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The film “An Inconvenient Truth” is a documentary film about global warming. Al Gore discusses the scientific opinion on climate change, as well as the present and future effects of global warming. The warming of the earth is caused by the green house gasses preventing the sun’s heat to escape from the earth’s atmosphere. That’s the elementary explanation of Global Warming by the movie. Al Gore describes the consequences he believes global climate change will produce if the amount of human-generated greenhouse gases is not significantly reduced in the very near future. Some is the collapse and melting of the major ice sheets in the world, which Gore showing some illustrations, before-and-after photographs of glaciers, which will soon cause the sea level to rise, and flood some regions near coastal areas (e.g. New York, China, New Zealand. etc.) and this will cause over 100 million refugees. Also, the melt water from Greenland because of its lower salinity, could then halt the currents that keep northern Europe warm and quickly trigger dramatic local cooling there. Some of the consequences also are the, much stronger typhoon and hurricanes, stronger and often earthquakes, more kinds of epidemics, drought, etc. and this will cause a disaster of our earth. The issue regarding the “Inconvenience”, of the film Inconvenient Truth, is the interception of Gore’s journal about global warming. The truth behind global warming by Al Gore and his crew, composed of top scientists, was rejected by the Bush administration, and publicized it as scientifically unproven or that will be insignificant. In the film, President George W. Bush asked whether he would watch the film, responded: "Doubt it." He later stated that "And in my judgment we need to set aside whether or not greenhouse gases have been caused by mankind or because of natural effects, and focus on the technologies that will enable us to live better lives and at the same time protect the environment." "Doubt it." This disturbing statement calls my attention in the film. Gore’s presentation on climate change was based on the global scientific community. His detailed graphs, flow charts, stark visuals, slide shows, are deadly convincing that 90 percent of human activity is responsible for global warming. The documentary film was produced to serve as a campaign to educate citizens about global warming. It intersperses Gore's exploration of data and predictions regarding climate change and its potential disaster on our very own planet. The documentary ends with Gore arguing that if appropriate actions are taken soon, the effects of global warming can be successfully reversed by releasing less CO2 and planting more vegetation to consume existing CO2. Gore calls upon his viewers to learn how they can help him in these efforts. Some things at home you can do to combat climate change is to recycle, try to use bicycle or walk, instead of using a car, use sustainable building materials, don’t burn plastics, and encourage everyone you know to watch this movie. For me honestly, I don’t really give care about whether global warming is unproven or the truth. All i care about, as a resident, is doing my responsibilities to save my planet. Al Gore was right about global warming, is a Moral issue, agreed. the movie was great.

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