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Apple Incorporated: the Definition of Success

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Apple Incorporated: The Definition of Success

Business Policy

October 31, 2011

Table of Contents
Company Overview 3
Business Model and Scope 3
Primary Strategy 3
Target Market 4
Apple, Inc. Background Investigation 4
Industry and Competitive Analysis 5
External and other pertinent market conditions 6
SWOT Analysis 6
Financial Analysis 7
Action Plan & Recommendations 7
Epilogue 8
Works Cited 9

. Company Overview What is the definition of success? Apple Inc. surpasses this criteria of being a dominate business that's close to perfection. With record high performances, this company proves it is a force to be reckoned with. Along with 300 retail stores worldwide, the company provides a solid product line to keep it thriving. Through their creativity and design, this company continues to prosper while meeting the definition of success head on. One advantage Apple has is its ability to focus on what the customers want. They show this by making unique products that are a "must have" for consumers everywhere. Their product line consists of manufacturing computer software, personal computers, and consumer electronics. Their most well-known products are Macintosh computers, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. Their most popular software lines include Mac OSX operating system, iTunes, iLife, Aperture, iOS (Apple Inc.)
Business Model and Scope Apple’s business model is to make the best products, be the first to introduce new technologies, and release their products around the globe.

The Apple business model and scope follows three extensive industry categories of software engineering, hardware manufacturing, and retail. With its operating system software, Apple's software engineering program exceeds all others in both its functionality and quality. Apple is always the first to release an...

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