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Are People with Mental Issues at Increased Risk of Committing Violence


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Are people with mental health problems at increased risk of committing violence? | Holly ButlerCCJ10January 27, 2015 |

There has been significant interest in Australia and indeed the world as to whether people with a mental illness are at increased risk of violence. In particular, the diagnosing of current or even future offenders has offered a wide insight not only into mental illness as a stand-alone but to whether it is a major trigger in acts of violence.

Offenders with mental illness have attracted substantial attention over the recent years, given their prevalence and poor outcomes. A number of interventions have been developed for this population (e.g., mental health courts) and they share an emphasis on one component as the foundation of the problem: mental illness. Focusing soley on psychiatric services inadequately tie in with the policy goal of reducing recidivism. The validity of mental illness being linked t criminal behavior points towards moderated arbitration techniques and the effect of mental illness on other “recidivism” is to some extent interceded by system impartiality and shame.
The recognition of mental illness being tied to offenders been identified as a feasible tool to decrease the escalating level of offending amongst juveniles, and indeed has been implemented in varying forms as a diversion away from the criminal justice system. In this essay, the notion of people with mental health problems are not at increased risk of committing violence will be explored.
Mulvey (1997) showed that in general, contrary to findings of earlier research, an association does appear to exist between mental illness and the likelihood of being involved in violent incidents however a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse markedly compounds the possibility pro violence, and the correlation concerning mental illness and

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