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Why You Need Personal Branding


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The making of the CEO - Why you need Personal Branding
Now that you’re in the most prestigious business school, what is next? Now that you have landed that job, what is next? Now that you have obtained that degree, what is next?
Competition in today’s business world has grown even stiffer, making it really tough to stand out and shine through the clutter. Good grades and lots of extracurricular activities alone won’t guarantee that. So, one of the best ways of staying ahead of the pack in today’s business world is to stand out, have a unique brand amongst peers.
Bottom line, It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. It’s about making your mark by being your-best-self. It's about what you're known for and how people experience you. Now that is personal Branding and if you don’t know, you already have one.
How to prove it, Ask your friend, colleague or just a neutral person what they think when they see you or hear your name.
Many of us are somewhat ‘digital natives’. We are citizens of 2, 3 or even more digital/social media communities - LinkedIN, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Blogs etc. All of these are some of the composite part of your personal brand. They speak volume about you, have shaped people opinion about you.
So if ever wondered why some people do not take you seriously, you need to check what it is you’re churning out physically, socially, or digitally. Good news is this, while you may not be able to do much about what you’ve already put out there, what is sure is that you can manage it better to make people see about you what it is that you want them to see.

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