Cultural Evaluation From India In Which You Identify The Ways That Arguments Or Presentation Of The Arguments Would Need To Be Changed As The Result Of Cultural Differences In The Country

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    own purpose; provide a fair Presentation. (Spatt, 2011) I believe presenting one-sided argument means you indicate the winner side of argument and then start arguing. It means you lead your audiences to way that you believe is right way. We see this mistake in many countries election while their candidate debates. Avoiding one-sided is very important cause one-sided arguing makes arguing to conflict. One-sidedness fallacy doesn't mean that your premises are false or irrelevant, only that

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    difficult for people to get around the land, which is why many relied on using boats. Both Greece and Rome consisted of hills and mountains. Greece and Rome are both peninsulas which are shallow and easy to cross. Rome is located close to the Mediterranean Sea. The land was very abundant due to the location near the sea and also the volcanic mountains in this area. The two mountains, the Alps and Apennines were used as protection for Rome.The land is composed of large hills made of tufa rock

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    when you’re trying to borrow something… you just come off as desperate. When he talked to me, I used logic to explain why he could not borrow my jacket. I wasn’t totally opposed to letting him borrow my jacket at all. In fact, if he had come up with a good enough argument I’m sure I would let him borrow my suit coat. It would’ve matched his paints anyways. Also the sewn parts of my jacket are in a gold-ish yellow, the same as his shirt color; it would’ve worked out pretty well for him… if only he had tried better at forming an argument.

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    , turning ethanol into Americans number one energy source for cars is unrealistic and would be harmful. Ethanol does not produce a high abundance of energy once it is burned. Because the ethanol is burned so quickly, America will find itself at the pump about twice as much than with a car running oil regular gas. Although the cost for the ethanol per gallon is cheaper, when you find yourself at the pump twice as often the price of filling up a car becomes equal to filling it up on gas or in some

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    Looking forward 50 years to the year 2063, life as a Chinese farmer will not change much. Given the strength of the Chinese Government and economy, they are becoming a very strong global power. Some speculate that China may one day be THE world power, growing past the reach of the US. However, looking at the facts we know now and not speculating too much, the life of a Chinese farmer will change minimally. Likely, as a Chinese farmer I would not live much beyond 50 years. The life expectancy

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  • Cultural Evaluation-Japan

    formidable in how they conduct business and how they treat their business partners. With a literacy rate country wide of nearly 100% it is no wonder they are consider by some to be the smartest people on the planet. As a result of such “mental wealth”, if you will, it is no wonder that we have to take greater pains to understand our Japanese friends, especially when conducting business. When we look at arguments used in our day to day businesses, we only look at what may or may not work for

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  • Evaluation Argument

    them what their purpose is. Everyone has their own purpose in life. I think I in the end everything works out the way it is supposed to be. When one door closes another one opens. I understand that everyone don’t believe the same thing I do, nor will they ever. They believe that if there was a God so powerful why would let bad things happen, but that is where faith comes in. God says that he will never leave nor forsake you and I believe that will all of my heart. God is with you in the valley

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  • Us and Chinese Cultural Difference

    blunt and direct communication because it is thought to be disrespectful and rude. They like to communicate in an indirect and subtle manner. The United States of America is a very diverse country as well, and it is known as a cultural melting pot. It is known as a melting pot for the reason that people from throughout the world come here to indulge in our freedom and individualism. The United States has a history of around two hundred years old, which was also full wars and famine. The United

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  • Cultural Difference

    carry on the religion that he or she was educated; people carries on the religion in which he or she was informed through his or her parents. In the U.S. the most general religions observed are Catholic, Protestant and Catholic. In spite of being the most general religions every religion can have subgroups which grasp beliefs or differences that are varying from the whole. This is general in many religions as there can be varying enlightenment or interpretations which are transmitted from person to

