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    research and development, Paramount is setting up to launch a new technologically advanced vibrating razor named Clean Edge aims at providing men’s superior shaving experience and compete in the non-disposable razor and refill cartridge market under super-premium segment. Factors such as the brand name, impact of cannibalization on the financial results, constraint on marketing budget allocations were taken into consideration in deriving the product positioning strategy, making a decision to either

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    . Dennis is sitting flicking through a book. To stage-right is the front door of the flat, leading to the communal corridor. Archie enters stage-right, in the corridor, paces for a moment, and then stops outside the door of the flat. He takes a breath, lifts his hand, and knocks. Dennis looks up, evidently not expecting anyone. He puts his book down and answers the door.) Archie: (Quickly, nervously) Hello! Dennis: Hi. (Beat) Yes? Archie: Erm

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    , and additional research information if Main body: address the case discussion questions thorough, logical, insightful Present and discuss your analysis of the issue(s). Support your point of view by (a) applying theories appropriately and (b) using relevant and helpful information from the case. 4 Provide recommendations. Justifications in terms of theoretical grounding and case information Style Guide Up to 5 pages of main text (A4-size paper, typed, 1” margins, 1.5 line

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    should be required to use a password protected screen saver that automatically fires up after only a few minutes (between three and five is reasonable) of inactivity • Incoming and outgoing mail collection points should be protected or supervised so that letters cannot be stolen or lost, and faxes and telexes should be protected when not in use. • Photocopiers should be switched off and locked outside working hours; this makes it difficult for unauthorized copying of sensitive information to occur. • All printers and fax machines should be cleared of papers as soon as they are printed; this helps ensure that sensitive documents are not left in printer trays for the wrong person to pick up.

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  • Electrolux Cleans Up

    Electrolux Cleans Up Webster University Electrolux Cleans Up Electrolux is a maker of appliances that has locations all over the world. The Chief Executive of Electrolux, Hans Straberg, is very motivated to try new product ideas to increase sales for the company. The company is having a weeklong seminar in Stockholm where the employees of different divisions, work together to come up with new product ideas and try to put their self into situations of the everyday man and woman

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    “Maintenance users” that made up 33% of consumers; they were not interested in buying products with superior technology. These consumers cannot be ignored. Based on that, the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount’s would be: First, providing a product with good cost x benefit but with a short life cycle for the 33% called “Maintenance users” keeping these users buying their products and interested in their brands. Second, launch the Clean Edge product with a longer life cycle. Also

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  • Clean Edge Razor Case

    users who are open to new technology in the market. 33% of the market is made up off “Maintenance” shavers, who view all products as similar and display a lack of active interest in these products. Shaving is thus viewed as a chore to complete whenever necessary. “Social/ Emotional” users make up 39% of the market. These users actively differentiate between available products and make purchase decisions based on the overall experience- the product’s functionality and brand messaging. They

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    Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning 1) What are Paramount’s key strengths and weaknesses? What is its competitive advantage? Strengths * As of 2009 the company’s two products, Paramount Pro and Paramount Avail allowed it to capture the unit volume market leader position with a 23.3% retail unit share. * Paramount was a global consumer product giant with $13billion in worldwide sale and $7 billion in gross profit in 2009 * Paramount is a respected brand in

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  • Clean Edge Razor

    Clean Edge Razor In August 2010, Paramount Health and Beauty Company (Paramount) was faced with a difficult dilemma. Paramount was a global consumer products company which focused their products around health, cleaning, beauty, and grooming. Paramount had spent considerable time and investment into a cutting edge non-disposable razor that was touted to provide the “closest, cleanest, and smoothest shave people had encountered.” Their dilemma was into which part of the non-disposable market

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  • Ethical Dilemma: Siemens Needs to Clean Up Around the Globe.

    of this increased enforcement activity, managers and directors who run multinational corporations are rightfully concerned about their compliance efforts. In order to minimize the risks posed by foreign bribery, an organization must have a clear understanding of the practices prohibited by the FCP and other applicable laws, such as u .S. regulations against money laundering, racketeering, and conspiracy. Leaders and legal advisors must also remain up to date on trends in enforcement. Finally, the

