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American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade. Ed. Bob Bacthelor. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press 2009. 978-0-313- 34410-7. 4 vol. 1,604p. $375.00. Gr. 9-12.
This four volume set gives students a broad and interdisciplinary overview of the many and varied aspects of pop culture across America from 1900 to the present. The volumes cover the following chronological periods: V 1. 1900-1929, V 2. 1930-1959, V 3. 1960-1989 and Vol. 4. 1990-Present. There is an Introduction for each volume focusing on the major issues during that period. There is a Timeline of events for the decade which gives extra oversight and content to the study of the period and an Overview of each dcade. Chapters focus on specific areas of pop culture (Advertising, Books, Entertainment, Fashion, Food Music and much more) supplemented with sidebars containing stories, photos, illustrations and Notable information. There are endnotes for each decade and a Resource Guide and Index. Volume 4 also contains a Cost of Products from 1900-2000, and an Appendix with Classroom Resources for teachers and students and a Cumulative Index. Students, teachers and the general reader will love sifting through the experiences of Americans as they easily follow the crazes, technological breakthroughs and the experiences of art, entertainment, sports and other cultural forces and events that influenced each generation. Reference– Popular Culture BJ Neary

Anatomy and Physiology: An Illustrated Guide. New York: Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2010. 978-0-7614-7881-2. 192p. $69.95. Gr. 7+.
Following an introductory chapter on cell biology and genetics, this accessible text discusses body systems: circulatory, digestive and excretory, endocrine and exocrine, immune, defense, and lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, and skeleton. The focus is primarily on humans but pertinent examples and information about other animals and the plant world expand the presentation and encourage the reader to compare and contrast human systems to those of other life forms. Well-labeled illustrations and photos add value to this volume. A very worthwhile purchase for middle and high school libraries. Ro Becker

Anderson, Dee. Reading Is Funny! Motivating Kids to Read with Riddles. Chicago: ALA, 2009. 978-0-8389-0957-7. 216 p. $42.00. Gr. 3 up.
Drawing on her experience as a school and public librarian, Dee Anderson, shares a wealth of ideas for using riddles to promote reading, including games and skits, as well as bulletin board and PR ideas. She offers an extensive collection of riddles organized by topics within broad themes. Librarians will especially appreciate the chapters that include riddles related to literacy and book genres. While this book is a sure winner for elementary teachers and librarians, it will also be useful to include in a middle level professional collections. Ro Becker

Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia. Francis P. McManamom, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009. 4 vols. 978- 0-313-33184-8. $499.95.
The volumes in this reference set are divided into regions or areas of North America. Each volume covers essays on various archeological sites and discoveries in those areas. Each volume begins with introductory essays and then moves on to essays about individual sites. Includes maps, black and white photographs, glossary and index. A great introduction to interesting archeological sites and important historical information. Susan Krenicky

Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia. Francis P. McManamom, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009. 4 vols. 978-0- 313-33184-8. $399.96. Gr. 9+.
This four volume set is a comprehensive guide to America’s past as seen through an archaeological lens. The four volumes are divided into eight regions covering the Arctic and Subarctic, the Great Basin and Plateau, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, the North east, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the West Coast. Readers are provided with an overview of archaeological sites as well as articles and books for further research. This set is a valuable addition to the reference collection of an academic high school library. Although, archeology is not typically a subject in most high school curricula, the set offers a surprising wealth of content that may be applied to students’ understanding of such heavily studied periods and topics as Native Americans prior to colonization, exploration, the Revolution, major military events, and industrialization. Nora Neumann and Joyce Valenza

Artists of the American Mosaic Series. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009. 293p. $85.00. Gr. 9+. Jegede, Dele. Encyclopedia of African American Artists. 978-0-313-33761-1.
At first glance, this encyclopedia in the Artists of the American Mosaic series appears to be another dry reference source that no high school student would ever use. The only color in this art book is in the center, where work by 17 of the 66 African American artists is featured. However, after searching Wikipedia and Biography Reference Bank for several of the artists featured in the work, the value of this volume is evident - the authoritative articles provide essential biographical information about the featured artists that is not available elsewhere to the same extent. Bibliographies at the end of each article contain a wealth of additional credible information, and the Places to See list leads the reader to museums and other public places where the artist’s work is held. Pair this source with a Google image search for works by the artist for a comprehensive look at a talented person. Sarah Braxton

Bambaradeniya, Channa et al. The Illustrated Atlas of Wildlife. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2009. 978-0-520- 25785-6. 288p. $39.95. Gr. 7 – 12.
This beautifully illustrated book is a must for any life-science class. The pictures are breathtaking. As an atlas, the book is divided into the different continents of the world. Within those sections is information about the ecosystems and wildlife presents in different areas of the continent. There is an abundance of charts and maps on most pages. A reference section at the end of the book provides specific facts about the different kingdom classifications. There is an extensive glossary at the end of the book. I highly recommend this atlas. Jackie Michelson

Baxter, Kathleen A. and Marcia Agness Kochel. Gotcha Good: Nonfiction Books to Get Kids Excited About Reading. Westport, Libraries Unlimited, 2008. 978-1-59158-654-8. 259 p. $35.
This is a great resource for librarians and teachers looking for thematic book suggestions for students in grades three through eight. Suggested books are published from 2005-2007. Seven chapters include over 50 book talks each for "American Journeys," "People to Know," "Around the World and Through the Ages," "Animals," "Science," "Playing with Words," and "Monsters, Mysteries, Mummies, and Other Quirky Books". Chapters also include author profiles, some book cover images, and a top ten bookmark.
Titles are indexed by both title and author. Professional Michelle Stone

Bernadowski, Carianne and Patricia Liotta Kolencik. Research-Based Reading Strategies in the Library for Adolescent Learners. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2010. 978-1-58683-347-3. 108p. $43.15.
Every educator is a teacher of reading, and the title notwithstanding, this book is geared toward content-area teachers as well as library media specialists. Some of the strategies profiled include QAR, Think Alouds, and SQR3. Each chapter consists of an explanation of a specific strategy, the research which supports it, the nuts and bolts for its implementation, reproducible charts and graphic organizers, ideas for teacher-librarian collaboration, assessment tools and adaptations for ELL and learning-support students. For those who can come to terms with its hefty price tag, the book is recommended for secondary school professional collections.
Professional Patricia Fischer

Bernadowski, Carianne. Teaching Literacy Skills to Adolescents Using Coretta Scott King Award Winners. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 978-1-58683-337-4. $35.00.
This book is a wonderful resource for teachers and librarians. It offers creative ideas and suggestions for writing lesson plans using books that have won the Coretta Scott King Award. Each chapter features an award winning book along with bibliographic information, an annotation, and discussion starters. Literacy strategies to be used during reading and post reading activities are also offered. This book is organized and easy to follow. Recommended Nora S. Neumann

Bouson, J. Brooks, Ed. Critical Insights: The Handmaid's Tale. Salem Press: Hackensack, NJ, 2009. 978-1-5876-5620-0. $85.00. ea. Gr. 9-12.
Each title in the Critical Insights series contains a section about the author and the individual work, a "Critical Context" section of essays written by the publishers, and a "Critical Readings" section of previously published essays. Each essay contains both a notes and works cited page. Each book in the series also contains an extensive index, all of which are invaluable to student researchers.
This novel that deals with dystopian themes has had the benefit of being both a constant bestseller and a critically acclaimed work. Of note for students are articles that deal with feminist themes and those that refer to the political climate of the 1980's. There are also many references linking The Handmaid's Tale to Brave New World, 1984, and Fahrenheit 451. Susan Mowery Britannica’s Student Atlas. Canada: GeoNova Publishing, Inc., 2009. 978-1-59339-841-5. 132p. $37.44. Gr. 5-8.
For the latest in easy to read and understand student atlases, this edition is a must have. The pictures, maps, and diagrams are very helpful along with the tabs along the top of each page, which state each subject is on the page. This makes it easier to navigate through the book. There is also a section on environmental issues for each continent, which is valuable. This is a good purchase for the middle school library. Reference Jill Toye

Broadway: An Encyclopedia of Theatre and American Culture. Thomas A. Greenfield, ed. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 2 vols. 978-0-313-34264-6. $144.00. $144.00. Gr. 8+.
Would you like to know just who Rogers and Hammerstein were? Have you always wondered what the term off Broadway meant? This two volume set answers any question one may have about Broadway from the mid 19th century to the present. This fun and interesting series features nearly 200 entries on an assortment of topics including the innovative productions of Oklahoma, Shuffle Along and The Producers and profiles of folks like Fanny Brice and Paul Robeson. Additional features include essays discussing Broadways impact, a glossary, a timeline, a theatre map, as well as references for further reading. If you have serious theatre kids, this is a most valuable resource for research or browsing. Nora Neumann and Joyce Valenza
Broadway: An Encyclopedia of Theater and American Culture. Thomas A. Greenfield, ed. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 2 vols. 978-0-313-34264-6. $180.00. Gr. 8+.
If you have Broadway fanatics at your school that might choose to write a history paper about any aspect of Broadway, this is a great source. There is a great introduction, including a helpful timeline. The entries are historical as well as analytical. Topics range from musicals to portrayals of minority groups onstage. I especially enjoy the attention paid to the way Asian people were portrayed on stage. When an actor used “yellow face” he took small steps and had painted on slanted eyes. It did not matter if anything was authentic, just that the effect was “Oriental”. Other entries are just as informative. Well done. Also available in e-book format. Reference Toni Vahlsing