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  • Cultural Difference: Hofstede Framework

    is more important. With the Hofstede framework, we can separate and understand the difference of managing culture through these five dimensions. On the other hand, when we talk about “Culture”, somebody would say that “Culture is something easy to build up, but hard to break”. However, in my opinion, this is not a one-sided statement. We would not state that culture is either easy or difficult to build up or break down, as we could adopt a new cultural environment or re-build a culture in a

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    Argument Should the age of drinking alcohol be lowered? One side would argue it should not be changed because people will start drinking at an even younger age. They would also say that more deaths among teenagers will occur by changing the law. Also, they would argue that teenagers are not responsible enough to be drinking at such a young age. The otherside; however, would say it should be changed because it would decrease the amount of teenagers drinking as a whole. They would also argue

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    yet to be shown to the lecturer. After a fortnight, which is on week 10, we started to find some articles that we need. We plan a meeting in library after our class finished. At the beginning, we just find articles from journals at the library and make a copy to each article that we took. A week later, on week 11, we showed our articles to our lecturer and all of them been rejected as they were not qualified enough to be taken. Our articles were not two pages at least. We also just knew that

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  • Cultural Evaluation

    generally consumed as a food or beverage and relatively has the same strength as western marijuana (Gumbiner, 2011). With knowledge of information pertaining to the prevalence of cannabis in the Indian culture, our arguments would be modified to appeal to the social history and appreciation of Bhang with a western take on its use as an herb for smoking. With this information in mind, we understand that some caution would be necessary to prevent our arguments from being stereotypical

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  • Cultural Evaluation Paper

    are rarely influenced by feelings. Therefor there would have to be different ways that arguments would need to be made and changed as the result of the cultural differences. Reference page: Morrison, T., & Conaway, W. A. (2006). Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands (2nd ed.). Avon , MA: Adams Media

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    , teamwork is the cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group or person’s acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause (2014). It is beneficial to understand the working relationships of group members, know the task and be able to identify possible obstacles. For example, some of the benefits of working in a group is productivity, reliability and unbiased. The productivity includes the skill levels and the abundance of resources that have

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  • Japanese Cultural Evaluation

    Japanese Cultural Evaluation XBCOM 275 Mr. Abel March 05, 2014 Japan is a country full of cultural differences, some of which are long practiced traditions that affect the business aspects of the country’s economy. Taking the practiced traditions into consideration means that business presentations or arguments must be changed and conveyed accordingly. First we look at some of the culture differences within the country and then we will look at the different ways that presentations or

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    other hand, any pressure from the west to replace elections with a loya jirga – an assembly of tribal elders and other grandees at which political posts are handed out – would make an enemy out of President Karzai. In either case, Afghanistan’s constitution would be weakened. So the US and European governments must focus on ensuring that the presidential elections take place safely, and on preventing electoral fraud throughout the country, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the

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  • Cultural Evaluation of Brazil

    better suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.” So it will be easy to be insulted or take offense if you feel strongly about equal rights and embrace social justice. I think it is safe to say there are several difference in our business cultures but nothing that cannot be overcome if we only do some research and have respect for the others beliefs and ways of conducting business. After all, it is out of this respect and a need to expand that drives us to want to do business with these other cultures anyway. References Hamlett, C., USA Today, Business Etiquette in Brazil (n.d.) Michigan State University, Global Edge (n.d), Brazil Culture, Retrieved from:

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    guide you to the final idea. Another consensual argument can happen in political science, because in politic science, you will need to take part in academic inquiry to come to a conclusion. 4. For an argument to work best, you will need claim and support. 5. For an argument to fail, it might just be not enough true support, false facts, and cannot claim anything. 6. An example of ethical argument is a plan for effective and economical way to rebuild areas that are destroyed. Another

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  • Cultural Evaluation

    Cultural Evaluation Paper June 7, 2014 Business Communications and Critical Thinking Kris Dunn Abstract This paper will discuss identify the ways that arguments or a presentation of the arguments would need to be changed as the result of cultural differences in Japan. Cultural Evaluation Paper Having a good understanding of a particular culture before beginning an argument or a presentation is crucial. One should take the time to learn about the

