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What Causes People to Migrate Illegally?

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25 October 2015 What causes people to immigrate illegally? Many reasons are behind people who want to migrate to another place such as, a new life, not happy by the way they are living, wanting a better life for their family, etc. They are a big part in peoples lives for wanting a stable life for them, wanting nothing but the best not just for them but for their families also. First, many who want to migrate also more than likely want to start a new life for themselves. Maybe from a bad experience from how they lived before or just in general. A terrible experience that may have happened to them before like, not being able to pay rent, too dangerous where they are living now, or getting kicked out of their home, has made them realize that they needed to move to another place whether or not it meant migrating illegally. Second, many immigrants want to migrate because of they they never liked how they lived before and that they want to change how they live to better their lives. They want to change it for the better and have it stay that way. Reasons as to why they want to better their lives can be from not having a great childhood growing up where they have lived. They may have lived in poverty where they didn’t always have the money to pay for things and once this opportunity has crossed their minds, they want to strive to make a better life which causes them to migrate. Lastly, immigrants want to migrate to help their family so they can make ends meet, and find a higher paying job to help the family with whatever they need. Families will always do whatever it takes to help the family, they migrate to find a better life, a better job, etc. Migrating illegally benefits most of the people who do so because it helps out a lot for whatever they need to pay for. It also helps them make a better living from where they

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