installers should get daemons from other resources which will allow the program to work, and after that should manually follow the set up directions. This may become a tiresome procedure, until the organization has a department which focuses on setting up install scripts for the applications.

There are less close source programs compared to Open Source, however there are advantages to the closed source. Closed source organizations turn to have the set up of their items as easy as possible. This lets users, or managers, to put a disk and operate the install with just a few options to state. Closed source software also has a precise assistance method for their items, letting users get in touch with the support team when they face a problem.

Open Source applications that make up the largest part of programs for UNIX family operating systems, are usually just discovered as downloads from the net. This could make it tougher for discretionary companies to get stable and whole programs. Closed source programs can usually be purchased from any application store, either physical store down the street, or online shop on the internet. So long as reliable sources are utilized, each new buying of the program will be the same. Open Source downloads, until taken from the same net source, might be totally different, even when they have got the same name and basic details.

All this considered it is far better, in a company atmosphere to stay with closed source applications which have the support, convenience of set up and convenience of purchase. Until the organization has got its own programming/scripting department, or is prepared to get a team to script the installations, or develop their own programs, a lot of Open Source programs will just mess with the problems. All things considered, it's up to the specific organization in regards to what they are ready for.

User boundary

The UNIX and Windows Networking user interfaces have several commonalities and variations. The first commonality which they share is that both have got a graphical user interface, also referred to as a GUI. The GUIs have commonalities also. Both of the GUIs have got symbols which the user may just click to operate programs or open files. They both make substantial utilization of windows. Windows are rectangular in form and may have a number of symbols. The windows may be altered with a mouse. Methods which a window can be modified are shifting, increasing, decreasing, and recovering. The windows also have menus which let the user to perform a large number of commands. Instances of commands are shut, copy, stick, refresh, remove, and sort by. The 2nd similarity is that both have got a command prompt. Not several users know of the command prompt. The command prompt in both Windows and UNIX can be utilized for a number of jobs. As per, “Utilizing Command Prompt is not only a hangover from the days of the past of PC processing in MS-DOS. Expertise of this interface can help you save considerable time on usual jobs which need a great deal of repeated clicking and window navigation” (2). Rather than opening window after window and simply clicking on many symbols, simply enter in a command and it is completed. The 3rd similarity is the taskbar. Both UNIX and Windows have got a taskbar, even though they vary. The greatest variation is the ‘Start’ switch. The Windows ‘Start’ switch is famous. UNIX has got a switch which does the same job. A final similarity to be talked about is that applications written for just one can't be utilized on another. In case software is written to use with Windows, then it can't be utilized. The opposite is also right; an application written to use with UNIX can't be utilized on Windows. An application, however, might have various types written for both of them.

Just like the Windows networking and UNIX interfaces have got commonalities they likewise have variations. The 1st variation is versatility. The UNIX interface is notoriously versatile. The versatility may be restricted to individual users where the user creates modifications to the interface for much better output. The versatility may also be used to the level of various models being made for specific uses. Windows has got restricted versatility. The user can change their interface and what loads and doesn't load, however the main operations can't be changed. The 2nd variation is the level which the command line may be used. Although both Windows and UNIX have got a command line, far more can be carried out with it in UNIX compared to Windows. In Windows the GUI is how the vast majority of jobs get completed. In UNIX the GUI is totally optional. A PC can't be totally operated by the command prompt in Windows; but a PC might be run totally from the command line with UNIX. A 3rd variation is that various applications have got completely different interfaces. As UNIX is open source and there are a large number of developers writing their own applications, the interface may vary extensively. Windows is proprietary meaning that there are fewer designers and the interface is standardized.

UNIX or MS Windows: The critique

Having all of this information taken together, it's easy to note that there is much more of an “opinion by use” scenario with UNIX. Organizations which wish a network which can be completely managed to the finest detail will see that an UNIX operating system based network is a much better match for their organization over time. The main need for this to achieve success would be qualified managers and designers.

The majority of organizations which find themselves most effective with a UNIX network scheme are the ones which have the sources to get their own programs and packages created as required, or that deal with a firm for example Novell to deliver and service their OS programs.

Das, S. (2013). Your UNIX®/Linux®: The ultimate guide. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Collected from the Internet.
Collected for the Internet. us/results.aspx?form=MSHOME&setlang=en-us&q=UNIX Collected from the Internet.

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