Building Fluency Through Reader’s Theater: the 20th Century. Huntington Beach, CA: Teacher Created Materials, 2009. 978-0-7439-0533-6. $349.99. Gr. 4-8. Multimedia Kit.
For middle school classes studying 20th century United States, this kit provides valuable extension activities using reader’s theater as a way to develop oral reading fluency. Included are color coded reader’s theater scripts with roles at differentiated reading levels, CDs with recordings of the spoken script, songs, and poems, and transparencies of song lyrics and poems. Contents include six copies of student booklets covering each of the following topics: Child Labor, Immigration, Women’s Suffrage, World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, Civil Rights, and Cold War. A worthwhile package Ro Becker

Butler, Rebecca T. Smart Copyright Compliance For Schools: A How To Do It Manual. New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, 2009. 978-1555706463. 154p. $95.00 Gr. 7-12 .
This is a very helpful, organized, and concise how-to-do-it manual on copyright law and its application in K-12 education. “Selected Sections of the U.S. Copyright Law” and “Sample Copyright Compliance Training” are highly accessible providing important information for school districts to become copyright compliant. The Tool V: School/School District Copyright Policies gives annotated websites of many varieties of school copyright policies found on the Internet. The Tool VI: Copyright Teaching and Training Materials on the Internet provide annotated web sites for teaching and training materials found on the web. The Tool VIII: Web-Based Copyright Materials gives annotated web sites with copyright information found on the internet. An index is provided.
Professional – Copyright Compliance BJ Neary

Callicot, J. Baird and Robert Frodeman, ed. Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy. Detroit: Gale, 2009. 978-0-02-866139-1. 1027p. $294.00. (2 vols.) Gr. 9+.
Although recommended for college students by most reviewers, this 2-volume set has real value for high school students. The 321 easy-to-find and well-indexed articles by authorities in their fields are not just informative. Each article is a comprehensive and exemplary introduction to a broad topic that falls within the range of environmental ethics. Students who start here for research will have a competitive advantage over peers who Google “Alternative Technology” or “Extinction.” Ecology teachers who start here with research projects will be guaranteed more educated students. Librarians who start here before planning collaborative projects will be prepared to discuss the vast opportunities for learning that this excellent reference presents. Sarah Braxton

Children’s Book of Art. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2009. 978-0-7566-5511-2. 142 p. $24.99. Gr. 6 –adult. This book offers a great overview of art in terms of styles, works, and artists. It really touches on a diverse range of art here in the U.S. as well as around the world. I also love the layout of the book. It talks about an artist’s life, work and style; how the work was created; and shows examples of comparable works. Overall, the book is very impressive, and I can easily see this being a valuable tool in the classroom. Professional. Megan Goodwin, Art teacher, Sandy Run Middle School

Colonial America and the Revolutionary War: The Story of the People of the Colonies, From Early Settlers to Revolutionary Leaders. Pleasant Ridge, MI: Favorable Impressions, 2009. 978-1-931360-34-0. 399p. $49.00 Gr. 4-8
This very easy to read reference book illuminates the early colonial era. Explored in the early colonies are the many migrant groups settled within, their beliefs, family life, their food, their clothing, games and sports, including sections on the Native American tribes and the African-American slaves. Written for younger students studying American history for the first time, the causes of the American Revolution are explored, the important battles fought, and once the war is over, the establishment of the new nation with the writing and ratifying of the U.S. Constitution. Students will discover 28 biographical profiles of important figures, such as Mercy Warren. Each entry ends with a list of websites. There is a glossary and brief biographies, and an Appendix which includes The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and a Timeline of the Revolution and a subject index. Reference– American Revolution, 1775-1783 BJ Neary

Cramer, Alfred W. (ed.). Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century. Pasadena, CA : Salem Press, 2009. 978-1-58765-512- 8. 5 vols. $399.00. Gr. 7+
Exhaustive source for all types of musical research. All genres of music are covered, and artists from Luciano Pavarotti to Ralph Vaughan Williams to Tupac Shakur are highlighted. Excellent supplemental material includes a glossary, chronological and category indices, as well as bibliographic resources. Balanced and up to date, this volume is a must for high school and middle school libraries contemporary music collections. Pat Naismith

Critical Insights: Works Series. Ipswich, MA: Salem Press, 2009. 339p. $84.96. Gr. 8-12. Dracula. 978-1-58765-612-5. 339p. Great Expectations. 978-1-58765-614-9. 312p. A Streetcar Named Desire. 978-1-58765-628-6. 324p.
Each title in this series has received individual care and attention to ensure the essence of the coverage fits the novel. In A Streetcar Named Desire essays were commissioned specifically for this collection, while later on in this resource, existing essays were highlighted. In Dracula great care is given to analysis of the historical context including public reception and response to the novel. In each book, essays, critical contexts, critical readings, biographical sketches, and contributor lists are offered. An impressive work for any teacher studying specific works of literature with their class. In addition to the series provided on literary works, Salem Press has also published a similarly impressive series which focuses on authors. Karen Hornberger

Critical Insights: Authors Series. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010. $85.00 ea. Gr. 8-12. Austenfeld, Thomas. Barbara Kingsolver. 978-1-58765-642-2. 323p. Dickstein, Morris. Robert Frost. 978-1-58765-636-1. 427p. Lynch, Jack. Benjamin Franklin. 978-1-58765-640-8. 320p. Lynch, Jack. Nathaniel Hawthorne. 978-1-58765-604-0. 326p. Riquelme, John Paul. T.S. Eliot. 978-1-58765-606-4. 345p. Stavans, Ilan. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 978-1-58765-634-7. 357p.
Each volume of this series is divided into sections of biographical information, author context and reception, and critical essays. Also included is a chronology of the author’s life, a bibliography of the author’s works, as well as online access to the print material. This is an in-depth series which is well-suited for critical review assignments. Mary Schwander

Cvetkovic, Vibiana Bowman. Ed. Teaching Generation M: A Handbook for Librarians and Educators. New York, Neal- Schuman, 2009. 1-55570-667-8. 368 p. $85.00.
There is large concern in education regarding not only whether millennial tools are being incorporated enough into lessons, but also how we approach the teaching of various tools that are now at our disposal. The editors of this book seek to present thoughtful approaches to planning lessons which incorporate these tools including the pro/con arguments. Chapters include: The Haves and the Have-Nots: Class, Race, Gender, Access to Computers, and Academic Success; Driving Fast to Nowhere on the Information Highway: A Look at Shifting Paradigms of Literacy in the Twenty-First Centure; Expanding our Literacy Toolbox: The Case for Media Literacy; Gen M and the Information Search Process; Gen M: Whose Kids Are They Anyway?; The Wired Life: The Public and Private Spheres of the Gen M Community; Face-to-Face on Facebook: Students Are There…Should We Be?; YouTube and You-Tube-iness: Educating Gen M Through the Use of Online Video; Google and Wikipedia: Friends or Foes?; It’s Not About the Game; Comics Go Digital: The Rise of Webcomics; The Emerging Gen M Ecology: What Will Their World Look Like? Gen M(obile): Learning Applications for Mobile Technology in Higher Education; Technology and Pedagogy: The Best of Both for Gen M Students; Teaching Gen M Through Cooperative Learning; Screencasting: Extending Your Educational Environment; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Google and Wikipedia: Two Classroom Exercises and Some Musings and Trends; Teaching Information Ethics: The Guided Research Paper; Information Literacy vs. Computer Literacy: The First-Year Experience as a Teaching Tool. Karen Hornberger

Daily Life through World History in Primary Documents. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2009. 978-0-313-33898-4. 276p. $323.95. Gr. 8-12.
Solely through primary documents, three volumes comprise this study of daily life: The Ancient World, The Middle Ages and Renaissance, and The Modern World. The first section, arranged chronologically, cover daily life in all major parts of the world. Following the chronological presentation are chapters arranged by domestic life, economic life, intellectual life, material life, political life, recreational life, religious life, and death and the afterlife. This set offers a wonderful opportunity to connect events and settings to daily life in many curricular areas. Karen Hornberger

Daily Life through World History in Primary Documents. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2009. 978-0-313-33898-4. 276p. $323.95. Gr. 8-12.
Three volumes: The Ancient World, The Middle Ages and Renaissance, and The Modern World, present chronologies, overview essays, and a wealth of documents relating to how people lived. Each section covers : domestic life, economic life, intellectual life, material life, political life, recreational life, religious life, and death and the afterlife. Among the goodies: Jewish Laws on Marriage and Families, Sunzi’s Precepts on War, Women’s Dress in the Koran, Ben Franklin on Chess, Morals and Modern Life, and Race, Baseball and Jackie Robinson. This is a treasure trove for history teachers eager to go deeper than their texts. Buy for most high school collections. Joyce Valenza

