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American Revolution Causes

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The American Revolution was caused by problems with religion, government, finances, freedom, and rights. All of these subjects have been presented earlier during the enlightenments, the glorious revolution, the English Civil War, and stand in the English Bill of rights which later set the basis for our country today. Without the thinkers that the Scottish enlightenment produced, our modern government wouldn’t be the way that it remains today. If it wasn’t for the English Bill of Rights, the constitution would not exist. All of the causes listed above play a part in the American Revolution, which would later result in the creation of the United States of America. Maybe the most influential character came out of the enlightenment, his name …show more content…
After the English Civil War royal power may have won France, but the theme of revolution arose. During the glorious revolution, James II caused problems by appointing Catholics to high office and this caused parliament to scare him off. But before a new leader could take the throne the English Bill of Rights was passed. The Glorious Revolution turned England into a limited monarchy, which means that the Parliament limited the monarch’s power. Hobbes was a supporter of the limited monarchy. The English Bill of Rights solved many problems such as Parliament being constantly involved with government decisions. Also the house of commons was now in charge of all …show more content…
The rights that are given to the American people are given because of the English Bill of Rights. John Locke and Montesquieu were the greatest influential thinkers, Locke contributed to the type of government that America uses today. Montesquieu came up with the idea to create a separation of powers which is what America calls congress. The separation of powers helps the president in line, Montesquieu’s idea came from James II and the other rulers that didn’t ask for help from parliament. New ideas about money and finances were reintroduced such as a free enterprise system and a free market. Both of these ideas were from the thinker Adam Smith who admired the physiocrats. The cabinet system was also adapted from parliament. The cabinet system is a group of advisors for the monarch, the United States has always had a

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