My Ideal Dream House

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    Breaking the Bonds of Hate

    is written by Virak Khiev in 1992. The article is about the ideal life you will reach in the land of opportunities: The United States of America. Virak Khiev’s article reflects his difficulties of growing up in a country he hated to seek the American Dream everyone talked about. Many people seek the American Dream, especially people from the minorities and countries with war and killing. Their search for the ideal life with a big house, lots of money and the popular ending “and we lived happily

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    My Ideal House

    My ideal house My ideal house would cost a great many thousands of dollars and therefore, even if I am very successful in life, I do not suppose that I shall possess it for a very long time. However there is no harm in dreaming, especially if the dream provides the driving force to turn fantasy into fact. As I live in Singapore, i would like my ideal house to be situated either on one of the residential estates, right outside the bustle of the city center, or on one of the coast roads so

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    Raggid Dick

    Attaining the “American Dream” The “American Dream” is an ideal that has been present since American literature’s commencement, but what exactly is the famous “American Dream?” Some might say that it’s a quest for wealth, prosperity, and generally a high position in society, while others might say it is nothing but the act of settling down and having a good life. What is true is that all of the mentioned notions can be ascribed to the fundamental idea of the “American Dream.” Through the passing

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    My Impression in Living in the City

    My Impression in Living in the City Living in the city means to have easier access to any resources we may need, like having nearby marketplace, hospital, mall, and school however the common perception about cities is that they were dangerous because it is where criminals usually attack for there are greater mass of people that causes pollution due to smoke from vehicles. Although, cities are where you also find bigger and brighter opportunities for you to live a better life because of advance

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    How Has The Great Gatsby Changed

    achievement.” (Adams 214) The Modern Day American Dream- Has it Changed? The American Dream has long been the ideal that every American has an equal opportunity to achieve success and fortune through hard work, regardless of origin or ethnicity. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby story of success, primarily represented through his possessions such as his mansion, demonstrates how the American Dream during the 1920’s is similar to the American Dream of today because origin remains irrelevant

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    The Quest for Utopia

    described as searching for an ideal. In the search for an ideal we look for our desire and perfection in life. The quest for utopia is examined through literature to find out what the ideal is and how it’s obtained or lost. The characters analyzed in this essay strive for perfection, success, and vengeance through their obstacles. The quest for the ideal is important because it shapes imagination, creativity, and lifestyle. Henry A. Kissinger explains where an ideal can be found, when he concludes

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    My Ideal Life Essay

    When I was in kindergarten I had my life seemingly planned out. I was going to be a teacher Monday through Friday, work at a pizzeria on weekends, and work at a local jewelry shop, Lu’s, during the summer. Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve realized how incredibly impractical this employment path would be. My dream job has changed exactly twice in my life. Once in middle school, where it went from teacher to lawyer, and once this year from lawyer to linguist. I don’t have an idea of where exactly

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    A Detailed Analysis of Death of a Salesman

    a Salesman Death of a Salesman has been accepted worldwide as one of the greatest American dramas to premier in theatre. The story behind the play is based on Miller’s interactions with his Uncle, a salesman whose efforts to obtain the “American Dream” and pass his success on to his two sons becomes his main focus. Miller’s life during the preparation of Death of a Salesman provides the spark and inspiration needed to pen a literary classic. Almost five decades later, Death of a Salesman’s themes

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    Paper 1

    (dissonance) occurs and must be resolved through some action. My personal example of cognitive dissonance is the purchase of a 1996 Mustang I made over the summer. This car was my dream car; it was new, and had all of the features I could ever want. I didn’t have much money but I was so excited that I took out my first loan to buy this beautiful car. However, when it came time for school in the fall, I discovered that it was not the ideal vehicle to drive over the mountains. It was an older car; it

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    Ideal Life

    Some people say that your "Ideal Life" is nothing more than a fantasy, somewhat like World Peace. Michelangelo once said; "The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." This is probably true for most people, but there are still some people out there who have wonderful goals and dreams, which will probably never get to see any of them, come true. I just hope and pray that I am one of the lucky ones

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