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  • Clean Edge Razor

    Case Brief #1 : Clean Edge Razor October 29, 2013 1. Problem Statement: Paramount Health and Beauty Company having difficulty to choose position their new product (Clean Edge) in the market. 2. Situation Analysis: Company (Paramount Health and Beauty Company) * Paramount is a respected brand in the industry since 1962 * Paramount offered two lines of nondisposable razors and refill cartridges. The Paramount Pro for moderate segment and the Paramount Avail for a value

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  • How to Clean a Penny

    looks like a piece of art. This face gave birth. I called it Earth. There are many hands waving from the trees They are producing a lot of cool breeze. Transportation and factories are causing a lot of pollution So I say I must come up with a solution. This solution must be able to save this place That had a great big face. That gave birth I call it Earth.

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  • Disk Clean Up

    Disk Clean Up Disk Clean up is a utility that is used when the computer is being maintained. This feature is part of the windows operating system. Its sole purpose of Disk Clean up is to free up disk space by deleting junk, temp and unused files it also is used to compress files as well. Disk Clean Up would become part of my arsenal if the PC I was working on were running sluggish and files started taking a really long time to open. I would also use it if I was running out of room on my Hard

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  • Clean Edge

    third wine. This wine is way expensive to be sold everywhere, mostly the first two wines. With this third wine that Chateau Margaux will come up, they will focus on business to business strategy.With the new third wine, Chateau Margaux will focus on UK, business to business with the most high class restaurants of UK. Specifically the high class restaurants because of the status of the brand name, expensiveness and exclusiveness of the wine. The third wine will be less expensive, relatively more

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  • Memo Enviro Clean

    time. When your workers see that you are positive, upbeat, and productive they will have the same attitude. If you show signs of stress, negativity, and poor behavior. The employees will think that something is going wrong. They might start thinking the worst including that personnel cuts will occur. What we will end up with are unhappy people who will lead to decreased work productivity and chaos. We will continue to practice and uphold our social, moral, and legal responsibilities during

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  • Inter Clean Memo

    conversations, emails, or behaviors that can be interpreted as offensive, disrespectful, or insensitive to anyone’s race, religion, culture, or gender then it is that managers’ responsibility to address that issue immediately. Showing respect and sensitivity to differences by means of the language we use in business is the first step toward building up the capabilities of a diverse workforce. Every manager will be expected to come prepared to the meeting with some additional ideas on ways our

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  • Clean Edge Razor Case

    , this is a good opportunity for Paramount to attract a new group of consumers, those who are highly concerned with the effectiveness of the product and seek superior shaving experience. Background The U.S razor market is broken up into several categories including nondisposable razor, refill cartridge, disposable razor, shaving cream, and depilatories. Paramount Clean Edge razor competes in the fast growing nondisposable razor category and refill cartridge category. According to Table A

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  • Electrolux Case Analysis

    Electrolux Case Introduction * In 1912, Electrolux produced the first household vacuum cleaner known as the Lux 1 and in 1925, Electrolux entered the refrigerator market. * In 19151 first household washing machine and 1959 first household dishwasher was introduced. * Acquired over 300 companies from various countries and in 1997, Electrolux began restructuring program to improve its bottom line. * After success in the European markets, Electrolux appliances were introduced in

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  • Clean Surplus Theory

    The key use of the Clean Surplus Theory is to estimate the value of a company’s shares (instead of the more lengthy discounted dividend/cash flow approaches. Secondary use would be an alternative to CAPM to estimate the cost of capital. Ohlson’s Clean Surplus Theory provides a framework consistent with the measurement perspective. MV of firm (hence security returns) can be expressed in terms of B/S and I/S components. Theory assumes ideal conditions. Market value of firm = NBV of firm’s

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  • Clean Edge

    1. What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Assess Paramount’s competitive position. What are the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount’s current products as well as for Clean Edge? 2. How is the nondisposable razor market segmented? Examine consumer behavior for nondisposable razors. Non-disposable razor has been experiencing 5% growth per year with refill cartridges growth of 2% per year. The market segments are super-premium (34%), moderate (44%) and

