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Who Ate My Cheese


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Herbert Barrett Tidewater Community College Principles of Management Business 200 Who Ate My Cheese Project Summary December 8, 2013

WHO ATE MY CHEESE Page 1 The story involves four characters, two mice named Scurry and Sniff and two little people named Haw and Hem. In the story all is doing good, because they all have what they need, a big pile of “cheese” that is in a maze and the “cheese” has become the center of their lives. Haw and Hem become content with the cheese and do not notice that it is getting smaller, and one morning it is all gone. They go into a panic since they have built their lives around the cheese they feel betrayed, theft or fraud has happened to them. The mice, Scurry and Sniff upon realizing the same thing accept the fact the cheese is gone and go through the maze looking for more. When you read this book, you will see similar facts about your life. You see that the maze is like our lives and how or where we look for our “cheese”. Each and every day we wake up and navigate the “maze” of our day to day life, feeling lost at times, but we always seem to find our way through it. The decisions we make have a lot of impact on how we achieve our “cheese”. The cheese is what we feel that is needed to fulfill the voids of our lives, money, job, or relationships that will make us feel whole and happy. But, once you find the cheese, is it enough? We seem to always to want more. We become stressed and burned out, the daily grind of life trying to find the “cheese” never seems to end. Some of us become so wrapped up in this

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