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What Is Ethics?


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We, teachers are a model to our students, co-workers and mirror to the community. So with this, teachers should wear good ethics in their life….
What is ethics?
The word ETHICS derived from the greek word ETHOS which means “CHARACTER”. It is “mores” in Latin from which come the word moral and morality. definitions of ethics
• It is the science of the morality of human act.
• The study of man as moral being, one who is rationally able to distinguish being right and wrong.
• It concern with the norms of human behavior. the act of correct living
Ethics is an art… The art of correct living. Some philosophers regards ethics as the only necessary knowledge.

ethics and the Filipino
Filipinos believe in moral integrity as essential to life they also believe in a just society. However, some instances, show moral norms are easily ignored for personal interest. When we speaks of “living standard” we inevitably mean “economic” that is, higher salaries and low prices. Perhaps, we should think more of moral standard as our priority. ethics and religion
Ethics and religion are both concern with moral education. But they are differ from each other, ethics teaches the value of religion, presenting it as a duty of man towards the supreme being. Religion on the other hand, contributes to the development of ethical thought. Thus, religion and ethics complement each other. ethics norms and law
The laws of society sometimes legalizes immoral act, like gumbling and divorce. Also human laws regulate external actions, but not thoughts and feelings. Thinking of rubbing a bank is not a crime until it is attempted. Ethical norms, however, cover thoughts and feelings, so that a person could sin because of what he thinks or desires. According to

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