DeMello, Margo. Feet and Footwear: A Cultural Encyclopedia. Denver, CO: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 0-313-35714-5. 360 p. $95.00.
Everything feet and footwear for this reference! Entries relate to local customs, practices, and beliefs; mythology, folklore, and fairy tales; health and medical issues; types of shoes; famous shoe brands and shoe makers; cultures and subcultures; media and celebritites; and shoe making. Entries are varied yet relatively brief. Karen Hornberger

Dijkstra, Henry, ed. History of the Ancient and Medieval World, Second Edition. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2009. 978-0-7614-7789-1 (set) $499.95 Gr. 8-12. Set Contents Volume 1: The First Civilizations , Volume 2: Western Asia and the Mediterranean; Volume 3 Ancient Greece; Volume 4: The Roman Empire; Volume 5: The Changing Shape of Europe; Volume 6: The early Middle Ages in Western Asia and Europe; Volume 7: Southern and Eastern Asia; Volume 8: Europe in the Middle Ages; Volume 9: Western Asia, Northern Europe, and Africa in the Middle Ages; Volume 10: The Passing of the Medieval World; Volume 11: Index
This set of 11 volumes traces the rise of civilization to medieval times in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The set is arranged chronologically. Each volume follows a specific geographical area within a certain time period. Each has an index, timeline, glossary, list of major historical figures and an extensive of sources, both print and online. The set is rich is illustration – photographs, maps, and paintings. Each chapter is further clarified with the numerous text boxes, sidebars and timelines. Volume 11 contains an overall index to the set along with thematic indexes. All in all the set gives the reader a thorough understanding of each of the cultures and time periods. It will be a valuable resource for social studies and cultural enrichment. Jeannie Bellavance

Donham, Jean. Enhancing Teaching and Learning : A Leadership Guide for School Library Media Specialists. 2nd ed. rev. New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, 2008. 978-1-55570-647-0. 353p. $65.00 Gr. 7-12 .
This updated version deals with the many changes in education and the library media field and urges library media specialists to take a proactive role in information literacy instruction in the school library and the students’ needs. The librarian is a collaborator and “strategic” leader with the teachers and the students’ curriculum. This book shows how to develop a great library media program in any school and deals with all aspects of the school environment in each section. Further Reading, Author Index and Subject Index are provided. Professional – School Libraries BJ Neary

Early Peoples. Chicago: World Book, 2009. 978-0-7166-2127-0. 16 vol. 64p. ea. $439.00. Gr. 4-6.
This set includes the following titles: Africans of the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Empires; Ancient Egyptians; Ancient Greeks; Ancient Romans; Australian Aborigines; The Aztec; Chinese of the Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties; The Inca; Indians of Eastern North America; Indians of the Northwest Coast and Plateau; Indians of the Plains and Great Basin; Indians of the Southwest; The Maori; The Maya; Peoples of the Arctic and Sub Arctic; and The Polynesians. Topics in each volume cover the history, decline, daily life, technology, religion, government and the arts of the civilization. Each topic has a colorful two page spread that includes photos, maps, timelines, inset boxes and text organized for easy navigation. Each title includes a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Michelle Stone

Ellis, Brian. Content Area Reading, Writing and Storytelling : A Dynamic Tool for Improving Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum through Oral Language Development. Westport, CT : Teacher Ideas Press (Libraries Unlimited), 2009. 978-1-59158-701-9. 255 p. $35.00. Professional.
A collection of easy-to-learn stories for different learning styles, each with detailed lesson plans, organized by content area, with cross-curricular notations. The strongest section promotes the use of primary source materials, especially personal narratives, to teach social studies concepts. The aim of the collection is to teachers use storytelling, reading, and writing in all content areas, and increase reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Pat Naismith

Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs. Chicago: American Association of School Librarians, 2009. 978-0-8389-8519-9. 64 p. $39.00.
These updated guidelines will steer school librarians to meet the needs of 21st century learners. This book is a must-have for all school library media programs. Ro Becker

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today. Edith Wen-Chu Chen & Grace J. Yoo (eds.) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 2 vols. 978-0-313-34749-8. $152.77. Gr. 8+.
This unique two volume set focuses on what it means to be Asian American today. Issues that affect Asian Americans as a group along with issues that affect the various subgroups are examined. These books are divided into sections that include diversity and demographics, education, health, identity, immigrants, refugees and citizenship. This clearly written and comprehensive guide to the Asian American community in our country is a useful and vital resource for any academic library. Buy especially for high schools serving Asian-American communities. Joyce Valenza and Nora Neumann.

Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology. Bruce E. Johansen. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 2 vols. 978-0-313-37702-0. $175.00. Gr. 10+.
Many scientists agree that global warming is real and caused by the earth’s population. This approachable and comprehensive two-volume set addresses a wide range of issues related to global warming. Topics include oceanography, geophysics, glaciology, soil science and more. Books are organized alphabetically with a topical guide and detailed index. Further reading lists and a comprehensive bibliography are included in this interesting and worthwhile reference. Buy for most high school collections. Nora Neumann and Joyce Valenza

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today. Santa Barbara: Greenwood Press, 2009. 978-0-313-34749-8. 2 vols. $180.00.
Presents information about contemporary Asian Americans and their experiences and issues in the United States. Broad categories or thematic areas covered include: Diversity and Demographics, Economy and Work, Education, Immigration, Health, Law, Politics, etc. Specific Asian American ethnic groups are also presented. A bibliography and index are included. An excellent reference tool for high school students. Susan Krenicky

Encyclopedia of Health. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2010. 978-0-7614-7845-4. 18 vol. $359.95. Gr. 5-12.
Researchers will appreciate this updated version of the Encyclopedia of Health which includes an alphabetical arrangement of a wide array of highly readable articles related to five major subjects: body; diet and nutrition; human behavior; illness, injury, and disorders; and prevention and cure. Attractive, student-friendly volumes with understandable text, charts, diagrams, and Q and A sidebars as well as color-coding according to major subjects all add to the serviceability of this set. Volume 18 includes detailed first aid information, general and thematic indices, a glossary, and additional sources of information, i.e. hotlines, organizations, and websites. A valuable addition to most middle and high school libraries where updated information is needed. Ro Becker

The Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars. 3 vols. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 978-1-85109-951-1. 993p. $295.00. Gr. 7-12.
This 3-volume set discusses the political, social, and military history of these wars, including the ramifications of each event for the future of the United States. The articles contain introductions followed by essays, information from primary sources, and much more, as they cover the events, people, and situations in this important time in U.S. History. Black-and-white charts, graphs, maps, photographs, and portraits enhance the text. Accompanying each article are suggestions for further research and reading. The volumes are well-indexed, and have a list of entries at the front of each volume as well as several general maps. This is an excellent and thorough look about times in U.S. History that are often forgotten despite their history-changing impact on our country. Reference Nancy Chrismer

Environmental Science in Context. Brenda Wilmoth Lerner and K. Lee Lerner, eds. 2 vols. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, 2009. 2 vols. 1414436173. $257.00. Gr. 9+.
This thoughtful and thorough A-Z coverage of major topics relating to our environment is also attractively designed. Side boxes include glossary terms (words to know), in-context quotes, and background content. Primary sources are scattered throughout. Articles, ranging from two to five pages, include introductory materials, historical background and scientific foundations, impacts and issues, and primary sources connections, and additional resources. While many of the entries presented comprehensive coverage, I wished that some were a little more thorough. For instance, the article on deforestation was barely three pages. Nevertheless, this will be a valuable reference source for many high school collections. Joyce Valenza

Evans, Robert. Ed. Critical Insights: The Joy Luck Club. Salem Press: Hackensack, NJ, 2009. 9 78-1-5876-5620-0. $85.00. ea. Gr. 9-12.
Each title in the Critical Insights series contains a section about the author and the individual work, a "Critical Context" section of essays written by the publishers, and a "Critical Readings" section of previously published essays. Each essay contains both a notes and works cited page. Each book in the series also contains an extensive index, all of which are invaluable to student researchers.
This new critical text provides an overview of the novel, its reception and reasons why critics now consider The Joy Luck Club a modern classic. Of note is the new article, The Interplay of Unity and Diversity in ... and in the Hours by Neil Helms. Although these two novels deal with different themes, the use of style and characterization to delve into the lives of many characters is strikingly similar. Students will also find the article, Feng Shui, Astrology, and the Five Elements...interesting reading when researching this novel. Susan Mowery

Ferrara Herbert, Miranda (ed.). Human Diseases and Conditions. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, 2010. 978-0-6843- 1238-5. $340.00. Human Diseases and Conditions is an extremely comprehensive four volume encyclopedia of health. It is written by physicians who have done an excellent job of communicating complex information. It is easily understandable for middle school students to adults. Material is presented in an A to Z fashion including topics pertinent to young people such as acne and internet addiction. Each section concludes with a resource list that includes books, articles, relevant organizations and their websites. This is a highly recommended and unique resource for the middle school or high school library. Paul Neumann