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  • Electrolux

    Electrolux: The Acquisition and Integration of Zanussi 1) How would you describe the key characteristics of Electrolux and Zanussi in 1983, in terms of strategy, organization, capabilities, and performance? International acquisitions have become an extremely important vehicle for growth for multinational companies. In this case, and because of the particular industry in which Electrolux operated in, the trend of the whole appliance industry was facing a long period of crisis. Although

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    gain profit from. Therefore, to position into the niche market can differentiate Clean Edge from Paramount Pro and Avail, and Paramount will have full product lines to cover different target customer segments. To sum up, the recommended Position Statement for New Edge is: To male involved razor users, New Edge by Paramount is the brand of serving aesthetic, high technology, and high quality products that offers the most enjoyable and superior shaving experiences as well as the most effective

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  • Electrolux

    lucrative one.” says C.K. Prahlad. Yes. It is important that companies educate the customer about the significance of their brands. Electrolux Kelvinator for example launched a refrigerator that can keep ice frozen for up to six hours after a power failure which makes it proper to be used in regions plagued by blackouts. Due to the low per capita income of the people at the BOP, affordability is the marketers focus. Micro-selling methods are very effective in these markets as they allow the consumers to afford and try it, become aware of the brand as well as to build a purchase intention among them. V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

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    /Industry Analysis The Razor market consists of five separate categories; nondisposable razors, refill cartridges, disposable razors, shaving cream, and depilatories. However, Clean Edge competes only in nondisposable razor and refill cartridge categories. There are three types of razor consumers found in the nondisposable razor market. First there are social/emotional shavers who make up 39% of nondisposable razor users. This type of consumer view shaving as a daily ritual and is concerned

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  • Clean Water Act

    America • Issue: Nestlé began its bottle water division, Ice Mountain, in December of 2000 in Sanctuary Springs, in Mecosta County, Michigan-The Great Lakes. They bought the ground water rights to Sanctuary Springs to place their pumps in that prime area due to the ease of placing an aquifer there. Nestlé placed four pumps there that take up to 400 gallons of water per minute. The area that the aquifer has been placed is directly connected to bodies of surface and underground water of the Osprey

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  • Clean Coal

    coal is considered an environmental villain its use increased in countries that were part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (Morse, 2012). The increase use of coal for electricity generation was 61 percent with a reduced use of oil by 41 percent up until the recently. The United States has 50% reliability on coal to provide energy, but has started pushing for clean burning fuels. Developing countries saw coal as an inexpensive way to power their growth. Coal

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  • Clean Air Act

    once per year. Ozone shows up in section 50.9.  The 1-hour primary and secondary standards are 0.12 parts per million.  The standard is attained when the expected number of days per calendar year with maximum hourly average concentrations above 0.12 ppm is equal to or less than 1.  So if an area exceeded the 1-hour limit 23 times in one year, that area has attained the NAAQS for ozone.  But, in section 50.10, there is the 8-hour ozone limits.  The 8-hour limits are applied when the 1-hour

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  • How to Clean Up Your Desktop Pc

    Cleaning out your Desktop PC So it’s 94 degrees outside, 98 degrees in your room, you’re trying to get your speech typed up with Microsoft word, and all of a sudden your screen gets fuzzy and your computer shuts down. You smell smoke, like something’s burning. You got it, that 800.00 computer just went up in smoke, and you just lost 3 hours of work. I run a computer repair business out of my home, and this is what happens all too often when too much dust and debris builds up inside your

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  • Clean Up Marine Environmental Pollution

    Conventions to mitigate marine pollution Oil pollution: Oil tankers transport some 2,400 million tonnes of crude oil and oil products around the world by sea. Most of the time, oil is transported quietly and safely. Measures introduced by IMO have helped ensure that the majority of oil tankers are safely built and operated and are constructed to reduce the amount of oil spilled in the event of an accident. Operational pollution, such as from routine tank cleaning operations, has also been cut

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  • Winding Up

    Winding up / Dissolution of Companies Business Law Haroon Ahmadi 01-111131-101 Submitted To Sir Ahsen Ullah Winding up The term ‘winding up’ of a company may be

