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I believe that a person is shaped by their experiences and the people around them. When someone thinks of a person from the Midwest, the person is usually said to have a friendly personality; however, not all experiences or company that is kept is good. For example, an experience in my life that has been very impactful would be considered a tragedy. At a young age, I was forced to grow up and take on the responsibilities of an adult. At the time, I did not see the good in having to carry the burdens of a mother and homemaker, but those lessons I learned, how to wash clothes, clean a house, get a child ready for school, make dinner, will forever be with me. Not just the lesson itself, but how they affected what I thought about and how they made me feel is a part of who I am as a person forever. …show more content…
What makes me smart? When I see myself, I see someone who is aware of their flaws and imperfections and is willing to own up to them. To be aware that I am not considered “foreign” because I don’t “have a little island in me”, or that I don’t have the smooth caramel skin as someone of a lighter complexion is what makes me pretty because I no longer hold myself to the standards of society. I know in my heart that I do not have to be pretty by no one’s standards but my own. Back when I was my only support system, it was only me telling myself how pretty I was. In a small town of, at most, five-hundred people, I was the only dark one. I was taught, in this society, that to be different, was to be ugly. I was sometimes called out of name, racial slurs associated with my color mostly. I just wouldn’t accept that. If I wasn’t pretty in their eyes, I was pretty in my own. To be that aware, to be that sure of myself projects confidence that is felt by every person that is near. That confidence is what makes me pretty and my intelligence is what makes me beautiful. I circle back to the question of “what makes me smart?” At times I struggle in school and even simple tasks

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