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Is year-round school a good fit for students? Before making a decision, the pros and cons of this educational system need to be reviewed.
Students who go to a year-round school go to class the same number of days as kids on a conventional school plan. What’s the difference? A year-round school timetable is spread out more evenly throughout the year. “The traditional calendar is divided into nine months of instruction and three of vacation during the summer. Year-round calendars break these long instructional/ vacation blocks into a pattern of sixty days of instruction followed by twenty days of vacation.” (CA Dept of Education). Students who receive more frequent breaks don't receive a customary ten to twelve-week summer break.
Removing any kind of long break from school can enhance a child’s educational accomplishment. Long summers are known for "summer slide," or the decay of cerebral abilities and loss of information throughout the longer break. Summer-slide is different across grade levels, subject matter and family income, according to the National Summer Learning Association. However, it still affects all children in some way. If a student does not have a long break, it helps prevent summer learning loss. Summer learning loss is a significant issue for children. All children – rich or poor - experience a slide in math over the summer. The slide is different for everyone.
Despite the fact that it may appear fun, an extended summer break can frequently prompt weariness. Year-round school wipes out the need to fill the twelve weeks of summer break with exercises to keep children intrigued and locked in. If the summer break is not organized, then it seems too long. Great deals of children don’t have enough to do in the summer. However with the pros, come the cons?
The most evident disadvantage of year-round school is the impact on families. Quality family time is crucial to the emotional and developmental health of a child. Not having summer break can make it hard to plan significant family time. A considerable disadvantage is the impairment to family structure. American families are accustomed to the traditional long summer vacation. Parents may find it difficult to schedule vacations and family reunions.
For instance, finding child care that works well with year-round school is often a challenge for parents particularly if multiple, shorter school vacations are scheduled throughout the year when parents are working. Teachers, as well, face issues. Each occupation has its share of stress and, eventually, workers in all fields claim that they are worn out. This is of specific concern in teaching, due to the fact that exhausted and stressed educators can have an immediate impact on their students.
Finally, summer vacations can give students one of a kind learning experiences not available in the classroom. Taking that time from students means they could pass up a great opportunity for culture, art, and unique adventures. Summer is an awesome supplement to what children are getting in school. Participating in a year-round school, children are giving up a major opportunity for these encounters. However, if these opportunities are not available to the student then year-round school would not be an issue.
Choosing whether or not children are sent to year-round school is a big decision. If the child is old enough to decide, see what they feel about this new school arrangement. Visit the school in question, and consider any troubles concerning child care. Measure the advantages and disadvantages of year-round school, and choose what's best for the child.

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