Finkelman, Paul and James A. Percoco. Milestone Documents of American Leaders: Exploring the Primary Sources of Notable Americans. Dallas, TX: Schlager Group, 2009. 385.00. 978-0-9797758-5-7. 2300p. Gr. 9+.
This compilation of important primary source documents in United States history is an excellent resource both for teachers in the classroom and student research. The documents cover primarily political and legal subjects and are organized by author. The documents provide meaningful insights into what these authors were thinking in a manner that teachers can effectively use in the classroom and students can understand on their own for research projects and papers. Each section has a background overview to help provide context for the documents, five or more documents by each author, textual clues for student understanding and strong leads for further reading and research. Reference Jeff MacFarland

Fisher, David G. and Richard R. Erickson, ed. The Solar System. 2 vol. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010.
This updating of the 1998 set covers the demoting of Pluto to a dwarf planet, space discoveries that have changed the definition of what is a planet, and adding 58 new articles dealing with exoplanets, COROT-Exo-7b, the closest thing to an Earth-sized planet, and much more. Revision of the other articles, make this a worthwhile addition to your collection. Space, Solar System Sandra Krieg

Foderman, Doug and Marje Monroe. Safe Practices for Life Online. Eugene, OR: ISTE, 2009. 978-1-5646-4248-0. 241 p. $29.95. Safe Practices for Life Online, by Doug Fodeman & Marje Monroe is a great resource for teachers and librarians, for themselves and for their students. It contains a great deal of practical information for teenagers and adults about protecting one's privacy online, avoiding identity theft, communicating online via IM and social network sites, evaluating ads, and recognizing scams. Each chapter ends with numerous short exercises and additional resources that could be used in classrooms, advisory groups, or at home. Checking some of the web resources, I found two youtube resources "removed by the user", but other web resources, even though dated, were available. Megan Connolly, Head of Technology, The Haverford School

Frey, Rebecca J. UXL Encyclopedia of Diseases and Disorders. Detroit : Gale, 2009. 5 vols. 978-1-4144-3065-2. 5 vols. $330.00. Gr. 9+
This five volume set is a phenomenal reference for diseases and disorders. Each highly readable volume begins with a list that categorizes the origin of the disease or disorder as genetic, infectious, injury, multiple, other or unknown. Individual entries are characterized by icons that tell the reader to which category the disease belongs. A glossary is located at the beginning of each volume, and glossary words specific to a disease are repeated with individual entries. All disease entries provide information for symptoms, causes, diagnoses and treatments as well as demographics. Each entry ends with a section providing more information resources such as books, periodicals and websites. In addition to all of this wonderful information, photographs and diagrams are plentiful. This is a highly valuable reference source that every high school library will want for student projects in health and science. Volume 5 includes a detailed index and directory of organizations. Jackie Michelson and Joyce Valenza

Frey, Rebecca J. UXL Encyclopedia of Diseases and Disorders. Detroit : Gale, 2009. 5 vols. 978-1-4144-3065-2. 5 vols. $330.00. Gr. 9+
One of the best disease resources to come out in recent years, this set of 5 volumes provides over 200 entries, describing various diseases and disorders, complete with information on symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Pat Naismith

Frye, Steven, ed. Critical Insights: The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. California: Salem Press, 2010. 978-1-58765-616-3. 300p. $85.00 Gr. 8+ Critical Insights: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe is written as a historiographic analysis of many of the written works and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Covering everything from psychoanalytic reviews of Poe’s personality to his literary additions to popular culture, Steven Frye looks at all different aspects of Edgar Allan Poe’s life and his work. This book offers a reader an insight into the complex and dark world that helped Edgar Allan Poe create many of his masterpieces. Brian Skelly, History teacher, THS

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature. 4 vols. Detroit: Gale Cengage Learning, Inc. 2009. 978-1-4144-3130-7. 1,729p. $520.00 Gr. 9-12.
This first edition wowed my English Department! Many modern, contemporary authors like Sherman Alexie, Laurie Halse Anderson, Kate DiCamillio, Khaled Hosseini, Sue Monk Kidd, Jon Krakauer, and Art Spiegelman, have been added to name just a few. For each author, there is an entry that includes an author fact box, an overview, and a discussion of their works in biographical and historical context, in literary context, in critical context and responses to literature which give questions relating to the topics and themes in the works. Teachers can point out to students, Literary and Historical Contemporaries, which lists and describes other famous authors during this time period, and Common Human Experience, uses the universal themes captured in their works and examines them in other listed texts. This in-depth look at American Literature features a Glossary of Literary Terms and an Index as well as a Nationality/Ethnicity Index. This is highly recommended for student’s research on placing “authors in biographical, historical, literary and critical context.” Reference– American Literature BJ Neary

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature. Detroit: Gale Cengage Learning, Inc. 2009. 4 vols. 978-1414431307. 1,729p. $520. 00. Gr. 9-12.
This 4-volume set offers a “comprehensive view of how an author’s work fits within the context of the author’s life, historical events, and the literary world.” The term writer is interpreted broadly. It covers bestselling and authors of classics and it also reaches beyond those studied in English classes to include individuals (like Abigail Adams, Cotton Mather, and John F. Kennedy) whose writings stood the test of time. A number of young adult authors are also included, for instance, Laurie Halse Anderson. Entries are divided into three parts—works in biographical and historical context, works in literary context, and works in critical context. Also included: a chronology, glossary, general and nationality/ethnicity indexes. AP English will love it! Joyce Valenza

Gall, Timothy L. Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. Detroit: Gale, Cengage Learning, 2009. 978-1-4144- 4882-4. 5 vols. $551.00. Gr. 7+
Revised edition of the 1998 four-volume set, this new edition has added a fifth volume, and revised and/or added about 500 entries, exploring many aspects of cultures as diverse at Catalans (Spain) to Tuvans (Russia). Language, religion and rites of passage are included, in addition to historical and political information. Idiomatic expressions, recipes and poems are among the many supplement bits of information provided for each cultural group, An extensive index includes not only the group, but also indexes by country of origin. A very useful resource for research on obscure, and more mainstream,cultural groups. Pat Naismith

Gelb, Joyce and Palley, Marian, Lief, eds. Women and Politics Around the World: A Comparative History and Survey. 2 vols. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 978-1-85109-988-7. $210.60 (set). Gr. 9-12.
This is a comprehensive look at the role of women in political systems around the globe. In two volumes, the set examines individual issues such as women’s rights and their political status, as well as the gender structure of individual countries. This is a great resource for students researching international female leaders or the plight of women’s rights around the world. Mary Schwander

Genovese, Michael A. Encyclopedia of American Government And Civics. New York: Facts on File, 2009. 978-0-8160-6612-2. $250.00. 1162p. Gr. 10-12.
This three volume set is a very comprehensive set of encyclopedias. Volume 1 includes the Foundations and Background of U.S. Government, Civil Rights and Civic Responsibilities, and Political Participation. Volume 2 contains information on the three branches of Government and Volume 3 contains Public Policy, State and Local Government, and International Politics and Economics. There are signed essays that contain further reading suggestions, which are very useful. Important documents, such as the Declaration of Independence are included in this set. The index is very helpful as there is a tremendous amount of information in these books. This set would be an extremely valuable resource to have in the high school library. Reference. Jill Toye

Global Chronology of Conflict from the Ancient World to the Modern Middle East. Spencer C. Tucker, ed. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 6 vols. 1851096671. $395.00. Gr. 9+.
From the battle of Thermopylae through the Cold War and the Nuclear Age, these six volumes, arranged by era, comprehensively cover world historical conflict. Each volume offers a detailed chronology with an overview essay, profiles of leaders, and discussion of the available weapons. Black and white illustrations include portraits, maps, and photographs. Glossary and index. Students of history will appreciate this unique coverage, careful research, and thoughtful analysis. Perfect for academic high school collections. Joyce Valenza

Genovese, Michael A. Encyclopedia of the American Presidency. New York: Facts on File, 2009. 978-0-8160-7366-5. $95.00. 606p. Gr. 9-12.
This comprehensive encyclopedia is a must have for your library. It includes the United States Presidents listed alphabetically along with any other terms that begin with the corresponding letter. For example, under “P”, there is information on Sarah Palin, parliamentary reforms, John Polk and the Persian Gulf War, just to name a few. The information in this book is extensive. Many of the entries also include suggested further reading. There is a thorough, comprehensive index included. It is a surprisingly, readable reference book. Reference. Jill Toye

Gorman, Michele and Tricia Suellentrop. Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual. 4th ed. New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, 2009. 978-15557066540. 389p. $85.00 Gr. 9-12 .
Connecting Teens continues with the passion, enthusiasm and commitment to teens of the previous editions. If you don’t have this book yet, order it now! There is a new important chapter on Information Literacy and this manual does a great job providing in-depth information and tools on library service to young adults in schools and public libraries. Chapters include understanding the YA audience, providing the best service possible, the right kind of collection (books and technology), booktalks, partnership, programming, and issues in young adult services. This manual shines a spotlight on best practices and explores the exciting opportunities for change and growth taking place. There is an accompanying CD providing even more forms for meeting the needs of the young adult library user. Includes a glossary and index. Professional – Young Adults’ Libraries BJ Neary

