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Thanks for participating in our study to learn “what America talks about!”

The purpose of this diary is to help you remember the conversations you had throughout day. Please feel free to record conversation details next to the corresponding topic below or record information on a separate sheet of paper. Please include face-to-face conversations as well as phone calls, emails, letters, blogs, online chats, instant messages, or any other communications. If a conversation falls into several topic areas, please record the conversation next to each topic that applies. Please try not to change your normal conversation pattern just because you are participating in this study. It doesn’t matter how many or how few conversations you have in these topic areas.

Tomorrow you will receive an invitation to an online survey to collect this information.

General topics | How many conversations by topic | List all companies or brands** mentioned by name | Automotive: Cars, trucks, auto parts, repair, services such as road-side assistance, navigation, etc. | | | Financial Services: Savings/investments, banking, credit cards, insurance of all kinds, money transfer, real estate, etc. | | | Health & Healthcare: Illnesses, drugs/pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, treatments, diets, supplements, vision care/eye wear, etc. | | | Food & Dining: Packaged, fresh & frozen food, snacks, candy, gum, recipes, supermarkets, meal preparation, restaurants, restaurant chains, take-out, pet food, etc. | | | Beverages: Soft drinks, juices, water, coffee, tea, etc. ** If you are of legal drinking age, please also include beverages such as beer, wine, liquor, etc.** | | | Technology: Home or personal electronics, televisions, MP3 players, digital cameras, computer hardware/software, printers, tablets/eReaders, etc. | | | General topics | How many conversations by topic | List all companies or brands** mentioned by name | Telecom: Telephones, cell phones, portable devices, Internet and phone services, etc. | | | Travel Services: Destinations, hotels, airlines, car rental, travel websites, etc. | | | Personal Care & Beauty: Personal care, facial and body cleansing products, make-up/cosmetics, etc. | | | Household Products: Cleaning & laundry products, paper products, minor appliances, cooking equipment, etc. | | | The Home: Furniture, flooring, rugs, major appliances, home accessories, hardware, lighting, remodeling, etc. | | | Children’s Products: Baby and children’s products, toys, educational services, etc. | | | Shopping, Retail & Apparel: Retail stores of all kinds, catalogues, online retailers, price comparison websites, clothing & fashion, jewelry, leather goods, shoes, athletic shoes & apparel, etc. | | | Media & Entertainment: Movies, TV shows and channels, online media, dating websites, radio, magazines, books, newspapers, video games, gaming consoles, live performances, art, etc. | | Give actual names of movies/TV shows/ magazines/video games, etc., where applicable | Sports, Recreation & Hobbies: Sports & recreation equipment, fitness centers, spectator sports (teams, leagues, stadiums), gambling/lottery, personal interests, clubs, pets, games, etc. | | |

**By “brand” we mean the advertised name of a product or service, or the name that appears on a package. In some cases it can also be the name of a movie, TV program, website, magazine, newspaper, person, organization, etc.

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