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Altitude Isn’t Just Height Mountain bike company Altitude is trying to sell Bike magazine readers and all other persons who enjoy mountain biking “The All-New 2013 Rocky Mountain Altitude”. Altitude proposes this bike is “Designed to go anywhere.” and, “It can do dominate and conquer the backcountry”. Is this bike worthy of the glory that is acclaimed by Altitude and Bike magazine? Altitude’s new bike is described as if it is designed to be able to endure the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This bike is portrayed to dominate and conquer the backcountry. Altitude claims “it can do dominate and conquer the backcountry”. But it may or may not be able to do more than what is claimed. It may only be able to do what it says in their ad in Bikes magazine. It would be in Altitude’s best interest to go into more detail about the opportunities this bike can provide users to experience. Altitude does not inform the reader if this bike is for beginners who would like to learn the fundamentals, or for persons who are more experienced in mountain biking. If this bike is for more or less experienced riders. Altitude would benefit from labeling what type of rider this product is designed for. This seems to be an expensive product, because there is not a price listed and or labeled on this page. A reader would not know how expensive or inexpensive this product is. Knowing the price is essential in any situation where there is the potential of a purchase. Altitude may be afraid that if the price is shown in the magazine ad, potential buyers could be appalled by a price of that stature. Buyers potentially could feel unwilling to purchase a product with such a high price. In the unstable economy of today, price matters for everything from groceries to a new high priced bicycle.
Altitude gives you a brief description of the dimensions of the wheels and the frame. However not all of the dimensions are given in the magazine ad. Altitude then suggests if you want to know more about this product readers and bike enthusiasts are welcome to go on to search for the unlisted remaining dimensions. Dimensions are essential to any product. Dimensions are especially important in this case, due to the fact that if you have not ridden a bike of this caliber you have the potential to injure yourself because you are unaware and not comfortable with the size. Which can lead to potential feeling uncomfortable, which then leads to injury. All details are crucial in an ad with the credibility this brand portrays. The ad says their product “The All-New 2013 Rocky Mountain” is designed to go anywhere. Altitude has taken a picture of two bikers, riding and possibly dominating a trail. This trail appears to be in a high altitude environment. The ad says “Rocky Mountain” at the top. This beautiful view in the ad which the bikers are riding through infers there is a connection between riding this bike and the gorgeous view. This ad can give a reader the confidence to buy this product and go be adventurous with it. It may give someone the idea to go ride in vigorous environments. Altitude would benefit if this product were labeled for a specific group of bikers. The labeling of experience preference can prevent injuries to riders if he or she decides to go on a vigorous ride and cannot contain composure. If his or her composure is gone they might injure themselves.
This ad labels where it is produced. The ad says “Born in DC.” This can also attract readers because the product is made in America. Although most products in America are imported from other countries, when readers see “Born in DC” (although there are no mountains in Washington DC) readers may come to the conclusion that nothing is better than an American made product. Which may have the readers and customers feel patriotic in a sense, which can lead to the purchase of the product to the support the United States.
Altitude has provided an ad for a new bike they have created in Bike magazine. Altitude claims they have the premier bike available. This bike seems to be an expensive expenditure because of its new release, and of its price not being labeled in the ad. One can assume when a price is not labeled, the product is expensive. Altitudes brief description informs the reader merely about the product. This ad has provided great scenery and riders which can lure a reader into reading the article and potentially purchasing this product.

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