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About Environmental Protection in China


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Nowadays in China, one issue is getting more and more severe as the increasing development of China’s economy, that is, environmental pollutions. Starting with air pollution, along with water pollution and soil pollution, China is currently facing the most serious problems than ever before. Establishing of many industrial factories has made China a top share in manufacturing. However, neglecting of protecting the environment while developing manufacturing has already resulted in lots of problems, such as the PM2.5 problem in many major cities, as well as the extreme lack of clean drinking water. On the other hand, concerns over global environmental issues, such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, trans-boundary movement of acid rain, and hazardous waste, etc., are mounting worldwide.

About 25 years ago, a law named Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, which set out basic principles and directions for formulating environmental policies, was enacted on December 26, 1989. This Law was formulated for the purpose of protecting and improving people's environment and the ecological environment, preventing and controlling pollution and other public hazards, safeguarding human health and facilitating the development of socialist modernization. The law has stated that The state shall encourage the development of education in the science of environmental protection, strengthen the study and development of the science and technology of environmental protection, raise the scientific and technological level of environmental protection and popularize scientific knowledge of environmental protection. It also emphasized that all units and individuals shall have the obligation to protect the environment and shall have the right to report on or file charges against units or individuals that cause pollution

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