Harlan, Mary Ann, David V. Loertscher, and Sharron L. McElmeel. Young Adult Literature and Multimedia: A Quick Guide. Spring, TX: Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2009. 978-1933170-44-2. 146p. $30.00.
For a comprehensive overview of contemporary literature and multimedia for teens, this book is a winner. The content is rich in background information on teen reading interests and habits, lists of authors, books by genre and award, online trends, music, video games, movies, magazines, and the arts. In addition, lists for boys, girls, reluctant readers are included. A goldmine! Ro Becker

Harris, Richard A. and Daniel J. Tichenor (eds.). A History of the U. S. Political System: Ideas, Interests and Institutions. Santa Barbara, CA : ABC-CLIO, 2010. 978-1-85109-713-5. 3 vols. $295.00. Gr. 9+
Nearly 200 primary source documents form the core of this history of US politics. Essays look at the influence of major events and political institutions, and each era is examined from the perspective of important political issues. An extensive index supplements the volume. An informative source for political research. Pat Naismith

Harvey, Carl A. II. The 21st Century Elementary Library Media Program. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 978-1-5868-3381- 7. $35.00.
This book is an excellent resource for beginning media specialists as well as seasoned veterans looking to expand their repertoire of 21st century skills. Harvey divides the book into chapters that cover all of the various aspects of the day-to-day operations, including administration and instruction, of the library media center. He includes a works cited list at the end of each of these chapters and a link to his wiki which includes further resources on the chapter topic. The inclusion of the wiki is a perfect tie-in to 21st century skills. Harvey also adds forms and templates which may be customized to fit the user’s needs. Most helpful are the real-life examples of blogs, wikis, and podcasts Harvey includes in Appendix C. The 21st Century Elementary Library Media Program is a perfect example of a source that is easily readable highly relevant, and most valuable for library media specialists at all stages of their careers. Nora Neumann

Heath, Marilyn. MLA Made Easy: Citation Basics for Beginners. Santa Barbara, CA: Linworth Publishers, 2010. 978-1- 58683-343-5. 212p. $39.95 Gr. 9-12.
Connecting Teens continues with the passion, enthusiasm and commitment to teens of the previous editions. If you don’t have this book yet, order it now! There is a new important chapter on Information Literacy and this manual does a great job providing in-depth information and tools on library service to young adults in schools and public libraries. Chapters include understanding the YA audience, providing the best service possible, the right kind of collection (books and technology), booktalks, partnership, programming, and issues in young adult services. This manual shines a spotlight on best practices and explores the exciting opportunities for change and growth taking place. There is an accompanying CD providing even more forms for meeting the needs of the young adult library user. Includes a glossary and index. Professional – Bibliographical Citations BJ Neary

Heath, Marilyn. MLA Made Easy: Citation Basics for Beginners. Santa Barbara, CA: Linworth Publishers, 2010. 978-1- 58683-343-5. 212p. $39.95 Gr. 9-12.
This book is a valuable resource for those who are not familiar with the MLA style. Instructions followed by examples are given on how to cite many common sources such as reference books and online databases. Information is divided into three parts: how to create citations for the works cited page, parenthetical documentation and research paper formatting. Suggestions and examples are included in this easy to follow, understandable resource. All information is current and based on the 2009 revision of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Recommended Nora S. Neumann

Hicks, Kelli L., ed. Rourke’s Complete History of Our Presidents Encyclopedia. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Publishing, 2009. 978-1060694-293-2. 14 vols. 64 p. ea. $399.95. Gr. 3-8.
This set gives a good overview of our presidents including President Obama. Each of the first 13 volumes covers two to three presidents. Volume 14 contains report writing tips, a list of the vice-presidents and first ladies, Electoral College map, current state information, a glossary and a cumulative index. Individual volumes have an introduction to the time period, a timeline for all presidents, a list of the presidents, a volume index, and a list for further reading. In addition to biographical information for each president and first lady, articles discuss major initiatives, legislation, and foreign policy matters. The article for George W. Bush discusses the 2000 election, education reform, energy policy, September 11, and the War on Terror. There are numerous pictures, side bars and some analysis of the major factors affecting each presidency.
This set will suit a range of levels. Younger students will find basic facts while older students will be able to explore each the president in the context of his time. Jeannie Bellavance

History of the U.S. Political System: Ideas, Interests, and Institutions. Richard A. Harris and Daniel J. Tichenor, eds. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 3vols. 1851097139. $295.00. Gr. 10+.
Your teachers of government and political science will love this! A combination of original essays and documents, from the adoption of the Constitution till today, the set covers the evolution of the American political system in a way no other reference source in your collection does. Volume One examines issues. Volume Two is a historical survey of politics, covering parties, elections, interest groups, social movements, the media and public opinion, policy-making, domestic policy, foreign policy. Vol. Three: collects a rich variety of Critical Documents by Historical Eras. This is a unique and valuable approach that will be especially welcome by AP History and Government teachers. Buy for most academic high school collections. Joyce Valenza

Inside Ancient China Series. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Focus, 2009. 978-0-7656-8165-2. 80p. $174.75 $34.95. Gr. 6-10. Croy, Anita. Art and Architecture. 978-0-7656-8167-6. Croy, Anita. Everyday Life. 978-0-7656-8170-6. Morrison, Alastair. Government and Society. 978-0-7656-8166-9. Strapp, James. Science and Technology. 978-0-7656-8169-0. Whitfield, Susan. Philosophy and Writing. 978-0-7656-8168-3.
The visually appealing Inside Ancient China series will entice students to browse and will serve as a starting point for research. A broad range of topics is covered lightly giving students a taste of a wide sampling of Chinese culture and contributions. Books are clearly written and will be understandable to most students. The many art reproductions and illustrations are well-captioned and informative; sidebars highlight noteworthy information that may encourage further investigation (e.g. The Silk Road, The Gardens of Suzhou, Chinese Dragons, Empresses). Each book begins with the same three elements: a two-paragraph introduction to China, a chart listing dynasties, and a map that includes both present day and ancient points of interest. Each ends with information specific to the book’s topic: a glossary of names and a second glossary listing key terms, a “Learn More About” section listing books and websites, and an index. A useful resource. Ro Becker

Inside Ancient China Series. Armonk, NY: Sharp Focus, 2009. 978-0-7656-8165-2. 80p. $174.75 $34.95. Gr. 6-10. Croy, Anita. Art and Architecture. 978-0-7656-8167-6. Croy, Anita. Everyday Life. 978-0-7656-8170-6. Morrison, Alastair. Government and Society. 978-0-7656-8166-9. Strapp, James. Science and Technology. 978-0-7656-8169-0. Whitfield, Susan. Philosophy and Writing. 978-0-7656-8168-3.
This five volume set covers interesting topics in Ancient Chinese history. The color photos, beautiful illustrations and attractive layout make this a good set for browsing. Many of the articles are very brief, so students doing reports will need additional resources. Each volume includes a “glossary of names,” general glossary, and an index. Michelle Stone

Johansen, Bruce. The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology. Santa Barbara: Greenwood Press, 2009. 978-0-313-37702-0. 912p. $175.00 (2 vols.). Gr. 9+.
This extensive collection covers the science and technology of issues that are related to global warming. Over 250 entries cover topics ranging from “Acidity and Rising Carbon-Dioxide Levels in the Oceans” to “Worldwide Climate Linkages.” The Guide to Related Topics organizes entries into useful groups such as Oceans and Seas-Plant and Animal Life; People; Scientific Issues; and Solutions. Each 1 - 5 page entry includes a list of resources for further reading. The 2000+ sources used by Johansen are listed in volume 2 and represent a vast, broad set from the scientific community. Johansen accomplishes his goal of bringing historical and current scientific information about global warming to non-scientists. High school students who use this source will benefit from Johansen’s accomplishment. Sarah Braxton

Johnson, Doug. School Libraries Head For The Edge: Rants, Recommendations, and Reflections. Santa Barbara, CA: Linworth Publishers, 2009. 978-1-58683-392-3. 197p. $40.00. Gr. 9-12.
Everyone knows Doug Johnson from his many articles, columns, and blog (Blue Skunk) that asks, cajoles, and charges librarians to change, embrace web 2.0 and technology, and add some humor to this new world of digital and information literacy. The great thing about this book is that his rants, recommendations and reflections date back to1995, yet they seem like they were written just yesterday! He is thankful for the comments, criticisms (yes, criticisms!!!) and praise from his readers, and fellow librarians. I highly recommend this book to librarians, it is a must read, fun, and enlightening about the benefits of the latest trends, web 2.0, and technology from the director of media and technology at I.S. D. Mankato (Minnesota) Public Schools. I have so many sticky notes on the pages, this book looks like a porcupine! Professional – School Libraries BJ Neary

