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What Is Assessment In Counselling

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With the hundreds of screening instruments and assessments tools that exist. There is a specific instrument available to help counselors determine whether further assessment is warranted, the nature and extent of a client’s abuse, whether a client has a mental disorder, what types of traumatic experiences a client has had and what they consequences are and treatment related factors that impact their response to interventions. This TIP makes no recommendations of the tools needed for screening and assessment for women.”” The purpose of screening is to determine whether a female needs the assessment. The focus of the assessment is to collect the detailed information that is necessary for a treatment plan that will …show more content…
They tend to last a bit longer then CBT and counselling. The sessions last along the lines of a year or more and are an hour long. There are several types of psychotherapy but they all have the same goal to help understand yourself and improve relationships and get more out of one’s life. It has been noted that psychotherapy can help with depression and even some eating disorders. This is a outpatient treatment normally done at hospitals or clinics.
Family Therapy works with the whole family. They explore their views and relationships to fully understand any problems the family is having and helps them communicate with each other. Sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour and a half and normally take place several weeks apart.
Relationship counselling this is couples therapy they can help with a crisis in a relationship. The couples talk in confidence to a therapist or counsellor to see what has gone long in the relationship and how it can be changed to make things better. This can lead to helping couples with their need and how to communicate better. It is ideally that both partners should attend the weekly hour long sessions but they at least hope that one person …show more content…
Rather it been with drugs, alcohol, child abuse or even problems with family or married life that any one of the programs can help someone get back on track and having someone to talk to that can help you cope with the problems that are before you can really change someone’s life. I am not sure just a couple sessions in some of them can be helpful for everyone. I feel that people need to overcome their fears and not hold them in. A lot of people think they will be judged by going to speak to someone and that people will think they are crazy. Not everyone can cope with things on their own and life and need the help to get through their fear alone and need the help. A draw back that would need to overcome would be to face your fears head on and talk about what is bothering you relive the stress from your body and in the end there will be so many good

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