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Why Are Books Worth Reading Fahrenheit 451

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Books, Worth less or Priceless?

In Fahrenheit 451 books are illegal, therefore there are fireman in charge of burning them. The main character, Montag, is a fireman. First everything was alright, until his conscience gets in the way. He has a secret that nobody knows, yet…
As I mentioned earlier, books are illegal, it’s as if they were a weapon. The reason this is, is because they reveal information that the ‘government’ doesn’t want them to know. They are said to reveal information about the past, things that would cause controversy, thing that would make the people unhappy. “ A book is a loaded gun”, “People want to be happy”, “Burn the book. Serenity,Montag. Peace, Montag”- Beatty, pg.57.** “So now do you see why books are hated and feared? …show more content…
They are worth writing, not only because you get your thoughts and opinions on paper, but also because you know that what you write can give many people out there the knowledge that you have. The books are also worth reading. The effort and detail that was put into each book is just priceless. There is a reason that that book was written, a reason that it got published. The author didn’t just get that book written one day to the next. The publishers don’t just put anything out there. I believe that books should get more respect, because if you were to see how much was taken to get it to where it is, you would be astonished. “And for the first time I realized that a man was behind each one of the books. A man had to think them up. A man had to take a long time to put them down on paper.” - Montag pg.49.** “ It took some man a lifetime maybe to put some of his thoughts down, looking around at the world and life and then I come along in 2 minutes and boom! It’s all over.”- Montag pg.49.**
In Montag’s society it shows you that books only make people think. In page 54, Beatty was describing that the more activities(like sports and ect.) there are, the less people have to think. It shows you that he thinks that books are really just a waste of time. “More sports for everyone, group spirit, fun, and you don’t have to think, eh? Organize and organize and super organize super-super sports. More cartoons in books. More pictures.

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