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  • Cultural Difference Basing Brazil

    received. Attitude toward timeliness For business appointments, it’s best to arrive on time—foreigners are expected to be punctual. However, meetings often start late (it can vary from 10 to 40 min). In Brazilian culture, time is often marked as a sequence of events rather than by a clock or calendar. 2 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT  Do not appear impatient if you are kept waiting. Brazilians see time as something outside their control and the demands of relationships takes

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    treatments almost convinces me that this is in fact the product that I need to get my skin looking the way that I want it. Throughout the entire commercial there are personal videos of people telling how great the product is and how happy they are that they chose the product. Also throughout, they have a logo with the word “skin” in lowercase letters and the d in ID is capitol. This logo is very memorable to me because it is so different from other logos that I have seen. I do believe that this ad was very affective. It draws the viewers’ attention from the beginning and keeps it until the end. It provides a sense of need for the product and by adding personal experiences, influences others to buy the product.

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  • India - Global Business Cultural Analysis

    has made the road to recovery a very difficult one for India. Medical and pharmaceutical companies may hesitate to outsource to India based on patent laws and the ease of which Indian companies have been able to reverse manufacture drugs in order to produce generics. The disparity that exists between the middle class and the poor is large, and in many cases poverty defines the country. The Indian culture’s perspective on the role and education of young girls could also be a hindrance as the

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  • Cultural Presentation Paper: Turkey

    cultures, but the previous empires that controlled that region of Anatolia had great impact on external cultures. The most recent empire being the Ottoman Empire. During the Ottoman Empire a lot of new cultural idea were spread. The Seljuk Turks brought in the Islamic religion which influenced a great deal of the culture because it was previously a Christian dominant region. The language also switched from Greek to Turkish. As the Ottoman Empire grew stronger and expanded outside of Anatolia they

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    D1: ANALYLES HOW CULTURE VARATIONS CAN INLUENCE COMMUNICATION. Communication is when a group or pair of individuals send a message to one and the opposite individual retrieves it and responds. However the message that is sent can be misunderstood in various ways usually this can happens for a number of reasons however cultural influence in the most prominent effector for both verbal communication and non-verbal communication. All heath care professionals need to be understanding

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    Smith and Fleck also state that glossolalic group of individuals all seemed to be from a lower social status than those of the nonglossolalic grouping (216). It is from a psychological perspective that those who claimed to speak in tongues were found to have better emotional health but overall seemed to be presented as lower to those who did not have the gift of glossolalia. Although most would claim “tongues” are the overbearing, loud mumblings of one who has been invoked by the Holy Spirit, it

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  • Cultural Evaluation Paper

    good-bye after the presentation to let them know that you care about them as an individual. Body language while presenting. When presenting to Brazilians, it is a good idea to be as close as possible to them, because they like to be close to one another. If there would happen to be a stage in front of an audience, it might be a good idea to stand close the edge of the stage or walk through the crowd while presenting certain points. “The O.K. sign is considered very rude and vulgar; the thumbs

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    result was a movement to incorporate gender and ethnicity/race in research studies as a nuisance variable, rather than as a central contextual variable that helps to explain human behavior. Compounding this practice was failure to consider within-group differences of an ethnic minority group, such as regional differences, socioeconomic status, education, and national origin, e.g., Blacks who may have come from Africa, Haiti, or the United States, voluntary or involuntary. The fundamental problem

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  • The Way Humans Think About the World Around Them Is the Result of the Cultural and Social Influences Upon Them

    thought created language, this could be also explained though artefacts further found, as art is known to be an expression obtained by a thought, this developed the idea that thinking could only have happened when language became a possibility. In conclusion 'the way humans think about the world around them is the result of the cultural and social influences upon them' is partly true, a person in one society may not get a tattoo because their culture deems it unacceptable to permanently 'paint

