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A Study on the Importance of Grammar in Learning English


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In India English continues to be the medium of instructions in colleges and universities. It is also the language of the administration. English should be most useful “library language” in higher education and our most significant window on the world. English plays an important role in our national life. It was of great importance in the British India. It plays an important role in various fields. So grammar plays a vital role in the field of learning language. So working knowledge of grammar is required for a sound basis of language- ungrammatical use will create disorder, misunderstanding of ideas, and bad impression among the listener or the reader. In the words of Dr. West, “grammar is not a code of rules like etiquette and table manners, a statement of convention, it summarizes what is done by cultured people, and like etiquette, and it is a state of a constant”.
The most important ingredient of learning English is grammar. Because, when we come to learn a new language, we need to study its grammar. Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together. Any person who communicates using a particular language is consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar of that language. Students usually find difficulties in learning grammar and most of them hate grammar sessions. They do not realize that it is the back bone of language. Pupils at secondary schools also have difficulties with learning complex grammatical concepts. Typically invented examples are used in the tradition of grammar teaching. These examples are often simple but unrealistic. They find these difficult to relate to real linguistic settings and almost impossible to apply to their own language production. Teachers also have an important role to make aware of their students, about the right

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