Johnson, Mary J. Primary Source Teaching the Web 2.0 Way. Santa Barbara, CA: Linworth Books, 2009. 978-1-58683-335-0. 148p. $39.95 Gr. 9-12.
This slim, but rich in content, book reaches out to the whole spectrum of educators with the many ways web 2.0 tools can be used to teach historical content in primary sources. Primary sources are broken into text, historic newspapers, photographs and other images, maps, sound and film, artifacts and ephemera. The analysis worksheets provide clear instructions and encourage students to evaluate visual material and show many great, new, ways to incorporate web 2.0 in the classroom in a meaningful way. My Social Studies teachers can’t wait to try Historic Advertisements Statistics Form, Focus on Citizen Journalism, Map Analysis Worksheet, and Focus on VoiceThread. The Appendix contains A Selective Bibliography of Digital Collections by State. A highly recommended, reasonable and valuable purchase for all libraries! Professional – Web 2.0 BJ Neary

Johnson, Mary J. Primary Source: Teaching the Web 2.0 Way K-12. Columbus, OH: Linworth, 2009. 978-1-58683-335- 0. 148p. $39.95. This book is a great source for educators for ideas of how to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into their curriculum with a specific focus on the use of primary sources. Many on-line sources to this end are provided, though they vary in their ease of use, which may ultimately affect the grade level for which they are used. The first third of the book provides a thorough explanation of primary source teaching, a justification for 21st century learning, and a plan for melding the two. Each subsequent chapter is similarly organized and focuses on one type of primary source: newspapers, photographs, maps, sound & film, artifacts & ephemera. Also provided are lists of on-line resources, ideas for incorporation, and analysis worksheets. A great book for educators invested in transforming their classrooms in 21st century environments. David Newdeck, Springfield Township Middle School

Jones, Ella W. Start-to-Finish YA Programs: Hip-Hop Symposiums, Summer Reading Programs, Virtual Tours, Poetry Slams, Teen Advisory Boards, Term Paper Clinics, and More! New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. 2009. 978-1-5557- 0601-2. 218p. $75.00.
Even before this review was written, five pink tabs stuck out of key sections for follow-up. Loaded with lots of ideas, this book is for school and public library media specialists who want to deliver appealing and current programs to teens who long for a special place that will fill their needs to learn and to socialize. Jones highlights the emerging role of the teen media specialist who acknowledges the interests of adolescents with programs such as a DJ Workshop, a Homework and Research Seminar, Poetry Slam,
Teen Idol Night, etc. Each program comes with program goals, specific plans, ways to market the program and accompanying materials. Also included are evaluation forms. This is a must buy for teen librarians who earnestly wish to appeal to students and lure them in with events that they will both enjoy and value. Susan Mowery

Kellman, Steven G. Ed. Magill's Survey of World Literature. (6 vols.) Hackensack, NJ. 978-1-5876-5431-2. (set) $499.00. Gr. 9+.
This revised edition of Magill's Survey of World Literature provides literary criticism material on 380 authors appropriate to most high school curricula. The editors added 87 additional authors including Douglas Adams, Roald Dahl, Seamus Heaney, Ian McEwan and J.K. Rowling to name a few. A new feature to this edition is a sidebar in each essay that includes "Discussion Topics." There is ample biographical and analytical information for each author with all of the material evaluated by the editors for its current relevance. Although much of this material is online, this collection will provide the quality material students need to complete their author and literary criticism research including those in-demand authors of diverse cultures. Susan Mowery

Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth and K. Lee Lerner, Eds. Environmental Science: In Context. (2 vols.) Detroit: Gale Publishers. 2009. 978-1-4144-3618-0. $257.00. Gr. 9-adult.
This two volume set on environmental science from the In Context Series aims to provide in-depth essays on an array of current topics aimed specifically at the high school level. Each individual environmental topic provides an introduction, historical and scientific background, and a section on issues and impacts. The text is highly readable with color illustrations, a "words to know" box, and a bibliography of articles and list of websites. From topics such as "Aviation Emissions" to "Media: Environmentally Based News and Entertainment “ students will find a variety of topics for their research assignments. Also included are sections on Primary Documents, a Glossary and a Chronology. This set will easily assist students with their environmental studies research. Susan Mowery

Lifelines in World History. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2009. 978-0-7656-8125-6. 4-vol. $299.00. Gr. 7-12.
The four volumes in this attractive set, The Ancient World, The Medieval World, The Early Modern World, and The Modern World, present biographical sketches of influential individuals by historical time period. While each volume includes only seventeen to twenty-one 5-8 page biographies (e.g. Modern World includes Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Mohandas Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, and Golda Meir), the “Culture Connection” and “Words from Their Time,” sections add interesting and unique information to each article. The set’s emphasis on the “interplay between individuals and political, economic, and social circumstances” will lead readers to consider the complex forces that have created history. Ro Becker

Mammal Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide. New York: Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2010. 978-0-7614-7882-9. 287p. $69.95. Gr. 7+.
This attractive reference book discusses fourteen representative mammals, including humans, to illustrate a diverse range of mammal anatomy. It clearly explains the characteristics, functions, and adaptations of body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory/respiratory, digestive/excretory and reproductive) and effectively compares and contrasts the mammals discussed. Well-labeled illustrations and photos add value to this volume. Includes glossary, index, and book and Internet resource lists.
Highly recommended. Ro Becker

Martin, Barbara Stein and Marco Zannier. Fundamentals of School Library Media Management: A How-to-do-it-Manual. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. 2009. 978-1-5557-0656-2. $59.95.
This new guide to school library media center management promises to cover all aspects of library services to schools and it delivers. Clearly organized in seven parts, the book reviews topics such as The Basics, the role of administrator, information specialist, and teacher; and final sections on evaluation, policies, and an extensive directory of essential resources rounds out the volume. Martin and Zannier have packed this workable handbook with usable worksheets, diagrams, and screen captures making the new job of school librarian easy to comprehend. They acknowledge the ever-changing role of the school media specialist and include all aspects of the job. Also a good quick update for seasoned librarians, this review should come in handy to answer those quick questions that pop up in the listservs. Susan Mowery

Masterplots II: African American Literature. 4 vols. Padasena, CA: Salem Press, Inc. 2009. 978-1-58765-438-1. 2,160p. $404.00. Gr. 9-12.
This updated edition contains four volumes with 101 new essays, that cover titles from the Eighteenth Century through the year 2007. All works of literature are in alphabetical order by title and essays give the type of work (novel, play, short story, poetry collection, memoir or autobiography, work of cultural criticism or historical text) with a plot summary, the characters, themes and meanings, critical context and a bibliography. Indexes are provided at the end of Volume 4; the Type of Work Index groups works by genre; the Title Index and the Author Index. What I really enjoyed was the Electronic Resources that listed databases and websites and the Chronological List of Titles. Ishmael Beah’s Memoir, Long Way Gone was a superior essay on child soldiers in the Sierra Leone civil war and Sharon Draper’s Battle of Jericho provides information on the effect of peer pressure in high school. A definite addition to any library! Reference– African American Literature BJ Neary

McElmeel, Sharon L. Picture That! From Mendel to Normandy: Picture Books and Ideas, Curriculum and Connections—for 'Tweens and Teens. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO, 2009. 978-1-59158-588-6. 241p. $35.00 Gr. 4-12.
McElmeel presents an articulate, enticing way to make connections with middle and high school students by using picture books “as a valuable addition to the resources for building knowledge and schema about a topic.” Used in classrooms and literature related activities, titles and authors are offered to teachers as a “seed for the development of lesson plans to complement units of study already in place.” Each of sixty-two books are covered in chapters including an Annotation, Curriculum Link, Background, Extension Ideas and Books to Explore. In addition, there is a Quick List of Picture Books For Your Classroom /Library including 180 titles, lots of great ideas for science, history and other areas of the curriculum! Nonfiction – Reference/Professional BJ Neary

Mickle, Mildred R. Ed. Critical Insights: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Salem Press: Hackensack, NJ, 2009. 978-1-5876- 5624-8. $85.00. ea. Gr. 9-12.
Each title in the Critical Insights series contains a section about the author and the individual work, a "Critical Context" section of essays written by the publishers, and a "Critical Readings" section of previously published essays. Each essay contains both a notes and works cited page. Each book in the series also contains an extensive index, all of which are invaluable to student researchers.
This ever-popular biographical work is reviewed with three new interesting essays. Sickels places the novel in the context of the Civil Rights era, Heims compares the concept of identity in the novel to Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk, and Evans discusses Schools, Schooling and Education in reference to the novel. An excellent source for students and literary criticism. Susan Mowery

Miller, Randall M. ed. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009. 978-0-313-33699-7. 2664 p. $399.95. Gr. 7-12.
This is a clearly organized, four-volume set of life in American from 1773-2005. This encyclopedia draws from many books, journals, articles and documents to show how events of the day can shape American’s everyday lives. Each topic, for example, the Civil War, has an overview, and then seven themes: domestic, economic, intellectual, material, political, recreational and religious. There are extensive bibliographies for further study. A valuable section of this book is the “Primary Documents” chapter at the end of the book. For each particular volume of the encyclopedias, there are appendices highlighting the population and presidents of the United States from that time period. Reference Jill Toye