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  • Which Jod Would You Not Take

    Harsha Pallempati Mrs. Vedula English 1101 19 March, 2015 A Job Offer I would Refuse to Take Getting a job placement is at all times a life-defining event. One’s career choice often determines the course of people’s lives. As such, choosing the correct career is of paramount significance to the future life arc of an individual, as well as that of their close family and friends. Society places value on certain jobs and shuns others, which results in young people being encouraged to select

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  • Argument

    need to progress in life. This could be true but not in all circumstances. It would not be beneficial at all to grow up in a two parent family who did nothing but argue and put each-other down. Naturally, a child who sees this from a very young age until they are ready to be out on their own would only follow in the footsteps of all that they have ever known. Children who are raised by one parent who devotes their time and emotion into their child would benefit much more than a child who

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  • Cultural Difference

    stereotype of foreign nurses are incorrect because of the issue during cross cultural communication. The communication ability stereotype often happened in the first time that a patient receive Medicare from a foreign nurse; however, do not be hurry to prove yourself or feel bad about it. According to "It’s not politically correct — but it’s a frequent complaint of hospital patients in Las Vegas: 'The nurses don’t speak English!'" said Marshall Allen, an online newspaper publisher in

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  • Argument

    just thinks the product was bought from Suzy’s company so they need to pay a responsibility for the product. 5. Service below expectations: The client thinks he or she consumed in Suzy’s company should get back the good service. The client feel Suzy are not responsible for settle the case. The expectation of the client is the company can help them to settle the problem not just have a good reason to dismiss their real feeling. The client just want Suzy can care about the feeling of his or her, but the client can’t feel Suzy are care.

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  • Japan Cultural Changed

    many years or even decades in order to fully implement the changes, those who have poor performances in which being discussed earlier would take a benefit from the company so it means that Japanese companies would be traded off because they have to pay salaries to people who do not deserve it. The more of poor worker stay in the company, the less profit the company will get. 5. Why do you think Matsushita reorganized itself into stand-alone worldwide business divisions

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  • Which of the Three Blueprint Versions Do You Feel Would Be Best for the Country?

    fact that the document doesn't have statutory authority therefore it is not statute, and so it is not written down and has not been approved by a legislator. A Constitutional Consolidation Act: this would be a consolidation of existing laws of a constitutional nature in statute, the common law and parliamentary practice, together with a codification of essential constitutional conventions. As the constitution would be statute this means that it is an act of Parliament and if it were to

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    areas where you believe Gardiner’s presentation of research is particularly persuasive (or not persuasive). Create a brief post in which you discuss: • What types of appeals does the author make in his effort to persuade? • How effective are these appeals? • If they are not effective, what might have helped his argument? (10 points) Class 4 –Credible Sources and Presenting Claims *Daily Learning Outcomes: • Continuing to identify well-supported versus weak claims

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    answers about the airlines services. When a customer pays for a service it usually has expectations, and it is a company responsibility to meet those expectations. As Khan & Khan (2014) explain, the customer satisfaction can differ from person to person and product-to-product, is a dynamic process. Using explanatory study helped in the evaluation of a hypothesis and concludes that Airlines with higher customer satisfaction are getting more passengers. Managers need to be involved in the

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    mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm 2 February 2016 Decision Made by Terminally Ill Patients What if you think that your time is up, why not end it without suffering? Why allow your siblings loved ones, and others sit around and watch you die slowly? People who are terminally ill should decide if they want to live in pain or die. There are a lot of arguments about the family wanting their love ones to live instead of die, which is selfish. The family should also understand. If a person is terminally

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    of violent behavior in reality. None of the playing experience will become the priority in making important decisions dealing with real life problems. A game is an abstraction. A player gets abstract tasks and acts according to abstract rules. Games are also the possibility to be whatever a person wants to be and to rest from the outside world for some time. But what if a person gets so excited with the game scenes that he becomes violent in reality? Then, it proves that the games cause people to

