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Affirmative Action: Helping or Hindering?


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Sheel Patel
Composition II
Professor Stashenko
July 2, 2016
Does Affirmative Action Benefit or Penalize You?
“You must fail in order to succeed.” This is something that is repeatedly said to students as they prepare to begin their college careers. We encourage failure to remind everyone that no one is perfect and not everything in life will work out exactly the way it is planned. Unfortunately, this may not be having the effect on students that it’s supposed to. In fact, what if the idea of failing is setting up students to just be mediocre rather than be as appealing to a future employer as possible? It is now overwhelmingly common for a student to graduate with their Bachelor’s degree, only to not be able to find a job in their field of study. Affirmative Action is a well known policy in the world, especially as these high school students begin their college application and admissions process. It assures them that regardless of religion, gender, or race, they are all being held at the same standard. But if we tell these students that even when they fail, they can succeed, we’re setting them up for subpar work, only for them to be handed a job over someone who truly deserves it. Affirmative Action policies have a negative impact in the academic world and workplace because while everyone does in fact deserve equal rights, the policy creates an environment that caters to discrimination when it is supposed to eliminate it.
During the 1960’s The Civil Rights Movement created the Equal Employment Opportunity Plans (EEOP). From this came the Affirmative Action Programs (AAP). The purpose of the EEOP’s was to protect applicants and employees from discrimination based on race, sex, and religions. They were later established in an effort to give both minorities and whites an equal chance at succeeding. “Notably, AAP’s differ from equal employment policies, which

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