Milner, Richard. Darwin’s Universe: Evolution From A to Z. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2009. 978-0-520- 24376-7. 496p. $39.95. Gr. 9 – 12.
This alphabetically arranged reference book includes information on Darwin’s life and his influence on the world of evolutionary science. Famous scientists who furthered Darwin’s research and many scientific mysteries are explored. This book delves into the influence of evolutionary biology on literature, art, law and culture. Pictures and illustrations are abundant throughout the volume. A comprehensive bibliography is provided at the end of the book. I highly recommend this science reference book. I wanted to keep reading and reading! Joyce Valenza

Murphy, Brenda. ed. Critical Insights: Death of a Salesman. Salem Press: Hackensack, NJ, 2009. 978-1-5876-5610-1. $85.00. ea. Gr. 9-12.
Each title in the Critical Insights series contains a section about the author and the individual work, a "Critical Context" section of essays written by the publishers, and a "Critical Readings" section of previously published essays. Each essay contains both a notes and works cited page. Each book in the series also contains an extensive index, all of which are invaluable to student researchers. This classic often-studied play is reviewed here with two new essays of note. The first is a comparison of Willie Loman to King Lear and King Oedipus as the ultimate tragic figures in literature. The second is Sickles, Death of a Salesman: the History of the Criticism. Students will find these new additional essay helpful as well as the rest of the cumulated critical writings. Susan Mowery

The Nineties in America. Ed. Milton Berman. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press 2009. 978-1-58765-500-5. 3vols. 1,300p. $364.00. Gr. 9-12.
This three volume set gives students a look at the influential events, movements, people, trends in popular culture, literature, art, sports, science, technology, education, and politics in the U.S. and Canada in the decade of the 1990s. The “impact” section of each entry provides a great summation of the far-reaching consequences of events. For students and teachers, in addition to the print volumes , there is also online access until 12/2011. For my teachers and students, the timeline should be featured at the beginning of each volume, otherwise they have to know what they are searching for ahead of time. Volume 3 also contains Major Films, Academy Awards, Major Broadway Plays and Awards, Most Watched Television Shows, Emmy Awards, Major U.S. Legislation, U.S. Supreme Court Legislation, U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, Best-Selling U.S. Books, Major Literary Awards, Popular Musicians, Music: Grammy Awards, Sports: Winners of Major Events, a Time Line, Web Sites, Glossary, Photo Index, Personages Index, Subject Index
Reference– Popular Culture BJ Neary

Palmer, Douglas. Evolution: The Story of Life. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2009. 978-0-520-25511-1. 374p. $39.95. Gr. 7 – 12.
Wow! This book is incredible!! It begins with information about Charles Darwin, evolution and the formation of fossils. After this, the journey begins with beautifully illustrated timelines of scientific data from six million years ago until today. Each page has a box complete with a world map depicting where fossils have been found and the original environment in which they were living. There are several dramatic fold-out sections. This is a great book to browse and to use as a reference guide. Jackie Michelson

Pietrowski, Nancy A. Ed. Salem Health: Psychology and Mental Health. 5 vols. Hackensack, NJ. 2009. 978-1-5876-5556-2. $495.00. Gr. 10+.
The breadth of this five-volume edition is laudable as it encompasses the ever-evolving field of psychology and the many newly-defined mental illnesses from DSM-IV. Included are personality disorders and topical issues such as "air rage," "taste aversion," and "disaster psychology." Historical information and background on renowned psychologists and physicians and their theories are also presented. Nothing has been excluded and students will find ample, current information here to complete their research in their psychology, human development, or health classes. Each volume contains an index. Salem Press provides complementary access to online material including charts, illustrations, etc. Susan Mowery

Pong, David, Ed. Encyclopedia of Modern China. 4 vol. Detroit: Gale, 2009. 978-0-684315669. 250p. $520.00. Gr. 9-12.
These scholarly volumes take a comprehensive look at modern China using the latest research available. The signed articles include a bibliography of both print and online resources. There is a list of maps that cover climate change to the People’s Liberation Army’s deployments, a section containing tables covering international relationships and treaties as well as a large number of primary documents. A bibliography for the set in included with an index and glossary of Chinese Characters.
China, Civilization Sandra Krieg

Ray, Kecia and Jan Zanetis. Interactive Videoconferencing: K-12 Lessons that Work. Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education, 2009. 978-1-56484-251-0. 150p. $20.95 Gr. K-12.
An effective use of technology through video conferencing is explored in interactive lessons for elementary, middle, and high school students. The authors stress “students should be well prepared for the videoconference using three distinct parts: pre-conference, videoconference, and post-conference.” Forms are provided, lessons were tested and the results are enthusiastic students focusing on collaboration and introducing them to worlds beyond their classroom walls. “The lessons incorporate evaluation tools, student work samples, and guiding templates to help get started.” An appendix provides The National Education Technology Standards for Students. Nonfiction – Reference/Professional BJ Neary

Reid, Rob. Reid's Read-Alouds: Selections for Children and Teens. Chicago: ALA, 2009. 978-0-8389-0980-5. 121p. $45.00.
This collection of 200 read-alouds drawn from children’s and young adult books published between 2000 and 2008 is a handy guide to finding appropriate and engaging selections for reading to audiences from elementary to high school. Building on his Book Links column, Reid gives brief background on each book and specific directions for setting the stage for reading a suggested “10 Minute Selection.” The subject index and grade-level recommendations add value to this compact, useful tool. Recommended. Ro Becker

Rooney, John J. & John F. Reardon, ed. Preparing for College: Practical Advice for Students and their Families. New York: Ferguson Publishing, 2009. 978-0-8160-7377-1. Gr. 10+.
Preparing for College is a great book for the student and family who are about to begin searching for the ‘right’ college. This complete resource gives advice on how to choose a major, fund college and how to avoid common mistakes when choosing a college. Additional information regarding writing the college essay and completing applications is included along with suggestions for taking the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT exams. This is a great resource that is especially valuable to parents of first time college students. College Prep Nora S. Neumann

Rourke’s Complete History of Our Presidents Encyclopedia. Hicks, Kelli L., ed. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke, 2009. 978-1-60694- 293-2 (set). 14 vols, 64 p. ea. $399.95. Gr. 4-8.
This clear and concise encyclopedia is arranged chronologically by president, from 1779 until 2008, including President Obama’s election. Each entry includes a brief biography of the President and first lady, and discusses the issues facing the nation including major social trends. Most articles include a “words to know” glossary. B & W and color photos and drawings complement the text, including a full page portrait of each president. Each volume includes a complete timeline from 1770-2008. Volume 14 is a cumulative glossary and index. Michelle Stone

Salem Health: Psychology and Mental Health. Nancy C. Piotrowski, ed. 5 vols. Pasadena, CA: Salem, 2010. 1587655578. $99.00. Gr. 9+.
This A-Z reference offers a comprehensive survey appropriate for most high school and college learners. It covers the history of psychology, core aspects of behaviorism, cognitive psychology, psychoanalytic psychology, and diagnoses, disorders, treatments, tests, notable people, and issues. Articles are preceded by a categorical references to the type of psychology addressed, brief abstracts, and lists of key concepts. Sources for further study follow the articles. Appendixes in Volume 5 include a glossary, subject bibliography, web site directory, mediography, organizations and support groups, pharmaceutical list, biographical list of psychologists, notable court cases, and category, personage, and subject indexes. When you own this set you also own the more scalable e-book version. If psychology is taught at your high school, this is a most worthy update to your psychology reference shelf. Joyce Valenza

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States Today. Santa Barbara: Greenwood Press, 2009. 978-0-313-34442-8. 2 vols. $149.95.
Presents the complexity of the cultures in this region and the interconnectedness of the political and economic issues within this cultural context. Topical areas include: Culture and Traditions, Tribes, Economy, Events, Eras Dynasties, Government, Law Environment, People, Places, etc. An extensive bibliography and index is provided. This is an important source for information on this vital area of the world. Susan Krenicky

Schall, Lucy. Genre Talks for Teens: Booktalks and More for Every Teen Reading Interest. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2009. 978-1-59158-743-9. 309 p. $42.00.
Drawing from YA literature published primarily between 2005 and 2008, Schall presents a wealth of supplementary information for 100 books recommended in various professional sources. For each title she includes a summary, read-aloud suggestions, a booktalk, “Get Involved” extension activities, and annotations of related works. Each chapter covers a genre designation: Issues, Contemporary, Adventure/Survival, Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal, History, and Multiple Cultures, with genres further divided into more specific topics. In addition to the usual designations, Schall includes gender designations.
Well-organized, very useful tool. Ro Becker