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  • Growing Up

    Growing Up Paper 3/31/2014 Parenting comes with a magnitude of struggles, from teaching your children right from wrong to helping them learning through experience, even if it’s through mistakes. Parents and grandparents have a lot in common starting with their love for the children in their lives. Unfortunately that doesn't always stop grandparents and parents from bickering about a variety of issues, especially about the guidelines of the child’s life. In the memoir Growing Up, by Russell

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  • Clean Cooking

    CLEAN COOKING The environment can greatly benefit from the widespread adoption of clean cooking stoves and clean cooking practices because it can greatly reduce the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. Black carbon is created through the combustion of biomass like wood, dung, and charcoal. This in turn leads to deforestation as people cut down trees to provide fuel for cooking. Consequently, deforestation leads to the loss of bio-diversity and ofthe quality of water

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  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act – Help to breathe or not? Abstract When you first awake and take in the first long breath and exhale to start the day, do you think about that air being clean? This was not a question until 1948 where the industrial town of Donora, Pennsylvania had a thick cloud of air pollution formed over the town. (EPA, 2015) The event started the public awareness on the effects of air pollution and how it causes health problems. Clean Air Act – Help to breathe or not? Introduction

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  • Clean Rewards Prevent Corruption

    Could Clean Rewards Prevent Corruption? -- Beijing Review 1 of 2 http://www.bjreview.com.cn/forum/txt/2013-12/02/content_580830.htm E-mail Newsletter Search Advance Search Home Nation World Business RSS 中文 | Français | Sci-Tech Forum Deutsch | Arts & Culture 日本語 Cover Subscribe Now Saturday May 30, 2015 Health Video Africa Travel Forum Top Story e-magazine UPDATED: December 2, 2013 NO. 49 DECEMBER 5, 2013 Could

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  • Clean Edge Razor Case Analysis

    Clean Edge Razor: Case Analysis Cheryl Lam Professor Linda Reeser MKTG 2030 S Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Executive Summary With the U.S. razor market expanding at such a rapid rate, choosing the right strategy to market a product to consumers is critical. A current market leader in the U.S. razor market, Paramount, is facing some difficulty with deciding which marketing strategy to implement in order to maximize profit. The solution that the company must choose should result in an opportunity

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  • A Clean Water

    is an abstract concept to many and a stark reality for others. It is the result of myriad environmental, political, economic, and social forces. Freshwater makes up a very small fraction of all water on the planet. While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh. The rest is saline and ocean-based. Even then, just 1 percent of our freshwater is easily accessible, with much of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields. In essence, only 0.007 percent of the

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  • Natural Gas Clean-Up from Wellhead to Uk Gas Grid

    Natural gas clean-up from wellhead to UK gas grid Tom Andrew Word Count: 2467 Abstract The report examines the current state and future of natural gas clean-up in the UK. The sources of natural gas in the UK are currently undergoing a large shift, moving from self-produced gas from dwindling North Sea reserves to pipeline imports from Europe and liquefied natural gas imports from overseas. There is also potential for the UK to start extracting onshore shale gas resources. Natural gas clean-up

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  • Electrolux

    overall energy consumption as well as reduce costs by relocating its facilities to low-cost countries. By repositioning their location of manufacturing plants, Electrolux was able to reduce the cost of goods sold specifically in the appliance sector. By opening up a global market and implementing factories in low cost countries such as Mexico and China, they managed to save money in both the manufacturing and delivering processes. 2. In order for AB Electrolux to compete with local

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  • Clicking Clean

    expanded our analysis to examine a total of 19 global IT companies that are leading the sector’s move to the cloud, including several major colocation companies for the first time. These companies, while less well-known than branded giants like Google or Amazon, operate the data centers behind much of the Internet. As a function of that expanded analysis, this update now includes over 300 data centers in our survey, up from approximately 80 in the previous edition. We have updated our

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  • Come Clean Business Case

    Strategy Recommendation for Come Clean Pikes Peak Permiter College November8, 2015 Introduction Come clean is a local nonprofit organization that sells household cleaning supplies in order to subsidize the cost of domestic violence and anger management classes that it offers as a part of its Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP). Come Clean’s vision is stop the cycle of violence in the community. The company’s motto is that “when life gets a little dirty you have

