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Women and Children Trafficking in Bangladesh: a Legal Study


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Women and Children trafficking in Bangladesh:
A Legal Study
Md. Saddam Hossen[1]

Sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking are nightmares for femininity especially for disadvantage groups and trafficking is the most heinous of all. Government as well as Non- Government Organizations is working for Prevention, Protection, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of trafficked victims and population at risk. Though among these, Prevention is the most effective to reduce or eliminate human trafficking it is least utilized. Perhaps lack of mechanisms by which to measure success or outcome of prevention activities is the cause of this. Still some NGOs are working on it. In fact NGOs have been the pioneers in bringing this invisible crime into the public domain by their continuous efforts. Government is now also concerned of it because of international pressure and concern. Government initiatives give emphasis on prosecution but it is a globally chained crime where prosecute real offender is tough. Rather prevention is the possible measure to stop trafficking. It is the only pre-trafficking measure which may help a young girl or child not to be victim of trafficking. NGOs are the only actor at grass root level working for prevention so it is necessary to see- actually what they are doing and has any change took place. .
The study explains the definition of trafficking, causes and consequences of trafficking. It also suggest some recommendations for the preventio9n of this problem.

Key word: Woman, Children, Trafficking.



In women and children trafficking is at present a big global issue. This trade results in unimaginable mental and physical abuse, loss of human dignity, violation of countless human rights. It is a modern form of slavery, violates national and international laws against rape, torture, abduction and murder.

In recent years,

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