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James Corley, Markia Mitchell, Taveres Harris, Skyler Hart, Tony Smith,
Professor Yerby
ITEC 2320
24 Apr 2014

Assignment 13
Issue 1
You are typing the wrong logon password. 
Troubleshooter: “Zone 1 help desk, this is James speaking, how may I help you?”
End User: “Hello, I’m unable to logon to my computer.”
Troubleshooter: “Ok, well we certainly want to get you back online as quickly as we can. What is the exact error message you are being given?”
End User: “Hold on, I just tried restarting it again and it’s still powering back up.”
Troubleshooter: “No problem, just let me know when you’re ready.”
End User: “Ok, here we are. Ok I type the same password that I’ve been typing for the last month in this box and hit Enter. Ok, and here it says: “Incorrect End User name or password.”
Troubleshooter: “Alright, let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this. What username is displayed above the password box?”
End User: “Uhmm, User name… oh, ok, it says Zone1Domain/JDoe.”
Troubleshooter: “And is that you? First initial J, last name Doe?”
End User: “Yes, sir, that’s me.”
Troubleshooter: “Ok, do me a favor and look at your keyboard. Is the light on the right side above the “A” lit? In other words, is Caps Lock on?”
End User: “Believe it or not, I actually already checked, and no, Caps Lock is not on.”
Troubleshooter: “Ok, well your password may have been reset or your credentials could have dropped out of the system for some reason. I am going to go ahead and reset your password to pword159. Do me a favor and try to log in with that password… now.”
End User: “Oh, hey, it let me in.”
Troubleshooter: “Great, I’m glad to hear that. I’ll stand by with you for a moment as your desktop loads. As soon as it does, you should be prompted to change your password. After you set your new password, the system will log you out, and you can log in to make sure that it works.”
End User: “Ok, I see the password reset box and now it’s logging me off.”
Troubleshooter: “Great. Let’s just try to log in real quick and make sure that everything works.”
End User: “Yup, everything looks good!”
Troubleshooter: “Terrific. Don’t hesitate to call back if you have any other trouble.”

Issue 2
A network manager has used your workstation to log on as administrator and left the client software configured with his settings.
Troubleshooter: “Good Morning. Thank you for calling IT technical support. This is James. How may I help you today? “
End User: “Good Morning! This is Markia from accounts payable. I can’t sign into my computer. I was able to sign is yesterday but it says that my password is incorrect.”
Troubleshooter: “Okay. It sounds like your account is locked out. Have you changed your password recently?”
End User: “No, I changed it a few weeks ago and I have the password saved in my phone so I know I entered it correctly. I don’t know what the deal is. The computer must hate me!”
Troubleshooter: “I can assure you the PC does not hate you, Markia. I just checked your account and it’s not showing your account as locked out. I can also ping your IP address so I wonder if your username and password are entered correctly. I just reset your password to password.123. It will allow you to allow you to change the password when you’re in.”
End User: “Okay James, let me try it. Hang on.”
End User: “James, it says that the password is incorrect.”
Troubleshooter: “Okay. Make sure you enter the username mmitchell and the password.123 credentials correctly.”
End User: “James, the End User name is Administrator how do I change it?”
Troubleshooter: “Okay, great! That was the problem. You need to click switch End User and you will be good to go.”
End User: “Okay, let me try it now.”
End User: “James, it says the End User must now change the password. Should I do it?”
Troubleshooter: “Yes, enter it once and confirm it. Make sure it’s at least 8 characters with 1 number and 1 special character.”
End User: “Okay, that did it. Thank you so much. Hopefully I don’t talk to you for a while!”
Troubleshooter: “Good deal. Your ticket number is #B1T3L5S001. Thank you for your patience. If you have any more issues do not hesitate to call. Have a good day.”
End User: “Thanks, you too!”

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