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  • Argument

    autonomous approach to lifestyle and biased media reporting. In order to bridge the military-civilian cultural gap the military must push towards a more public oriented infrastructure and a full court press on media and civilian-military education. One such tactic is the removal of base commodity shops such as; the Post Exchange, Commissary and other major contracted services. In turn, utilization of privatized businesses off base would be the norm. Removing these boundaries would force everyday

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  • Argument

    . Conclusion o The conclusion should bring the essay to a logical end. It should explain what the importance of your issue is in a larger context. Your conclusion should also reiterate why your topic is worth caring about. o Some arguments propose solutions or make prediction on the future of the topic. o Show your reader what would happen if your argument is or is not believed or acted upon as you believe it should be. Adapted from: th Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers. Ed. Lynn Quitman Troyka, 6 ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002. th The Writer’s Workplace. Ed. Sandra Scarry and John Scarry. 6 ed. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2008.

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    since 1789 to help speed up decisions on segregation to armed forces. In the history of executive orders only two have ever been overturned by the judiciary committee, since executive orders are used to protect us in our time of need, they benefit us as a country and are great resource when decisions need to be made quickly. In 1946 President Truman enacted an executive order 9981 that desegregated the armed forces and help protect American’s civil rights. On July 26, 1948, President Harry S

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  • Argument

    would bring increased foot traffic, it would also bring along more commerce to the city, thus businesses should not have struggled as previously mentioned. A number of factors could have added to the parking shortage. With most communities now, population increases every year. Some years the population jumps dramatically. This directly relates to the parking problem. With more population, comes more cars, which leads to more parking needed. In addition, the argument also says that

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    notice these st ructural differences and take action. There should be government funded programs to he lp assist single-parent families with childcare and finances for parents who must wo rk and still have time for their children. Whether it’s a mother and a father, a single mother, or a single father, children need guidance. They will only become a pr oduct of what they are taught from a young age and these children are deeply affected emotionally by the amount of love and compassion that is put into raising them. Whic hever family structure is implied it must be one of respect and strong moral values that they can someday pass on to their family.

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    evidence would strengthen or refute the argument, what changes in the argument would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion. Citing facts drawn from the color-film processing industry that indicate a downward trend in the costs of film processing over a 24-year period, the author argues that Olympic Foods will likewise be able to minimize costs and thus maximize profits in the future. In support of this conclusion the author cites the

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    Argument The Need for the FBI Over the years, the FBI has grown from a small bureau into a service that not only the nation needs, but also the world. It has helped in many significant cases throughout history, such as Al Capone, the Unabomber, Bonnie and Clyde, and without the FBI, would not have been solved or taken care of as easily (“Famous Cases” 1). These have proven to make the environment a better place to live in. The FBI is needed to protect the country’s safety and the well being

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    of the world. Look on T.V Jersey Shore is most likely the number one watched show by adolescent teens. Teenagers idolize these people and their messages which are, to drink get wasted, party all night, and be as sleezy as you can be. Sex is a major icon in everything today for example its in music, definetly on T.V, definetly in movies, and believe it or not the clothes most teenagers where can be veiwed as sexual because of the shortness and tightness girls go for today. how could any of these

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    spacing and alignment are at the right settings with the rest of the paper. Having the opportunity to work with someone that you know, is little about often improved office relationships. The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively within a group setting of different learning styles and personality traits will result as a success. Based on the results of multiple pathways to learning assessment, the highest. When developing a team to work on a project or assignment, one must

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    Nicole P. Harrell-Lockhart November 6, 2011 Argument Evaluation Argument number 1 We might have accomplished if we had been a treat terrorist attacks of 9/11 in a way similar to how we treat the carnage on the nation’s highways by implementing practices and requirements that are directly related to results (as in the case of speed limits, safety belts , and the like, which

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