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  • Clean Air Act

    pain without witnessing the consequences and victims often cannot stand up for themselves, even if they are so inclined. In large part, it is the secretive nature of electronic bullying that helps to make it so insidious. A tormentor can get into a victims’ home, harassing him or her while parents sit comfortably in the next room (Keith and Martin 2005; Willard 2005). As with traditional bullying, cyberbullying seems to increase through the elementary school years, peak during the middle school

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  • Electrolux Case

    Seminar 4: Electrolux AB: Managing Innovation. Problem Essay  Group 10: Victoria Gruener,​  Christophe Vigier​ ,​  Jiamei Chen,​  Xavier Cordova, Maria Isabel Durá, Marta  Pérez  1. Problem definition:   Electrolux  AB  is  the  second  largest  kitchen and  home  appliances company worldwide.  Anton  Lundberg  and  Joakim  Rask,  the  Vice  presidents of  this  company,  clearly layout  two  main  areas  of  concern  for  the  company  concerning  innovation.  They  must  find  a

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  • Clean Edge Memo

    segments * Mainstream Market- moderate segment- to aesthetic and maintenance behavioral segments * Mainstream Market-Value segment- to maintenance behavioral segment Pros/Cons of Alternatives Niche: * Pros- If Paramount decides to do a niche positioning strategy, it will supplement their existing product portfolio. Based on the graphs provided, profits will be high while risks are lower. Another up side to using the niche positioning is the cost associated with this strategy is

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  • Clean Edge Razor

    1. What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Assess Paramount's competitive position (compare profit, positioning, and threats for the competition). What are the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount's current products as well as for Clean Edge? Changes in Non-Disposable Razor Category: The non-disposable razor category has seen changes in the recent years. A 5% growth per year from 2007 to 2010, attributed to innovations and product introductions, has to be

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  • Clean Code

    .....................................................................50 Bibliography.........................................................................................52 Chapter 4: Comments .......................................................................53 Comments Do Not Make Up for Bad Code.......................................55 Explain Yourself in Code ....................................................................55 Good Comments..................................................................................55 Legal Comments

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  • How to Clean Up Your Busines

    How to Clean up your Business Overview: The article Spring Cleaning by Gwen Moran focuses on mistakes small businesses make and the simple yet effective solutions to them. Most of these solutions are presented by consultants who have worked first hand in turning companies around. Many of these concepts show how little changes can make a big difference to small and mid size businesses. It biggest point is how to keep cost down and be more efficient. This article will be described and

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  • Clean Tech

    Clean technology Clean technology includes recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels), information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, Greywater, and many other appliances that are now more energy efficient. It is a means to create electricity and fuels, with a smaller environmental footprint and minimise pollution. To make green buildings, transport and infrastructure both more energy efficient and

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  • Clean Edge

    Arguments for launching Clean Edge as a niche product A primary of launching the Clean Edge as a niche product is that the company would incur a lot less cannibalization of its Pro and Avail product lines, which allowed Paramount to capture the unit-volume market-leader position in 2009. Though a cannibalization rate of 35% is expected with the launch of Clean Edge as a niche product, the rate is significantly lower than the 60% expected if Clean Edge was positioned as a mainstream brand. As

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  • Quartz Clean

    Quartz Cleaning for ASHER Parts Objective: To try implement a clean procedure for the quartz ware for the wets department Ashers to reduce cost. I. .Using my previous work experience I knew that the quartz parts could be cleaned and used at least once. II. I advised tool reps what my intentions were for the dirty quartz parts, and asked them if they had any recommendations for cleaning. III. Axcelis provided me with their recommended procedure

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  • Electrolux Cleans Up

    food and excellent customer service and values. The company also show a Drexler is an adaptable organization to the outside world. Drexler’s decision in 1994 to close the business for six months to expand the restaurant to accommodate the growing customer demand ended up being a good decision- doubling business. Drexler’s is also a great example of how to use a system theory approach. Apply the systems model to illustrate how Drexler’s Bar-B-Que operates with its environment. Inputs

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