Show Me America Series. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Focus, 2009. $139.99 Gr. 7-11. Worth, Richard. George Catlin: Painter of Indian Life. 978-0-7656-8152-2. 80p. Murray, Stuart A.P. John Trumbull: Painter of the Revolutionary War. 978-0-7656-8150-8. 80p. Murray, Stuart A.P. Matthew Brady: Photographer of Our Nation. 978-0-7656-8151-5. 80p. Worth, Richard. Lewis Hine: Photographer of Americans at Work. 978-0-7656-8153-9. 80p. King, David C. Dorothea Lange: Photographer of a People. 978-0-7656-8154-6. 88p.
Students will learn about the early history of our country through the artists who used photography and painting as inspirations for depicting the Indians, The American Revolution, The Civil War, Americans at work and those who suffered. Art and history classes will appreciate the artist’s work and see and hear their stories of American history that have created a lasting memory of those who made up the diverse richness of America. Each book contains color illustrations, maps, Glossary, Time Line and an Index.
Nonfiction – Art, History BJ Neary

Steele, James. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of HomesThrough World History. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2009. 3 vols. 0313337888. $349.95. Gr. 10+.
Unlike other architectural reference sets, this one focuses on the house, “the most personal and descriptive of social artifacts, revealing cultural mores and values.” It presents a broad scope of representative samples (around 200) from around the world, not just Western culture. Volume One covers Ancient Times through the Late Middle Ages; Volume Two, the Renaissance through the Industrial Revolution; Volume Three, the Industrial Revolution through the Present. Each volume includes geographical chapters: the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, Europe and the Western Mediterranean, and East and Southeast Asia. The volumes include black and white illustrations, as well as 24 full-color pages. This is a fascinating anthropological study, perfect for the serious researcher and a delight to browse. It will help with high school projects involving social history and anthropology. Joyce Valenza

Stewart, Chuck. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. 978-0-313-34231-8. $280.00. Gr. 9+.
This set examines, country-by-country, how people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered are faring in the world. Not every country is examined. For example, only three in the Middle East are featured. Some countries have much longer articles than others, but they seem to have relevant information. There is an overall introduction that sets the whole encyclopedia in context. Each article has an extensive bibliography for further information. If you have students who have a use for this information, I would recommend this set. Reference Toni Vahlsing

Sullivan, Michael. Connecting Boys with Books 2: Closing the Reading Gap. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009. 978- 0-8389-097-9. $42.00.
Michael Sullivan further convinced me that boys and girls are interested in reading different things, learn to read at different times, and even discuss books in different ways. For instance, he suggests that boys’ book groups not put their chairs in a circle. Have you ever seen boys sit in a circle to talk, unless forced to? They are usually shoulder-to-shoulder doing something, like watching a baseball game. He suggests having boys’ book groups do an activity related to the book and discussion will naturally occur during the activity. Sullivan makes very convincing arguments. Read this book. It is awesome. Professional. Toni Vahlsing

Tanenhaus, Davis. S. (ed.). Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States. Detroit : Gale, 2008. 978-0-02-866124-7. 5 vols. $656.00. Gr. 9+.
An alphabetically arranged compendium of information about the US Supreme Court. Biographical information about each of the seventeen chief justices and their courts, specific court cases, including dissenting opinions, case law, and numerous other entries detailing the inner workings of the Court. Pat Naismith

Tanenhaus, Davis. S. (ed.). Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States. Detroit : Gale, (Dec) 2008. 978-0-02- 866124-7. 5 vols. $656.00. Gr. 9+.
This five-volume, alphabetically arranged set is a compendium of information about Supreme Court issues and cases. Biographical information about each of the seventeen chief justices and their courts, specific court cases, case law and numerous other entries detailing the inner workings of the court are included in each volume. Each overview essay provides the history of the topic as well as the social background of the era. All entries include a bibliography a cross-reference guide for related topics. This set is valuable resource for students researching political and social issues. Includes black and white photographs,, political cartoons, and portraits. Volume 5 includes a Supreme Court Chronology, Foundational Texts, a list of Justices, a glossary, a subject index, and a case index. This will likely become your go-to source on things Supreme. Jackie Michelson and Joyce Valenza

U.S. Leadership in Wartime: Clashes, Controversy, and Compromise. Spencer C. Tucker, ed. 2 vols. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC- CLIO, 2009. 978-1-59884-172-5. 949p. $195.00. Gr.7-12.
This excellent resource examines American military leadership in 10 different conflicts through essays, key battles, and biographies. Divided into sections by conflict, the book contains important persons, places, and events related to each conflict. The articles are written by experts, are thoroughly researched, and contain black-and-white photographs charts, and graphs to further illustrate the issues and people. References are included at the end of each article, a list of further reading is included, and this work is very well indexed. This 2-volume work will be an asset to any reference collection needing information for World History, American History, or military topics and battles. Reference Nancy Chrismer

U.S. Leadership in Wartime: Clashes, Controversy, and Compromise. Spencer C. Tucker, ed. 2 vols. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC- CLIO, 2009. 978-1-59884-172-5. 949p. $195.00. Gr. 8+.
George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, James Doolittle, Theodore Roosevelt, and Robert McNamara are just a few of the military and civilian leaders that are included. In an unusual approach to military history, this 2-volume set focuses on leadership and relationships, particularly demonstrations of how wartime relationships between civilian and military leaders shaped each conflict and the overall history of the United States. The chronologically arranged set includes essays on 10 major conflicts, more than 375 entries on battles and individuals, illustrations and maps, bibliographies for each chapter, and an index. History teachers will appreciate this set, especially the engaging evaluative overview essays. Buy for most academic high school collections. Joyce Valenza and Nora Neumann

Van Brake, Kate (ed.). Collaborative Units That Work: Teams Award Winners. Santa Barbara: ABC CLIO, 2009, 978- 1-5868-3349-7. $30.00.
Every year Gale and Library Media Connection awards the Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS awards (Teachers And Media Specialists). The award seeks to recognize the collaboration between the classroom teacher and library media specialists in their efforts to promote learning. This book is a collection of the TEAMS awards winners. It offers unit plans for the elementary, middle school and high school student. This book is easy to use and includes various award winner’s advice and strategies.
Recommended Nora S. Neumann

Women and Politics Around the World, A Comparative History and Survey. Joyce Gelb & Marian Lief Palley (eds.) Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2009. 2 vols. 978-1-85109-988-7. $195.00. Gr. 9+.
Issues directly related to women can be found in this two volume set. Women and Politics examines the role of women in politics and the ways various countries speak to issues that significantly affect women. Investigation of topics include women and religion, sex trafficking, women and poverty, and women and work. These scholarly essays will satisfy your more serious academic researchers. Volume One includes essays on such topics as: reproductive rights, breast feeding, economic development, violence, trafficking, microfinance. Volume Two’s country profiles cover such nations as: Argentina, China, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Nigeria, and more. Photos, maps and references are included in this valuable high school set for history and global studies. Nora Neumann and Joyce Valenza

Committee Members:

Ro Becker, Springfield Township Middle School
Jeannie Bellavance, Gwynedd-Mercy Academy
Sarah Braxton, Juniata Valley High School Nancy Chrismer, Juniata High School Melissa Daugherty, Sharon-Middle High School Jason Epstein, Newtown Friends School Tricia Fischer, Edward Hand Middle School Karen Hornberger, Palisades High School
Eleanor Howe, Pine-Richland High School
Rebecca A. Kelly, Quakertown Community School District
Susan Krenicky, Phoenixville Area High School.
Sandra Krieg, The Haverford School
Christine Massey, JW Parker Middle School
Susan Mowery, Upper Dublin High School
Pat Naismith, Springfield High School (Del Co)
BJ Neary, Abington High School
Nora Neumann, MLS Student Mary Schwander, New Hope-Solebury High School
Michelle Stone, Sandy Run Middle School
Jill Toye, Jenkintown Middle/High School
Toni Vahlsing, Abington Friends School
Joyce Valenza, Springfield Township High School
Barbara Wray, Thomas Holme Middle School

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Cipd Hr Profession Map

...Resources Profession Map The CIPD Human Resources Profession Map (HRPM) provides the foundations for global professional competency in Human Resources (HR). The HRPM highlights ten professional areas with the centre of the map focusing on the two core areas which sit at the heart of the HR function and can be applied to all HR professionals regardless of role, location or stage of career. Insights, Solutions and Strategy – this underpins the direction of the profession as an applied business discipline through a deeper understanding of the business context and organisational challenges and needs. Leading and managing the HR function – understanding the business challenge enables HR professionals to design an HR function to meet specific business needs and priorities. Surrounding the 2 core areas are the eight remaining professional areas, which includes Learning and Talent Development. The professional areas are divided into 4 bands of professional competence which define the different levels of work activities and responsibilities for each area: * Band 1 – Support; * Band 2 – Advisory/Manager; * Band 3 – Consultant/Partner; * Band 4 – Manager/responsible for delivering an organisation’s HR Strategy. The edge of the map highlights 8 key behaviours which include the three essential behaviours for Learning and Talent Development professionals working within Band 2: Curious: Open minded, focusing on the future and looking for new and innovative...

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